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The singing stopped after the full moon shifted to the west.

Isabella appeared.

She stood barefoot on the water surface, knelt on one knee, and raised a golden crown above her head with both hands.

Li Xiang knew it was the legendary love of the ancient goddess, a legendary piece of equipment.

Li Xiang jumped down from the Black wing Demon and stood on the water surface.

He had already taken over the Water Fairys territory, so he naturally brought along some low-rank water-type spells.

For example, walking on the surface of the water was as easy as walking on flat ground for him.

Li Xiang picked up the golden crown.

A message popped out in his mind.

[ Blood Crown: Legendary.

Active Skills: All ally units within a 10-kilometer radius will receive a morale boost.

They would feel no fear of pain and battle to the end.

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[ Passive Skill: Upon using it, 100 drops of blood essence would be consumed from you every second.

After that, the wearers blood essence will be reduced, providing a corresponding five times attack power boost.

Remarks: It was born during a blood-red wedding and sacrificed a king.

If you wish to wear a crown, you must bear its weight!]

Li Xiang gasped.

He roughly browsed through the equipment of the Blood Crown.

The legendary level was as amazing as expected.

Its skills were domineering like its features.

However, its side effects also made Li Xiang feel a little conflicted.

To the cold and ruthless king who did not hesitate to sacrifice himself, this equipment was a sharp weapon to conquer a city.

Unfortunately, Li Xiang was not one of them.

Before he obtained the equipment that could eliminate the side effects, he decided to keep the Blood Crown and not use it.

Li Xiang had plans in mind.

At the same time, he also knew that he should not let others know he got the Blood Crown.

Fortunately, only three people knew about the Blood Crown, not including the dimwitted Black wing Demon.

“Lord, I have a present for you,” Isabella suddenly said.

“Another treasure” wondered Li Xiang.

Li Xiang asked in confusion, “What present”

Isabella pressed her hand on her chest.

Not long after, a pure water pearl suddenly floated out of her body.

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“Wasnt… wasnt it fused”

A hint of surprise flashed across Li Xiangs face as he thought.

Isabella herself also felt that it was unbelievable.

She explained, “I dont know why, but when I entered the lowest level of the Lake of Tears, it came out from my body.”

Succubus Lilith asked, “What about your skills”

Li Xiang glanced at Isabellas panel, not knowing what expression to use to express his emotions.

“My, my skills are still there,” Isabella said.

Li Xiang touched his chin.

He suddenly had an idea.

If the Lake of Tears could extract the Pearl of Pure Water infinitely, he wondered if he could use this method to upgrade Isabellas skills countless times.

“Lord, no! I, Im not a toy!”

Isabella seemed to have guessed Li Xiangs thoughts and said with her face blushed.

Then, she said, “Moreover, the Pearl of Pure Water has also evolved.

If you use me as an experiment, it might not come out of me again.”


Li Xiang took the Pearl of Pure Water.

A message appeared in his mind.

[ Pearl of Moon Shadow: Ancient ]

[ Skills: None.


[ Remarks: A part of something ]


Ancient rank equipment was a part

What exactly was that

Li Xiang suddenly had a thought.

This trip to Lake of Tears brought him nothing, but he could say he gained a lot from it.

“Lets go back to the main city!”

Li Xiang put away the Blood Crown and the equipment renamed “Pearl of Moon Shadow”.

The three rode on the Black Wing Demon and flew towards the city.

Back to the demon kingdom, Li Xiang did not expect that something would happen to him in just three to four hours!

“Its her”

Li Xiang sat on the throne and supported his chin with one hand.

He looked at the girl kneeling on the ground with interest.

The girl was a pure human with brown hair.

That was extremely rare in the harsh living environment of the Myriad World Continent.

What was even stranger was that the girl was wearing a maids outfit.

Although the girls appearance was far inferior to Isabella and Succubus in human form, she was a pure natural beauty by human standards.

She was a native of the Myriad World Continent, but her status was not low.

Flower Goblin Mother Tree reported.

“Demon Lord, after she barged into our Demon Country, two black dragons flew into our territory.

After I issued a warning, not only did they not choose to leave, but they spat out flames and burned many of our flower goblins to death.”

“And then”

Li Xiang frowned.

He did not like the feeling of being bullied by the enemy.

“I make my move and kill them!” Demon Hunter said.

Only then did Li Xiang nod his head in satisfaction.

“Lift your head and look at me.

Tell me, what is your name” Li Xiang asked.

The girl who had curled up timidly lifted her head.

She was stunned when she saw an extremely handsome man sitting high on the throne.

He exuded the aura of a king, but his age was about the same as hers.

“My name is An Ya,” The maid mustered up her courage and spoke.


“Very well, continue.

Tell me, why did the Black Dragon send troops to kill you” Li Xiang flipped through a document and asked while looking at it with interest.

The document in his hand was surprisingly information about the “Black Dragon”.

Li Xiang bought that on the “Trade Channel”.

An Ya mustered up her courage and said, “Regarding this, I want to make a deal with you.”

Li Xiang sneered, “Let me make it clear.

Your safety now depends on me.

You are not qualified to make any deal with me.”

“No! I have a wonder,” An Ya said with her head held high.

Flower Goblin Mother Tree asked curiously, “Do you have any news about the wonder”

“No, I own a wonder,” An YA corrected.

Eye demon waved his tentacles and emphasized, “The weak cannot occupy the wonder.”

“But the wonder I own is special!”

An Ya gritted her teeth.

“Its called The Brass Book of Herab.

Have you heard of it”

Eye Demon and Flower Goblin Mother Tree looked at each other.

Li Xiang glanced at An Ya and posted that he would reward anyone who could provide him with the information about The Brass Book of Herab.

Soon, a private message notification came from the main interface.

Li Xiang opened the chat interface to take a look.

The name of the person who wanted to talk to him privately was simple.

Li Xiang was stunned.

This name was a little familiar!

The ruler of the Wind Elf Kingdom!

Li Xiang suddenly remembered.

That person was Jian Suyan, who had bet one billion gold coins on his victory in the deadly duel with Ye Fan and became rich overnight.

“Did she have information related to the book of Herab Brass” thought Li Xiang.

Li Xiang opened the content and saw a scroll with the words “The Brass Book of Herab” had been sent to him.

Other than that, there was nothing else in the mail.

Li Xiang pondered for a moment and agreed to the deal.

After paying the gold coins, he thanked her again.

But then, Li Xiang realized that Jian Suyan had turned black.

That would happen only when someone put you in their block list.

“What kind of person is this woman” wondered Li Xiang.

He felt speechless.

“What do you want to trade”

After briefly browsing through the scroll, Li Xiang felt his heart pounding with excitement towards the “The Brass Book of Herab”.

It was a book of contracts!


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