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On the trading square, the business representatives of various countries became active.

They searched for the goods they needed and quickly concluded the transaction.

However, there were also a few figures who were acting strangely.

They were not interested in the various transactions.

Instead, they paid close attention to the people who were doing the transactions.

After the transaction was completed, the representatives of many countries bought a large number of demon fruits special products.

They were prepared to earn another sum of money on the way back.

In this special place where there was no fraud and fairness was guaranteed, doing business became extremely simple.

Everyone wanted to make more money and obtain more rare goods and resources.

A little further away from the Demon Country, tens of thousands of troops were gathered here.

A dark and skinny dwarf waved his arm and said excitedly, “This is no longer the Demon Countrys territory.

We will rob the merchants who have left the place, and it wouldnt be his business.

We will rely on our own abilities.”

Another burly barbarian who was complaining also said with bloodshot eyes, “These people each carry a huge amount of resources and money.

It will belong to whoever gets it.”

A foreign man who looked more like a human said coldly, “All of you calm down.

Dont become thoughtless just because you see some benefits.

We will divide the surrounding region.

The merchant caravan will belong to whoever passes their territory.

If the plundering fails, it will be because they are not capable.

If the others attack, it will be as expected.

Does everyone agree”

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There were a total of seven to eight country lords with similar strength gathered here.

Their targets were the merchant caravans that had left the Demon Country.

Usually, it was not easy to find traces of these merchants.

After all, this world was too big.

But now, it was much simpler.

In addition, they still had people supporting them, so they had more confidence.


“I agree!”

“Also, its best to kill all of the merchant caravans when youre plundering them.

Once the Demon Country gets the news, the trouble they bring will be borne by themselves!”

“Hmph, even if we cant beat them, do you think we cant run from them”

A centaur country lord had a face full of confidence.

After some discussion, everyone chose their own region to loot and quickly left with their own troops.

After everyone left, the cold man turned on the private channel.

“Black Dragon Country Lord, Ive already done what I promised you.

Ive found seven country lords who liked to loot and have tyrannical strength to seal off the surrounding area of the Demon Country.

As long as theres a merchant caravan leaving the Demon Country, they will loot it.

“At that time, so what if the Demon Countrys business districts trading is fair Without a safe trade route, it would be a waste.”

“Good, you did well! I will provide you with a batch of Yalong mounts to make your speed faster.

Once the Demon Country takes revenge on you, at least you can run faster!”

The cold mans eyes finally flashed with a hint of satisfaction.

“Then our previous agreement…”

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“Dont worry, the resources promised to you will not be little.

If the effect is good enough, more resources are also available.”

The cold man took a deep breath and said indifferently, “Then its a deal!”

Not long after, a piece of world-shocking news spread out.

Dozens of merchant caravans that left the Demon Country were plundered to varying degrees and suffered heavy losses.

The world channel was once again in an uproar.

“Hehe, I knew it.

The Demon Country is too arrogant.

There are people everywhere who dont like them.

How can they be allowed to develop wantonly!”

“Well done.

Ive long disliked the Demon Country.

I didnt expect there to be such a good deal without any cost.

If I had known earlier, I would have interfered too.”

“Tsk tsk, the Demon Country Lord Li Xiang will definitely have a headache this time.

These bandits come and go like the wind.

Theres no way to catch their shadows.”

“What a pity.

Its not easy to find a place where theres a fair trade, but the situation around here is too dangerous.”

“The money earned from this trip isnt enough to hire bodyguards, so theres no point in a fair trade.”

The world channel was abuzz with discussions.

There were some who supported Li Xiang, some who vilified Li Xiang, and some who gloated at his misfortune and watched the joke.

There were even some who were tempted to get involved.

In the main hall of the Demon Country, Li Xiang naturally knew about this news, even earlier than the others.

He also quickly reacted, sending out a large number of warriors to sweep the surrounding bandits.

But these bandits were too cunning.

If one batch was wiped out, there would be even more in the next batch.

In the palace, it should be filled with killing intent.

With their powerful strength, they should have swept through the courtyard and intimidated the surrounding bandits.

But now, someone was provoking the Demon Country.

“Demon Lord, we have already found out the relationship behind these bandits.

There are a total of eight common territories.

They are lacking in resources and have been raiding for a long time.”

Li Xiang said indifferently, “Do you think that eight common territories dare to provoke us”

The Succubuss gaze shifted, and she said, “Could it be that there is a mastermind behind these eight small territories Thats right, even if these eight small territories are added together, they are still not our match.

What right do they have to dare to do this!”

The Eye Demon immediately said, “Demon Lord, leave this task to me! I will definitely find out the mastermind behind this and make him regret coming to this world.”

Li Xiang sat on the throne, and his fingers gently knocked on the armrest.

After a dozen breaths, he said, “Theres no need for that for now!”


“Do you guys feel that there are more and more people targeting us now Logically speaking, our existence is beneficial to most people, and there is no harm.

Why do so many people dislike us and even secretly target us”

The Succubus was the smartest.

When she heard this, she thought for a while and said, “Perhaps… we are obstructing the interests of others”

“Thats right! Cutting off peoples sources of income is like killing their parents! Once our trading area is established, who will suffer the greatest loss”

“Of course, it will be those profiteers and swindlers!” The Eye Demon said matter-of-factly.

The Succubus smiled sinisterly.

“It should be those large forces that control a large number of resources right Once our trade area is established, it will have a huge impact on them.

For example, the Myriad Worlds Country Lord Union”

Li Xiangs lips revealed a mocking smile, his eyes filled with killing intent.

“Wait a few more days.

Perhaps more people will appear.

We can take this opportunity to catch them all in one go! As for those merchants, tell them that we will compensate them for their losses, double!

“As for you guys, continue to lead your men to clean up, dont let anyone see any flaws.”

The succubus and the other subordinates knew that since the demon lord was willing to pay such a huge price, then he had to obtain even greater benefits.

These small forces that relied on plundering to survive were nothing in their eyes.

Hence, a strange scene appeared.

In the vicinity of the Demon Country, over the past few days, the number of country lords and forces that participated in the plundering increased.

There were even some raiders that fought each other due to the uneven distribution of the spoils.

As for the merchant caravans from various countries, not only did they not decrease, they even increased.

These caravans even looked forward to being looted and receiving double the compensation.


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