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On the first day of descending into this Myriad World Continent.

A ruler who could produce 30 units of food was definitely a super big shot!

After all, the vast majority of rulers didnt have the ability to survive in the initial territory.

Not to mention hunting and gathering food.

Some of the lucky ones who had C-Rank or even B-Rank initial soldiers could only make ends meet.

After feeding themselves and their soldiers, there was basically no food left.

In this environment, food, a necessary resource for survival, was extremely precious.

However, this price deterred a large number of people.

The official suggested price didnt cost much.

But he increased it by ten times

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Is this even beef

Its more like dragon meat!

Many rulers were denouncing Li Xiang as an out-and-out profiteer, maliciously raising the market price and exploiting the labor of others.


Because the name of the trader would appear on the trade channel, naturally, Li Xiang became famous.


Almost every second, messages criticizing Li Xiang would flash across the World Chat Channel.

It was clear that he had offended billions of people.


However, Li Xiang did not care.


At this stage, there was no market for food.


Although there were 30 units of meat, in such a large market, it could only meet the needs of a very small number of people.

There would always be someone else to buy it.

He didnt expect an entire unit to be exchanged.

He just needed to exchange as much meat as he could.

[Losing one-fifth of a unit of beef, obtaining six units of wood!]

[Losing one-hundredth of a unit of beef, obtaining one unit of water!]

As expected.

After a short while, the transaction information started to jump.

In just a few minutes, the 30 units of meat were sold out.

Most of them were wood and stone resources, but there was very little water.

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It seemed that in this world, water was also a scarce resource.

At the same time, there were millions of friend requests.


Li Xiang ignored them all.

These people just wanted to ask if he had any food and wanted to continue the exchange, so there was no need to pay attention.

However, there was a message that piqued his interest in the regional chat.


“Excuse me, Boss Li Xiang, I have a good item here.

Can I exchange it with you for a unit of meat [Basic Tool Making Illustration Manual]”

This persons profile picture was a cats head, and it was very cute.

Li Xiang opened the illustration manual to take a look and was slightly surprised.


[Basic Tool Making Illustration Manual]: It can be used to make pickaxes, shovels, axes, hoes, and other basic tools.


The value of this illustration manual could be imagined.

For this person to be able to obtain such a valuable item on the first day, he must either have very strong abilities or very good luck.

Therefore, he asked, “Where did you get this thing It has great uses in the future.

But now youre exchanging it for a unit of meat”

“It was on the body of a wild corpse that I found by the roadside.

Sigh… I also know that this thing is very useful, but Im too hungry.

Moreover, I dont want my soldiers to betray me after losing their loyalty, so I can only do this.


“Alright, lets trade.

Ill put it up first.

You keep an eye on it.”

“Okay, Boss.”

Then, Li Xiang started the trade.

Meat for illustration manual: 1:1


Soon, the illustration manual was in his hand, and no one stopped him.

It seemed that not everyone could produce this kind of illustration manual.

Especially on the first day.

“Thank you, Boss.

My initial soldiers dont have any combat ability.

If I didnt have this meat, I might have to meet God on the third day.” The other party thanked him on the channel.

Li Xiang learned the illustration manual directly, then, he replied, “Every soldier has its own unique usage.

Since you dont have any combat ability, then dont think about fighting.

Focus on developing the business and continue to collect these things.

You can trade them with me anytime.

I wont treat you unfairly.”


“Ah! Dont worry, I wont let you down!” The other party was overwhelmed by the favor.

When the others saw this, they also started to send out all sorts of messy material illustration manuals.

“Boss, what do you think of this [Broken Canvas]”

“Thats just a piece of junk! Why dont you look at mine! [Unknown Liquid]”


“ Are you sure thats not something that you produced yourself, and youre even trying to sell it Boss Li Xiang, take a look at this.

It might be some kind of tool to open a dungeon! [Strange Rotten Eyeball]”

Li Xiang had already exchanged for what he wanted, and he still needed to keep some meat for a rainy day, so he directly closed the chatbox.

The group of people still did not understand what was going on and continued to display it.

Until the person who had just exchanged the [Basic Tool Making Illustration Manual] spoke up.

“All of you, calm down a little.

Go and take a look at the [Business] ranking.

Who is in the first place With this financial ability, he could just announce on the world channel what he wanted.

With Boss Li Xiangs tastes, would he take a fancy to these things that you guys sent out


The crowd checked one after another, and only then did they realize that Li Xiang was already at the top of the Business rankings.

Moreover, he was also at the top of the Military rankings!

This meant that in Region 0042, Li Xiang was undoubtedly the number one person!

The crowd instantly became sour grapes.

They criticized the person who relied on an illustration manual to ride on Li Xiangs coattail.

Someone angrily stated, “Damn it, dont try to act like youve suffered from grievances when youve gotten a good deal.

If I had your kind of luck, I would have directly given the illustration manual to Boss Li Xiang.

I wouldnt even want the meat!”

“Thats right.

Do you know the difference between a moment of pleasure and a lifetime of pleasure Trying to ride on the bosss coattails with this Youre dreaming!”

Cat Head quickly retorted, “Cut the crap.

Ive already sold half a unit of beef.

The price is the same as Boss Li Xiangs.

If you dont want to starve, you can exchange it yourself.”

“Damn! Youre learning way too fast.

What a lowlife!”


“Its up to your speed to grab the goods.

If you continue to scold, youre going to starve today!”

“Screw you!”



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