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“Why are you eating with them!”

Demon Country Palace.

An Ya moved into the bedroom next to Country Lord Li Xiangs bedroom.

Along the way, she was very nervous.

She felt like a canary, living in the exquisite cage given by her master.

But when it was time for dinner, her senses had a 180-degree turn.

An Ya was invited to have lunch with Country Lord Li Xiang.

When An Ya arrived at the restaurant, she was surprised to find that the country lord of the Demon Country was having dinner with his ministers.

And among the ministers present, except for two who could transform into human form and were a hundred times and a thousand times prettier than her, the rest of them all looked strange.

Some of them didnt even have hands.

An Yas eyes widened, and her face was filled with disbelief.

“Dont extend the sh** rules of your previous country here.”

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Li Xiang toyed with his wine glass and said with an indifferent expression.

Li Xiang had heard many rumors.

Many country lords were infatuated with wine and meat after establishing a foothold in the Myriad World Continent.

They did not have the talent of kings, but they set a lot of rules that were even bigger than kings just to enjoy the pleasure of being a king.

Of course, all these people ended up very miserable, then they were either reduced to being vassals of a strong country that could only muddle along, or they were crushed into minced meat.

Succubus Lilith drank the wine and looked at An Ya curiously.

Water Fairy Isabella also secretly took a sip.

She did not know why she was able to sit at the table.

At least when Ye Fan ruled the Water Fairy Kingdom, the Water Fairy race had to kneel on the ground.

They did not even have the right to stand, let alone do so.

Therefore, she was unprecedentedly happy with Li Xiangs arrangement.

Especially when it came to this thing called “wine”.

My God, how could there be something more delicious than morning dew in this world!

Isabella looked at the crystal clear wine glass in her hand with an infatuated look.

An Ya took a deep breath and explained, “As far as I know, the country lords of many other countries are lofty existences.

Thats what a qualified country lord should do.”


Li Xiang sneered, “In my dictionary, qualified is synonymous with trash.”

“What I want to do is to be the only king of the Myriad World Continent, and such a king disdains to set useless rules for his subordinates.”

Li Xiang raised his wine glass and said confidently.

“The king of the Myriad World Continent”

An Yas body trembled.

Suddenly, she realized that she was not like an imprisoned canary but flying high into the sky.

At this moment, the Eye Demon said,

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“Demon Lord, my compound eye has reported.

The construction of the business district has been completed.”

Li Xiang revealed a smile, “Very good, lets go take a look later!”

[Compound Eye] was a new ability that Li Xiang obtained after using the fusion masters ability to fuse a few of the eye demons skills.

He did not know why, but even though the eye demons skills were of a low grade, the success rate was not high.

After fusing four to five abilities, only the [Compound Eye] ability was left.

However, Li Xiang was very satisfied with this ability.

This was because when Li Xiang was planning the business district, he had the Eye Demon place each of its compound eyes on the trunk that the Vine Whisker Demon propped up as a camera function.

This way, Li Xiang could firmly monitor the business district.

After lunch, Li Xiang brought everyone to the newly built business district.

“The wine at noon is not bad.

which race supplied it” Li Xiang asked.

Succubus Lilith and Water Fairy Isabella nodded at the same time.

As monsters and elemental creatures, they did not need to eat.

However, their love for wine was common.

“Demon Lord, it was brewed by the little flower goblins,” the Flower Goblin Mother Tree said as if it was taking credit.

“Very good!”

“Eye Demon, give the flower goblins a separate tree house and let them specialize in selling wine.”

Li Xiang said.

No race could reject wine.

Starting a restaurant in the bustling business district would make the business district even more prosperous.

At that time, the Demon Countrys [Business] attribute and overall national strength would rise to a higher level.

“Yes, Demon Lord!”

“Thank you, Demon Lord!”

The Eye Demon and the Flower Goblin Mother Tree answered at the same time.

“Demon Lord, the business delegations sent by the various country lords have arrived.

Do you want them to come up and meet you”

A demon came up.

Li Xiang nodded slightly.

The ones who came were business delegations, not the various country lords.

Li Xiang had long expected this.

Although Li Xiang had stated in the world channel that he would only use The Brass Book of Herab to write the business rule of “Absolute Fair Trade”.

However, they were still afraid that if they went in person, Li Xiang would press their heads and sign the “slave” contract in the brass book.

At that time, they would have no place to complain.

It was not that they did not trust Li Xiang, but those who could survive till now in the Myriad World Continent all understood the principle of being cautious.

Li Xiang did not mind this.

As long as there was a business delegation, huge business profits, and the desire to increase the [Business] attribute of their country, these people would definitely come personally!

However, since he had expected it, he naturally had to think of a way to solve it.

“Join the Demon Countrys Country Lord!”

“Join the Demon Countrys Country Lord!”

The business delegation was brought to Li Xiang by a demon, and they all knelt on the ground.

Li Xiang held the title of “King of the Region” and said disdainfully,

“I know what your country lords are worried about, and I dont mind it.

Trust needs time to accumulate.

But let me put it this way.

The first country lord who comes to sign a national business contract with me will gain the friendship of the Demon Country.”

“This friendship includes mutual military assistance, tax relief, and diplomatic cooperation.”

“In addition, go back and tell your country lords that if they dont make a trip to the Demon Country within half a year, they will lose their seat permanently in the Demon Countrys business district.”

The business delegations instantly exploded.

First of all, the delegations all knew how powerful Li Xiang was.

If they could obtain the friendship of the Demon Country, it would definitely be a great thing.

However, the first country lord to come to the Demon Country had no intention of taking a huge risk.

As for the second sentence, they chose to ignore it because half a year was enough for many accidents to happen.

Next, under their witness, Li Xiang took out The Brass Book of Herab and used his magic power to solemnly carve the words “Here, commercial transactions will be absolutely fair, no fraud, no lies.”

The moment the book was closed.

The Brass Book of Herab emitted a golden light and formed a dense halo that enveloped the entire business district.

Everyone present knew.

A special wonder– the book of contracts enveloped the business district where they were.

From now on, they could not lie about any deal they negotiated.

The latter would be punished by the book of contracts.

No one wanted to challenge the power of the wonder.

“Who has black iron ore Our country lord needs to order a large amount of black iron ore!”

A representative of a business delegation shouted.

In the past, if they wanted to buy black iron ore, they needed to verify the authenticity of the information, the authenticity of the ore, and the quality of the ore.

But now, with the effect of the wonder, he could buy it without worry!

“Mithril, selling mithril in large quantities.

If you need it, sign the contract!”

“Who has two drops of Blue Dragons tears!”

With someone taking the lead, the others immediately came to their senses and looked for someone to trade.


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