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Of course, Li Xiang was also a “Lord”.

Unless these aborigines were three or four levels higher than the lord, they would not dare to disobey the lords orders.

Isabella said in surprise, “If we fail, wont you lose the S-Rank Pearl of Pure Water”

“Yes, so dont let me down!”

Then, Li Xiang threw the Pearl of Pure Water to Isabella and activated the “Master of Fusion” ability.

The Pearl of Pure Water was like a drop of water dripping into a lake, fusing into Isabellas body.

Isabella instantly activated the “Shadow of Deep Water” ability.

At the same time, she closed her eyes and waited nervously.

Half a minute later, Isabella opened her eyes.

Li Xiang glanced at her panel.

Name: Isabella

Race: Water Fairy

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Grade: S

Magic Attack: 1,000

Defense: 400

HP: 6,000

Skills: [ SS-Rank Water Shadow ], [ A-Rank Illusion ], [ A-Rank Water Chant ]

He had succeeded!

Li Xiang smiled.

“I did it!”

Isabella said excitedly.

Then, she noticed Li Xiangs smile and blushed.

“A-Rank Master of Fusion leveled up to an S-Rank Master of Fusion!”

A line of words appeared in Li Xiangs mind.

Double happiness!

Li Xiangs smile became brighter.

“Demon Lord, I want to fuse skills too,” Succubus saw that Isabella, who had just joined, was stronger than her.

So she became anxious.

“I will do it for you even if you dont tell me.”

Li Xiang laughed.

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The ability of a master of fusion was that even if the upgrade to a piece of new equipment or a new skill failed, the active equipment left behind would still be far stronger than the two pieces of equipment combined.

It was a deal that he would never lose anything!

Succubuss abilities were:

[ Kiss of Appeasement ], [ Lash of Pain ], [ Invert All Living Things ], [ Invisibility ].

Li Xiang thought about it, “[ Kiss of Appeasement ] and [ Invert All Living Things ] were both taunt-type skills.

There was a slight conflict between them.

So they could be fused.”

In addition, when he fused the [ Lash of Pain ] and [ Invisibility ], they could produce an excellent battle effect.

Just do it!

After the master of fusion had grown to S-Rank, Li Xiang was even more confident that this fusion would produce new skills.

“Master of Fusion, rise!”

Succubus closed her eyes and felt the mana fluctuations in her body.

Soon, she opened her eyes, revealing an unconcealable delight.

Li Xiang glanced at her.

Name: Lilith


Race: Six-Winged Succubus

Grade: SSS

Magic Attack: 5,000

Defense: 690

HP: 9,700

Skills: [ SS-Rank Affectionate Gaze ], [ SS-Rank Phantom Whip ]

[ Affectionate Gaze: It can cause ten units of enemy troops and members below S-Rank to be bewitched.

The defense of the bewitched units would reduce by 20%.

There is also a certain probability of them killing each other.


[ Phantom Whip: It can inflict whipping damage to the enemy within her sight.

The attack could pass through the enemys defense.



Li Xiang nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Thank you, Demon Lord!”

Succubus knelt on the ground in excitement.

As long as she became more powerful, she would have a chance of surviving in the cruel Myriad World Continent.

“No need for formalities!”

Li Xiang replied.

Succubus was the first monster to follow Li Xiang, so Li Xiang naturally had more special feelings for her.

Moreover, if she were stronger, his national strength would get stronger.

The success of fusing Succubuss skills made Li Xiang have the urge to merge all of his subordinates skills.

However, before that, Li Xiang still had one more thing to do.

“Succubus, go and inform the eye demon that I need to leave the main city for a while,” Li Xiang said.

Succubus wanted to say something but stopped.

She looked a little unhappy.

Li Xiang immediately smiled and said, “Ill bring you along this time.”

“Yes, Demon Lord!”

Succubuss mood brightened, and she turned her head to leave the castle.

The purpose of Li Xiangs trip this time was naturally to unlock the treasure of the miraculous “Lake of Tears”.

However, a miraculous sight was still a miraculous sight.

If something unexpected happened during the exploration this time, causing Li Xiang to get trapped in a space and unable to come out, his Demon country would be in chaos.

Therefore, Li Xiang needed to explain some things first so that even if he disappeared for a while, the Demon Kingdom would be able to operate normally.

Among the many demons and vassals, the calm and experienced eye demon was most suitable to be used as an adjutant.

However, its combat strength was weak.

So this time, Li Xiang needed to keep Demon Hunter by its side to protect it.

Besides these two people, the beast-eared lady was good at healing, but cats were naturally afraid of water.

In addition, Isabella, the Water Fairy, also had healing skills, so he didnt plan to bring her.

The Vine Whisker Demon and the Flower Goblin Mother Tree were also not good at fighting underwater.

It was better for them to stay in the Demon Country and monitor some unstable vassal kings.


After settling everything, Li Xiang brought Isabella and Succubus Lilith on the Black Wing demon and left the castle under the gaze of the eye demon and Demon Hunter.

The full moon reflected on the calm lake.

It was like a huge mercury mirror reflecting the sky.

“Lord, this is the wonder of our water fairy kingdom, Lake of Tears.

No one has unsealed it for thousands of years.”

Isabella pointed at the surface of the lake and said.

“It should be called the Water Fairys territory.”

Succubus Lilith corrected her.

The annexed territory does not have the right to be called a “Kingdom”.

It could only be called a “Territory”.

If she said it wrong, it was an overstep.

“Im sorry, my lord!”

Isabella quickly apologized.

“No worries!”

Li Xiang stopped.

He had never cared about such trivial matters.

However, Li Xiang did not mind that Lilith would use this opportunity to teach Isabella a lesson and let her understand the current situation of the Water Fairy clan.

“Open it!”

Li Xiangs deep gaze swept across the lake surface as he said in a deep voice.


Isabella cupped her hands again.

She immediately turned into a drop of water, dripping onto the calm lake surface.

However, the lake surface was still calm, and there were no ripples.

Li Xiangs expression was also very calm.

If he could easily open the seal like this, he did not have the qualifications to become aspectacle.

Thedrop of water that Isabella turned into seemed incompatible with the calm lake surface.

But very quickly, she blended into it at a visible speed.

SS-Rank Water-Type Skill: Water Shadow!

When the last drop of water melted into the lake surface, a ripple appeared on the calm lake surface.

Then, the melodious voice of a woman came from somewhere.

Succubus Lilith looked left and right, but she could not hear the source.

She looked nervous.

For such things that she could not control, she was ready to fight at any time.

“At the bottom of the lake!”

Li Xiangs deep eyes stared at the lake surface as he said calmly.

Succubus looked into the lake.

Ripples suddenly appeared on the mirror-like surface of the lake.

The ripples became denser and more rapid until the lake surface shattered like a mirror.

Then, the mirror-like lake surface turned into a deep and dark hole.

“Demon Lord, shall I go down and explore” Lilith asked seriously.

Li Xiang replied, “No need.

Wait for Isabella to come out.”

Soon, they heard another song.

The tone of this song seemed to echo the melodious voice from ancient times.

Lilith said unhappily, “Demon Lord is waiting for her up there, yet she is still in the mood to sing.”


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