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The book of contracts.

This meant that its skills allowed the owner to write down the rules.

Within the rules, no one was allowed to violate them, including the owner who wrote the rules.

This might not be useful on the battlefield.

But when used in business and diplomacy, it was definitely a bug-level ability!

“I want to exchange for my lifes safety!” An Ya said seriously.


Li Xiang readily agreed.

An Ya said, “Arent you being too hasty in agreeing”

Li Xiang frowned, “Then what do you want”

“I… I want to marry you and become your imperial consort.

That way, you will naturally protect me with all your heart!” An Ya summoned up her courage and said.

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Li Xiang did not expect to hear such a naive request and was momentarily speechless.

The Eye Demon and the Flower Goblin Mother Tree were restless as if saying, “Demon Lord, to obtain another wonder for the Demon Country, you can sacrifice a little.

Furthermore, this human girl is also extremely beautiful!”

“Dont worry.

Im very clean.

No one has ever touched me since my parents have protected me very well.

If it wasnt for them being killed, I wouldnt have escaped…”

As An Ya spoke, her eyes lit up.


“I wont marry you.

First of all, its not that I dislike you.

Second, what do you mean by being protected only when you become the imperial consort Where did you learn this naive idea from Let me tell you.

Theres no such thing in this world!”

Li Xiang refused immediately, but then he said sternly,

“However, I can swear in the name of the country lord that if the enemy who defamed you dares to harm even a single hair of yours in my country, I will destroy his country!”

An Ya pursed her lips tightly.

After pondering for a moment, she nodded heavily.

“Alright, I believe you!”

“The book is yours!”

After saying that, An Ya took a few steps back.

A golden light that looked like a ten-centimeter-thick book appeared on her spot.

It gradually condensed into a solid book with brass pages.


The book landed heavily on the ground.

The Vine Whisker Demon rolled it up with its vine and handed it to the throne.

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The equipment information appeared in Li Xiangs mind when he received it.

Name: The Brass Book of Herab

Grade: Wonders of the World

Rules: All contracts written in The Brass Book of Herab are sacred and effective.

Violators will be punished by the gods.

Biography: The country that betrayed the gods was swallowed by the malice of ancient times.

Herab witnessed it and recorded the disaster as a warning to those who signed the contract.

“Not bad.

It is indeed the book of contracts.”

Li Xiang nodded his head in satisfaction.

[System Announcement: Congratulations to the country lord of the Demon Country for obtaining a wonder: The Brass Book of Herab!]

An announcement popped up on the main interface of all the country lords of the Myriad World.

[World Chat Channel] instantly erupted:

“F**k, f**k, Boss Li Xiang has obtained another wonder.

How many wonders does he have!”

“Let me calculate.

The Ancient Well of Darkness, Lake of Tears, and The Brass Book of Herab.

There are only three of them.

Is there anything I dont know”

“I dont care about anything else.

I just want to ask, whats the use of this book”

“Relevant information can be bought on the trade channel.

Youre still trying to get it for free, right”

Li Xiang looked at the bustling [World Chat Channel].

After pondering for a moment, he sent a message:

“The Brass Book of Herab is a book of contracts.

Its purpose is that the terms written on it will be as effective as the law.

Those who violate it will be punished by God.”

Seeing Li Xiang appear on the chat channel, everyone flattered him.

Li Xiang had goosebumps all over his body from all the flattery.

One of them echoed:

“What an awesome ability.

Using it to subdue some small countries or the natives of the Myriad World Continent and make them sign the slave terms will definitely be awesome!”

“Idiot, you came up with such a stupid idea.

You want to be captured by Boss Li Xiang and become his slave, right”

“Boss Li Xiang is so awesome.

Even if you become his slave, you get to enjoy the benefits with him.

Many people dont even have the means to become a slave!”

Li Xiang glanced at the brass book in his hand and shook his head slightly.

Firstly, he had the “Territory Devour” talent, so he didnt need the brass book to conquer the vassal countries.

Secondly, although the brass book was ten centimeters thick, each page was made of pure brass, so the entire book could not write countless content.

Using such a scarce resource to collect some slaves was a waste of Gods gift.

Good steel naturally had to be used on the blade.

Then, Li Xiang continued on the channel:

“Ive made up my mind.

This book does not need to be used to conquer small countries or the natives.

I will use it to write down the terms of fair business cooperation.

After that, anyone who wants to buy or sell goods can come to my Demon Country.”

“All transactions will be witnessed by The Brass Book of Herab, sacred and effective!”

Once these words were said, the communication channel became even more lively.

Although the system had a trade channel, it was abnormally simple and crude.

Moreover, one would often receive fake goods from purchases.

The prices would be inflated, or they would be swindled by profiteers.

Everyone had long been miserable about the systems trade channel.

Li Xiang using the book of contracts to write down the terms of absolutely fair trade was simply heavenly music to them!

“Boss Li Xiang is awesome!”

“Long live Boss Li Xiang!”

“Go to hell, profiteers.

From now on, I will only trade resources in Boss Li Xiangs Demon Country!”

The effect of the advertisement was very good.

Li Xiang was satisfied and closed the communication channel.

Although on his home ground, he could also write some contracts in the book of contracts that were beneficial to his trade, Li Xiang did not want to do so.

The platform would always be the most profitable regardless of the world!

Writing some contracts that were biased towards him was a sign of shortsightedness.

“Eye Demon, Flower Goblin Mother Tree, Vine Whisker Demon.”

Li Xiang shouted.

“Demon Lord, your subordinate is here.”

The Eye Demon and the Flower Goblin Mother Tree replied.

The Vine Whisker Demon waved his vines.

Li Xiang smiled and said, “Go and carve out an empty region as a business district.

We will have a large number of guests coming.”


The Eye Demon was puzzled.

“Yes, from today onwards, there will be many country lords from other countries coming to our side to trade goods,” Li Xiang said.

Following that, Li Xiang instructed them again.

The Eye Demon was responsible for setting some business rules for the business district.

The Flower Goblin Mother Tree would select a group of flower goblins with higher intelligence to do the guiding work in the business district.

The Vine Whisker Demon would use his own abilities to build a new forest-like house in the business district.

After the three of them left.

Only then did Li Xiang realize that An Ya was looking at him eagerly.


Li Xiang called the Succubus over.

“Arrange a bedroom for her.

Hmm… It will be right next to mine.”

An Yas gaze was strange.

Li Xiang said seriously, “I will definitely guarantee your safety since Ive already said it.

Before the Black Dragon Country sends out the first batch of assassins, I will personally protect you.”


An Ya pouted her lips.

In a castle between a hundred thousand feet canyon and a steep cliff.


One exquisite porcelain was smashed into powder.

“An Ya, you actually betrayed me!”

“Hmph, Demon Countrys Li Xiang, youre courting death!”

A short and stout man with dark skin had a ferocious expression.

The SS-Rank subordinate kneeling on the side could not help but tremble.

“Men, gather the army and gather all information related to the Demon Country.”

“Country Lord, are we going to war with the Demon Country”

“To dare to take in the traitors of my Black Dragon Country and even plunder my wonder, is that not enough to be a reason for war” The mans expression was gloomy, “Also, isnt he, Li Xiang, setting up a trading area Get someone to destroy it.

We cant let the trading area be successfully built.

Even if it is built, we will tarnish his reputation!”

“Yes, I will do it immediately!”

As a powerful country lord, not only was he betrayed by his own maid, but his wonder was also taken away.

If word got out, he, as the country lord, would immediately become a joke among all the other country lords.


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