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“Mm, take note next time.

Theres nothing wrong with being careful!”

Without blaming the Eye Demon, Li Xiang turned to look at the Succubus.

As if telepathically connected, the Succubus said, “Give me five minutes, one minute to destroy them, and four minutes to travel back and forth.”

Li Xiang shook his head.

“Let that gnome suffer a little more and bring him back.

Hes still useful.

As for the ten thousand barbarians, I heard that the people of our territory dont like the mining profession…”

“Lord, dont worry, I understand!”

Seeing that the lord was looking at him, the Eye Demon smiled evilly, turned around, and left with the Succubus.

Two minutes later, the Eye Demon, who had arrived at the entrance of the valley outside the city, casually summoned a mirror.

In the mirror, the Gnome Country Lord Pacu, who had left earlier, was standing in front of the densely packed barbarian army to boost their morale.

“Raising troops for a thousand days, using troops for a moment.

That kid called Li Xiang is too vicious.

I want this city to be barren except for the market area.

After completing the mission, everyone will be rewarded with a female slave.”

Hearing the reward of female slaves, the barbarians who had a mind full of procreation became excited.

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They howled and were excited.

They looked like they would kill any God who stood in their way.

Gnome Pacu turned around and faced the demon city.

However, just as he raised his right hand and was about to issue an attack order, he saw a person and a ball slowly walking over from the valley entrance.

The people who came were the Succubus and the Eye Demon.

The barbarian warriors who were originally cheering stopped their actions and opened their mouths wide when they saw the succubus.

They widened their eyes as they looked at the seductive woman who was slowly walking over.

They did not even know that their saliva was dripping onto the ground.

A breath filled with a masculine aura rose up in the valley.

They had just learned that the Gnome Country Lords main reward was female slaves.

Before they could move, a woman had already delivered herself to their doorstep.

At this moment, the barbarians had no desire to fight in their minds.

All that was left was the graceful figure of the woman in the distance.

“Haha! Youre the woman by that kids side.

Why Did he send you here to surrender” The Gnome Pacu laughed wildly.

This method of an army pressing down on the border was his sharp weapon for business.

He did not even remember how many countries he had conquered using this method.

The figure of the woman in the distance blurred for a moment, and in the blink of an eye, she arrived in front of him.

However, what he did not expect was that there was no intention to surrender, and the only thing that greeted him was a long whip that was surrounded by black flames.



A heart-wrenching scream came out of Gnome Pacus throat.

Pacu, who lived a rotten life, had tried the taste of a long whip.

However, this time, he did not understand why the other partys whip made him feel so much pain that he wished he was dead.

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At the same time, the body of the Eye Demon, which had always been ignored, trembled.

In the blink of an eye, it split into thousands of small eye demons.

The small eye demons surrounded the barbarian army.

The sudden change made the simple-minded barbarians very surprised.

But then, their companions, who were still drooling, raised their clubs and smashed them on their heads.

In an instant, the valley was filled with screams.

The barbarians fell down like wheat being harvested.

The barbarian controlled by the Eye Demon developed an astonishing fighting strength under the control of one brain.

They had a clear division of labor.

When faced with the barbarians who could not resist in time, they raised their hands and struck.

When faced with the barbarians who wanted to counterattack, they attacked together.

The large-scale battle only lasted for two minutes.

Other than one person and one ball, there was no one else standing in the entire valley.

“Eye Demon, youre too slow.

I promised the city lord that I would only use one minute!”

The Succubus casually waved the long whip in her hand, but her gaze towards the Eye Demon was filled with resentment.

Sensing the displeasure in the other partys gaze, the Eye Demon smiled sheepishly, and he said with incomparable flattery, “How can I compare to you, who is the number one combat force under the city lord You know that I dont have much combat strength, and I can only do menial tasks by your side.

You are magnanimous.

The lord is still waiting for the miners!”

The Succubus nodded.

Thinking about it, it made sense.

If she were to act, killing the ten thousand barbarians in front of her would only require a few lashes.

However, if she were to capture them alive, they would probably be less than 10% intact.

She stopped the long whip in her hand and looked at the Gnome Pacu who was like mud.

The Succubus rolled Pacu up and dragged him towards the castle.


The Gnome Pacu was heavily slammed to the ground.

However, this time, other than a grunt, he did not have the arrogant aura from before.

“Hehe, isnt this the Great Gnome Country Lord Pacu Whats wrong with you” Li Xiang pretended to ask.

“Honorable Demon Country Lord, I know Im wrong.

Please be merciful and let me go!”

Seeing Li Xiang, the Gnome Pacu cried and begged.

Before this, someone had reminded him that the Demon Country Lord was very powerful.

However, he was used to a smooth sailing life and didnt care at all.

Now, he was a slice of meat on the chopping block.

Since the other party did not take his life, he must have a motive.

Now, he could only hope that the other party would not kill him too ruthlessly.

“Surrender or die!”

These simple words sounded like a bucket of ice water on a hot summer day in Pacus ears.

A malevolent look appeared in Pacus eyes.

He struggled for a moment and said hysterically, “Behind us is theMyriad Worlds Country Lord Union.

If you touch me, you will definitely receive revenge!”

“Revenge” Li Xiang scoffed.

“You are already the second master to be a member of theMyriad Worlds Country Lord Union.

Since he wants to die, then dont stop him.

Take him away!”

After saying that, Li Xiang turned around and waved his hand.

This scared the Gnome Pacu.

Without even thinking, he immediately bowed his head and begged profusely.

“Ill surrender.

I am willing to surrender.

As long as you dont kill me, I will agree to anything!”

Only when Pacus forehead was bleeding did Li Xiang turn around and smile.

“Thats right.

A wise man submits to circumstances.

If youre going to lose your life, what else can you not let go of”

Li Xiang bent down and helped Pacu up.

The gnome in front of him was very useful to him.

Since he had already given him the cudgel, it was time to give him the carrot.

“Im sure you know the purpose of my new wonder.

You just need to sign a master-servant contract on it.” Li Xiang paused and suddenly realized.

“Oh right, you wanted to build a bank at my place Tell me directly, which location do you prefer Just take it and use it.”

Pacus eyelids twitched, and he thought to himself, “What the hell.

I didnt say anything, so how did he know! Was there a mole in the Gnome Country”

“Yes, Country Lord!”

Pacu completely gave up on the idea of playing tricks and nodded honestly.

“Usury does not have a good reputation.” Li Xiang laughed.

Although the bank had a deposit and withdrawal business, a bank that didnt lend money wasnt called a bank, it was called a charity organization.

“No, Country Lord, this view is too biased.

In fact, finance is a part of the business boom.” Pacu hurriedly explained, cursing in his heart.


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