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When the first wave of mermaid attacks ended, what awaited them on the land was not empty streets.

But a simple-minded, well-developed orc tribe!

The three-meter-tall orc waved the huge stone club in his hand.

The first row of mermaids instantly turned into minced meat.

The battlefield directly turned into a meat-grinding machine.

The billions of viewers watching the live broadcast were also in an uproar.

“F*ck! It is not an empty city trick.

Its an invitation to fall into the trap!”

“This is interesting!”

“Li Xiang is awesome, as expected of the King of the Region!”

“Dont be too excited about it.

Even if Ye Fans brain isnt as good as Li Xiangs, dont forget that Li Xiang only has this core hub left.

His fate is expected if this core hub belonged to Ye Fan!”

“Thats right.

Look! There are not many soldiers from Li Xiangs side because they wanted to sneak attack.”

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Everyone followed the camera.

As expected, regardless of whether it was the Vine Whisker Demon or the tall orc, there were only three units.

Behind them was only half a unit of the beast-eared lady providing healing.

With such a small number of soldiers, Ye Fan could defeat Li Xiang if the battle continued.

“Lord, we have suffered heavy losses!”

A high-level Water Fairy came before Ye Fan.

Her back faced the countless dead bodies of her race as she spoke sadly.

“The enemy isnt much better.

Attack again!”

Ye Fans eyes were scarlet red as he laughed sinisterly.

They could not disobey the lords orders.

The high-level Water Fairy turned around and joined the front troop of the second wave.

But soon, Li Xiang defeated them again.

“Lord, Lord Seti has died in battle.

90% of our troops have died in the second wave!”

Another high-level Water Fairy came to ye fan and reported the death of the general from the same race.

Ye Fan couldnt hold back his pride.

He turned around and asked, “How many troops do they have left”

The King of the Mermaid, Jason, smiled and said, “According to our intelligence, there are only 0.5 units available in the core hub city.

Oh, if Li Xiang wants to send a group of beast-eared lady, he can add another three units.”

The mermaid laughed lewdly.

Beast-eared lady had no fighting ability at all.

“Then what are we waiting for Continue to attack!”

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Ye Fan instantly reignited his fighting spirit.

The high-level Water Fairy fell into hesitation.

But the high-level mermaid waved the whip in his hand, driving away the terrified clansmen charging forward.

The mermaid was cold, while the Water Fairy had a gentle personality.

The difference between the two generals was obvious.

“Are you going against my order” Ye fan narrowed his eyes.

The lords order could not be disobeyed.

The high-level Water Fairy gritted her teeth,

“My fellow clansmen, charge with me!”

On the core city wall, Beast-eared Lady Lisa came to Li Xiangs side and looked at the densely packed enemies below the city wall.

She said seriously, “Lord, you should retreat first.

Leave this place to us.

If they want to occupy this place, they would have to step over my body!”

“Its alright!”

“Its about time.

You can retreat and rest now.”

Li Xiang stood up and raised the Legion Magic Shield.

[ Party Protection ]


[ Demonic Aura Protection ]


A ray of light protected the Vine Whisker Demon, the orc, and the beast-eared lady.

“Stay within the light shield.

It can protect you.

Youve done well.

You deserve to live!” Li Xiang said.

“What about you, lord” Lisa asked anxiously.

“Ill continue to be the bait!”

Li Xiang smiled.

In the live broadcast room, the bullet comments floated crazily on the screen.

“F*ck, is Li Xiang crazy Why isnt he retreating yet”

“Is there another ambush in the core hub”

“How is that possible Thats the water area.

Its the main battlefield of the mermaid and water fairy.

They could sense the land army.

Silently stuffing six units of troops into it is already the limit.”

“Have you ever thought about… the sky”

“Uh, Li Xiang has an air force”

“Its said that he has something called the Black Wing Demon.

It can fly, but its combat ability in the air is poor.

Even if there are twenty units of the Black Wing Demon, they will stand a chance against the 100 units of the mermaid under Ye Fan with the combination of the army of the Water Fairy, okay”

Isabella, who had just taken over as the Pure Water Fairys general from Seth, was the first to climb to the top of the core hub city.

Then, she saw Li Xiang.

As long as she killed him, this cruel war would be over, right

Isabella thought as she activated her power and rushed towards Li Xiang.

Then, she saw Li Xiang raise the Commanders Sword in his hand.

Layers of black shadow covered the sun in the sky instantly.

Isabella raised her head and instantly fell into despair.

In the sky, it was packed densely with Black Wing Demons!

At least ten units!

Logically speaking, this small number of soldiers against Ye Fans 100 units alliance army was like an egg hitting a rock.

But Isabella understood that no matter what the outcome was, she was going to die!


A long spear pierced into Isabellas chest.

“Dont kill her! She is useful.”

Isabellas eyes drooped forward as if she heard a sentence.

The mans voice was magnetic and steady.


Succubus jumped down from the back of a Black Wing Demon.

Seeing Isabellas appearance that did not lose to hers and her cold temperament, she snorted in dissatisfaction.

Succubus pulled out her long spear.

The long spear turned back into a whip.

When the beast-eared lady heard the kings words, she consciously walked out of the defense light barrier and dragged Isabella back.

She cast a healing spell to heal the dying Isabella.

Li Xiang did not have the time to care about Succubuss thoughts.

It was the moment to defeat Ye Fans 100 Units Alliance Army!


Li Xiang activated Commanders Sword.

[ Personal Conqueror: Your military strength has received a 20% increase in attack.


[ Death Battle: Your Military Strength is lower than the enemys unit,s and you have received a 20% increase in all attributes.]

[ Kill Damage: The damage caused by your military strength has been increased by 100%.


The Black Wing Demon Horde instantly went into a frenzy.

Succubus led ten units of troops and charged toward Ye Fans 100 units of troops.

Originally, this was like an egg hitting a stone.

However, it was just as Li Xiang had predicted.

The most important thing in a battle was the morale of the troops.

The mermaid and water fairy had already developed fear towards the demons under Li Xiang after being defeated in two waves of attacks.

The lower-level mermaid was pushed forward by the high-level mermaids whip.

The Water Fairies were charging forward while singing the sad song of the dead.

However, when the Black Wing Demon in frenzy descended from the sky, their psychological defense collapsed.



Without the order of their high-level Water Fairy, they instinctively threw down their weapons and armor and retreated!

The 100 Unit Alliance army instantly fled like an ant colony towards the water.

“Dont retreat! Stop!”

Ye Fans eyes were bloodshot.

He couldnt understand how a 100-unit army could be defeated in such a manner when faced with a 10-unit difference in strength.

“Lord Ye Fan, lets retreat too.

Theres a saying in the east, theres always hope if we still have our trump card,” Jason said anxiously.

As long as they escaped back to the water, they still had a chance of winning.

Ye Fan said crazily, “No, I wont retreat.

Billions of people are watching.

My 100 units of soldiers cant defeat 10 of them Thats a disgrace for my reputation.”

Jason rolled his eyes and then disappeared into the escaping army.

“I still have equipment.

I still have equipment…”

Ye Fan muttered in a panic.


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