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The territory of the Black Dragon Country.

The country lord of the Black Dragon Country was holding a crystal clear wine glass with a relaxed smile on his face.

He was surrounded by a few enchanting and beautiful maidservants dressed in cool clothes.

Some were rubbing his shoulders, massaging his legs, and carrying fruit plates, ready to serve the fruits at any time.

“Hmph, what King of the Region Isnt he going to drink my foot-washing water”

Suddenly, he thought of something, and he said to his subordinates who were waiting below, “Li Xiang will definitely not let this go.

Have our army be ready at all times.

Once they discover any unusual movements from the Demon Countrys army, they will immediately make a move and catch him off guard.”

“The Country Lord is wise!”

The subordinates repeatedly shouted.

The few enchanting women beside him were also filled with admiration, which greatly benefited the Black Dragon Country Lord.

“Oh right, Country Lord, the Demon Countrys compensation to the merchants is extremely generous.

Do you want us to send a merchant caravan and let our own people plunder it When the time comes, this will be triple the profits!”

The Black Dragon Country Lords eyes lit up, and he hurriedly said, “This is a good idea.

Quickly go and do it!”

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The Black Dragon Country Lord thought of how he had used a little trick to destroy Li Xiangs plan and even made him lose a large number of resources.

He was extremely pleased in his heart.

But when he thought of the wonder that he had lost, the anger in his heart once again surged.

“This is just a little bit of interest.

Lets see how long you can hold on!”

“Hahaha, these few days, weve worked together and made a windfall.”

“Come, come, raise your glasses.


“I didnt expect the Demon Country to cower even though theyd been harassed to this state.

Its truly out of my expectations.

Now, it seems that the Demon Country is strong on the outside but weak on the inside”

“Hmph, it will be great if thats the case!” Someone said with a twinkle in his eyes.

The others also revealed faint smiles on their faces.

In the beginning, they were indeed attracted by a little bit of interest and gathered together.

But after the past few days developments, the situation had changed quite a bit.

They had inexplicably received a large amount of resources and support, and their strength had soared.

Although on the surface, they were still the lowest level of common country lords.

Their hidden strength had increased by a large margin compared to before.

Thus, even if the Demon Country made a move now, they were not afraid at all.

However, at this time, everyone kept it a secret and had a tacit understanding, never mentioning it.

“Do you guys think that if we join forces, we can take down the Demon Country”

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“If its just the eight of us, I dont think its safe.

If theres a stronger country joining forces with us, there might be a chance.”

“Then well just torment the Demon Country for a few more days.

I originally planned to stop, but if theres a chance to take down the Demon Country, hehehe…”

Although the Demon Country had always been persistent in fighting the bandits in the wilderness, the increasing number of bandits still cast a shadow over the hearts of all the merchants in the trade area.

Although the Demon Country would temporarily provide double compensation, which could allow them to make a large sum of money, in reality, they would have to sacrifice their own people.

Most importantly, it would affect their own business reputation.

“After I receive the compensation this time, I dont plan to come back next time.”

A businessman said while chatting with his good friend.

His good friend said in surprise, “You dont want to take such a huge advantage Double compensation! Whether its a safe passage or being plundered, theres no loss.

This is a rare opportunity.”

“Thin streams flow forever.

Youre counting on taking advantage to earn money.

Do you really think this Demon Country Lord is a great benefactor”

“Hiss –”

“Now that you say it like that, Ill have to consider it carefully.”

Within the palace, Li Xiang stood on the high platform, looking down at his own territory.

Behind him, the Succubus, the Eye Demon, and the others were all waiting quietly.

“The mastermind behind all of this has been confirmed”

“Well! Theres the Black Dragon Country, the two elite lords of the Myriad Worlds Country Lord Union, and the two lords of the League of Lords, a total of five very powerful lords.

There are at least a few dozen of the smaller countries that are targeting us.”

“Then do it! If you dont eat the little fishes, the big fish wont bite.”


Just when everyone thought that the Demon Country was powerless against the outside world and was about to lose, the Demon Countrys army suddenly made a move.

These demon armies didnt go to the wilderness to look for the bandits that were running around but went to the territories instead.

These small territories were completely powerless in front of the Demon Country.

The Demon Countrys army was like a plow plowing through holes.

Wherever they passed, everything was annihilated.

The Demon Countrys movements were immediately exposed on the world channel.

“The Demon Country attacked the provocateurs.

What a guy, they wiped out three territories in a single move.”

“With the Demon Countrys strength, why are they only attacking now Theyve suffered quite a loss during this period of time.”

“Cant you see that Theyre playing hard to get, deliberately letting these provocateurs off the hook, and then letting more enemies with hostile intentions jump out, and finally catching them all in one go!”

“So ruthless!”

The world channel was abuzz with discussion.

Including the Black Dragon Country Lord, the other four country lords who were pushing the matter behind the scenes were also alarmed by the reaction of the Demon Country.

Seeing this, not only was the Black Dragon Country Lord not afraid, he even revealed a proud smile.

“Pass down my orders, immediately make a move, and charge into the Demon Country!”

The Black Dragon Country Lord had long coveted this piece of fat meat, the Demon Country.

Three wonder architecture, and a large amount of resources and territory.

If they could take it down, it would definitely allow the Black Dragon Country to soar into the sky.

At this time, it just so happened that the main force of the Demon Country had already been sent out to attack those small countries, so the country would definitely be empty.

However, the Black Dragon Country Lord was not the only one in this world who thought he was smart.

At the same time that the Black Dragon Countrys army moved out, the other four countries also moved out almost at the same time.

Moreover, these four countries also had a very tacit understanding.

The timing, direction, and location of the move were very precise, so it was obvious that it was not a sudden idea.

Therefore, by the time the Black Dragon Countrys army arrived, the other four countries had already launched an attack.

Werewolves, barbarians, and orcs, together with tens of thousands of troops, charged towards the Demon Country from all four directions.

The Black Dragon Country Lord was really anxious when he saw this scene.

He had set up such a huge scheme, and now that it was time to reap the rewards, there was nothing for him to do.

How could he tolerate this


The Black Dragon Countrys greatest advantage was that they had a large number of aerial soldiers.

They were fast and towered above.

Their attack efficiency was definitely the highest.

“Hmph, so what if you guys beat me to it The most elite spoils of war from the Demon Country will definitely belong to me!”

The Black Dragon Country Lord stood on top of an S-Rank black dragon and looked down at the entire battlefield.

His heart was filled with pride.

However, just as he was feeling pleased with himself, a hair-raising vibration suddenly sounded from afar.

“Buzz –”

Following that, he saw a black cloud flying over the horizon.

When he saw what this black cloud was, his scalp instantly exploded.


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