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What the hell.

He actually met a country lord who hated usury and had a strong sense of justice.

Li Xiang was naturally not a righteous person who wanted to eliminate the financial vampires.

He was purely worried that the usury would destroy the Demon Countrys [Business] coefficient.

Li Xiang continued, “Strictly vet the borrowers and lower the bad debt rate.

Apart from that, share all the customer information in your accounts.”

“I can agree to the first condition, but the second condition, forgive my bluntness, Your Highness, let alone a winery, even the business district covered by the book of contracts is not as valuable as the customer information in our hands.” Gnome Pacu replied.

Customer Information has always been the most important asset of a bank.

In the chaotic Myriad World Continent, knowing how many assets the enemy has and the flow of funds was like opening clairvoyance in the fog of war.

When it came to business, the Gnome Pacu instantly turned into a shrewd merchant, completely forgetting that he was held captive by the enemy.

Suddenly, he saw Li Xiangs expression turn ugly, and his gaze carried a trace of killing intent.

Cold sweat instantly covered his forehead, and Pacu nodded like he was pounding garlic.

“Here, everything will be done according to your instructions!”

“Ah, why are you so polite!”

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Li Xiang once again smiled and patted Pacus shoulder.


Pacu, who had just relaxed, was once again on tenterhooks.

Li Xiang continued, “The annual rent of one million gold soli.

I am also thinking for your sake.

Although we are master and servant, it is better not to let outsiders know!”

The word “outsider” was especially emphasized by Li Xiang.

The shrewd Pacu instantly understood.

He could not help but worry about his “undercover” future.

Placing a glass of wine in Pacus hand and lightly clinking it, Li Xiang smiled.

“Alright, Pacu.

According to my understanding, you gnomes are not good at fighting.

As a partner, I must know how you recover the money you owe!”


This time, the Gnome Pacu did not hesitate.

He carefully said, “If the borrower does not repay the money when it is due, then the one who comes to ask for the money is not us, but the disciplinary army of the union.

Oh, which is theMyriad Worlds Country Lord Union.”

Li Xiang smiled and asked, “To be able to join that place, wouldnt your country be very powerful”

“No, no, no… we gnomes have reached an agreement with the country lord.

We provide for his luxurious life, and he cannot interfere with the business operations of our gnomes.”

After the “agreement” was settled, Li Xiang ordered someone to bring Pacu to the guest room to rest while he walked towards the business district.

Just as he walked into the business district, a burst of noise entered Li Xiangs ears.

At the same time, there seemed to be a faint stench in the air.

As he got closer, Li Xiang saw a group of four figures covered in mud with dried branches walking towards the business district.

“This is the business district.

What are you beggars doing here”

“Where are the demon guards Hurry up and chase them away.


A Tauren merchant grumbled.

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A mud man said, “We… We are not refugees.

We are from the Swamp Kingdom.

We are here to trade… trade seeds.”

The Swamp Kingdom

Li Xiang frowned.

“Look at you.

The swamp has nothing but mud and rotten grassroots.

What do you have to sell Get lost!” The Tauren merchant roared.

Li Xiang opened the main interface and looked at his [Business] score.

Since the book of contracts was opened, the [Business] score had been rising all the way up to 7,000 points.

However, after the people from the Swamp Kingdom came, the increase stopped.

He cant chase them away!

Li Xiang made up his mind.

The core of [Business] was trading.

If he chased away the Swamp Kingdom, it would go against this core.

At that time, the value of [Business] that had risen with great difficulty would drop.

Moreover, Li Xiang publicly announced the opening of the “Fair Business District” on the [World Chat Channel].

More people from the “Swamp Kingdom” might be on their way here.

If they were all chased away, the value of [Business] would drop to zero.

“Let them come to the back street.”

“Isabella, go there and open a water curtain room that can isolate the smell.”

Li Xiang ordered.

Isabella and a little demon followed the order and left.


The pure water fairy used her ability to build a water curtain room.

The four people from the Swamp Kingdom came to the water curtain room.

“I am the Country Lord of the Demon Country.”

Li Xiang said with a calm expression.

The leading mud man apologized, “Very… very sorry, Your Highness, we know that we are very annoying, but we urgently need a batch of supplies.”

Li Xiang nodded slightly.

“How do I address you”


Li Xiangs calm attitude made the mud man feel flattered.

This was the first time that Bullock met a country lord who was willing to communicate with him on an equal footing.

“What do you want to buy, and what can you pay for” Li Xiang asked.

“We want food, medicine, weapons.” Bullock paused for a moment and said, “Our Swamp Kingdom only has poisonous insects, snakes, frogs, bramble water grass…”


“Poisonous insects, snakes, frogs, do you think I need these things”

Li Xiang waved his hand.

Bullock instantly fell into despair.

“But what is the bramble water grass youre talking about” Li Xiang asked.

Bullocks hope was ignited again.

“A type of water grass that can grow underwater and has thorns.

Only our Swamp Kingdom has it.

It only needs a little seed to allow the water grass to grow.

It can take the initiative to entangle the enemy.”

Li Xiang asked, “What grade of enemies can it deal with”

Bullock replied, “B-Rank.

But if you add a suitable water type magic, you can defend against A-Rank enemies.”

Li Xiang tilted his head and looked at Isabella.

The system only displayed a few of Isabellas important skills.

In fact, as a high-grade water fairy, she still had a few small spells that were not marked.

“I have a suitable water magic.”

Isabella replied, but her expression was a little unhappy.

As a pure water fairy, she liked a clean and unsullied environment.

The best ones didnt even have a fish.

The water plants that were suitable to grow in the mud of the swamp would only make her vomit.

“Then buy some.”

Li Xiang replied.

Isabella pouted.

Although she didnt like it, she had no reason to reject the country lords order.

But Li Xiangs next words swept away Isabellas unhappiness,

“When the time comes, plant it at the bottom of the moat.

You can throw a few water magic spells in.”

“Yes, Country Lord!”

Isabella smiled and agreed.

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

Bullock was so excited that he shook the mud on the ground again.

Li Xiang sighed helplessly, “Although I sympathize with your country, in business, your bramble water grass is worth as much as it can be worth.

I wont give you any more.”

“Your Highness, we will go back and deliver a batch of bramble water grass seeds to be appraised,” Bullock said.

Li Xiang said in surprise, “You didnt bring them with you”

“The seeds of the bramble water grass are somewhat special.

Once they are scattered outside, they can easily become an invasive species and invade the living space of other creatures,” Bullock said apologetically.


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