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Biological weapon

Li Xiang narrowed his eyes and smiled.

After sending Bullock away.

Li Xiang tilted his head and said, “What should we do if we want to maintain this water curtain room for a long time”

Maintaining the water curtain required magic power.

During this time, Li Xiang and Bullock communicated for about half an hour.

Isabellas face was already somewhat pale.

In a short while, she would faint due to the exhaustion of magic power.

However, in order to prevent another “Swamp Kingdom” merchant caravan from coming, the business district had to have a long-standing water curtain room for them to trade.

“Setting up a water type array is very easy, but it requires a water type core to provide energy,” Isabella said.

“Is this okay”

Li Xiang took out the “Moon Shadow Pearl” and asked.

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Isabella nodded, took the Moon Shadow Pearl, and began to set up an array to maintain the water curtain room.

In a short while, the array was set up.

Isabella buried the Moon Shadow Pearl one meter underground to prevent others from finding it.

Then, her eyes turned black, and her body fell backward uncontrollably.

Li Xiang went up and hugged Isabella, whose magic power was exhausted.

It was not safe to bury the Moon Shadow Pearl underground.

However, the arrival of the Swamp Kingdom made Li Xiang realize the necessity of opening up a special region.

Under the circumstances where Isabella could not be overworked, he could only leave the Moon Shadow Pearl in the water curtain room to be the core energy source of the array.

Feeling helpless, Li Xiang summoned “The Brass Book of Herab” and wrote, “The Moon Shadow Pearl cannot be touched by anyone other than the country lord” on the brass page.

A golden light flashed.

The contract took effect.

With the “book of contracts” wonder guarding, the Moon Shadow Pearl was temporarily safe.

Although the number of contracts in The Brass Book of Herab was limited.

However, after using up a few contracts, the Demon Countrys [Business] score began to rise rapidly, currently reaching 8000 points.

This was the first day the business district opened, and there were even more cautious country lords watching.

After raising the coefficient of [Business], Li Xiang looked at the three coefficients of [Technology], [Religion], and [Culture].

[Technology] only had a pitiful 120 points.

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It was also the industry where the city had just begun to master ancient metallurgy and forge weapons.

As someone who had descended from the industrialization era, Li Xiang naturally knew the importance of [Technology] for a country, but because of the existence of magic, crude technology could not be of much help to a countrys military.

Electronic technology could, but this required the development of advanced technology for at least one to two hundred years, and at least two generations of scientists could be trained to do so.

In this way, most of the country lords, including Li Xiang, decisively gave up on the [Technology] line.

They did not have the resources and time to invest in the coefficient that required one to two hundred years to produce results.

Li Xiang noticed that other than [Technology], the coefficient of [Culture] and [Religion] was also very low.

[Culture] was easy to explain.

After these subjects adapted to the Demon Country, they would slowly form their own unique culture.

This did not require additional investment, but it needed time to accumulate.

If necessary, they could use administrative methods to speed up the maturation.

However, it could not be too intense.

[Religion]s zero coefficient made Li Xiang frown.

Would he need to create a god

Create who

Would it be useful to create a god

Li Xiang opened the [World Chat Channel] and asked about [Religion].

Very quickly, other country lords replied:

“Boss Li Xiang, business is booming.

Are you satisfied with the business group I sent out”

“Boss, I was in our business group and witnessed your heroic appearance when you wrote the contract.

Guess which one I am, hehehe…”

“Boss, the handling fee you guys charged is too expensive.

Can you give us a discount Kowtow!”

He could not find the answer.

Li Xiang felt his head hurt as he looked at the messy topics.

Helplessly, Li Xiang threw the relevant information into the [Trading Hall].

Very soon.

Someone bought the list.

Li Xiang opened the mail and saw that the person who requested to trade was “Jian Suyan” again.

In the private chat window, the profile picture of “Jian Suyan” also lit up.

It was obvious that the person had pulled Li Xiang out of the blacklist.

Jian Suyan sent a message:

“Information regarding [Religion], 5 million gold soli.”

Li Xiang replied angrily:

“Why dont you rob the Gnome Countrys bank!”

Renting a small region of the Flower Goblin Winery to Pacu as a branch of the Gnome Countrys bank, the annual rent received was only 1 million gold soli.

This sister was really asking for too much.

Jian Suyan asked:

“You dont have money”

This sentence was simply poking at Li Xiangs heart.

Because he had been busy conquering the territories, Li Xiang didnt care about gold coins at all.

Anyway, his subjects were loyal and devoted to him, and he did not need to pay them.

Li Xiangs face was dark as he called out to the Eye Demon, “How much gold soli do we have”

The Eye Demon calculated,


“So little”

Li Xiang was shocked.

After all, he was the King of the Region.

Why was he so poor that he was like a pair of pants

“We dont have a reserve of gold soli.

These are the handling fees paid to us by the business groups of various countries after trading in our business district today.”

“How much is our handling fee” Li Xiang asked again.


Country Lord, do want to raise taxes”

The Eye Demon asked.

“Yes, but we cant raise it too fast.

This will damage our business reputation.” Li Xiang pondered for a moment and said, “How about this Post a notice saying that there is no handling fee for transactions below 10,000 gold soli.

From 10,000 to 100,000 gold soli is still 10%, but for transactions above 100,000 gold soli, there is a 15% handling fee.”

In this way, most of the lower-tier countries would welcome the Demon Countrys business district.

As for those rich country lords, they might complain, but the book of contracts was something that could only be found by chance.

Going to other places with lower handling fees might save handling fees, but the middlemans guarantee could not compare to the book of contracts at all.

“Yes, my Lord.”

The Eye Demon replied.


Go and call Pacu over first.

Tell him that he can pay the rent!”

Li Xiang stopped the Eye Demon who wanted to leave and ordered.

After giving the Eye Demon instructions, Li Xiang turned his gaze to the exchange with “Jian Suyan”.

“Why is the information on [Religion] so expensive”

After typing, Li Xiang took a deep breath.

Based on the previous transaction, he had a good impression of Jian Suyan.

However, this did not mean that he liked being treated like a fat sheep.

Jian Suyan replied:

“This involves the ancient secrets of this continent.

Please pay for the rest of the information…”


Li Xiangs gaze focused as he looked at the Moon Shadow Pearl buried on the ground.

It was an “ancient” grade piece of equipment.

The Lake of Tears, which was related to it, was also related to an ancient legend.

Li Xiang tried his best to ignore the last sentence and replied,

“Alright, youve guessed it.

I dont have that many gold soli.”

“How many”

“1,070,000 pieces.”


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