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“I bet on all my assets on Ye Fan!”

“The way you say it sounds like you have sacrificed a lot.

Ye Fan is going to win this round anyway.”

“I agree! Look! Ye Fan has already occupied three hubs in less than half an hour, while Li Xiang has a messy array of formations.

I am sure his formation must have startled his team members.


“Im also betting all my assets.

But unfortunately, I dont have much capital.

I think I could only make a small fortune this time!”

“Does anyone want to take a loan Gnome Country only charges 5% a day.

It will not be a dream to be a millionaire if you bet on Ye Fan!”

“Damn! Even the loan shark is here.

Gnome Country is something!”

After two hours of frenzied betting, the betting ratio of billions of viewers was 200:1

Betting on Li Xiang to win would bring the person 200 times profit while betting on Ye Fan would only bring double profit.

The bet should have a high difference according to the ratio.

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However, the official revealed that the Wind Elf Kingdoms Country Lord named Jian Suyan had bet a billion on Li Xiang, forcefully pulling up the betting ratio.

The billions of spectators were excited.

They were waiting to split the one billion and celebrate the winning of Ye Fan.

Somewhere in a secret space in Deathmatch Space, the Six-Winged Succubus walked in and saw that there was only the eye demon present.

She questioned, “Wheres the Demon Lord And Hunter…”

“Calm down, Succubus.”

Eye demon spoke calmly.

He was unusually calm.

Succubus continued to speak anxiously, “The enemy conquers a hub every ten minutes.

They might occupy all the hubs in another half a day, and we will be defeated and eliminated!”

Eye demon looked at Succubus and said indifferently, “Its only half a day.

Our battle time is three days.”

Succubus said, “But the army is weakening.

I can still control our people.

Those vassals who surrendered are already restless.

We wont be able to hold on for three days, or even half a day.”

“As the Demon Lords military advisor, you should know about this.

Why didnt you explain it to him”

“Demon Lord had already expected this,” Eye Demon said in a deep voice.


Succubus was very shocked.

Eye Demon said, “Take a deep breath, Succubus.

Think about it carefully.

We are in a water region, and the enemy is a Deep-Water Mage with the Water Fairy as the main force.

Taking the initiative to attack is like committing suicide.”

“Of course, I know, but isnt it worse to stand here and do nothing”Succubus asked.

“Thats why we need a battlefield.”

Eye demons tentacles pointed at a red dot on the water-type sand table.

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Succubus exclaimed, “The core hub!”

Eye demon nodded and said, “Yes, the core hub.

There is the only place with a large piece of land nearby for us demons to launch a counterattack.”

Succubus spoke in a deep voice, “So what if we launch a counterattack We wont be able to eliminate many enemies.

We will still lose if we cannot take over the hubs.”

Eye demon laughed.

“If someone else were our enemy, we might suffer a miserable defeat.

But this time, our enemy is an arrogant and conceited person.”

“If he cant take down the core hub, he will never stop.

He would only attack again and again.”

“On the battlefield, the soldiers stamina and morale are more important than anything else.

If they keep on attacking, they will be exhausted.”

“If he cant take down the core hub, his army would not have faith anymore.

It will be time for us to start a massacre then.”

“This is what Demon Lord taught me.

Demon Lord is a military genius.

You should learn more from him instead of asking me about this and that.”

Succubus snorted in dissatisfaction.

She wanted to be close to Demon Lord, but as Li Xiang improved, the difference between a master and a servant made Succubus feel more petty and low.

She felt ashamed to stand by her masters side.

“Wait! The main point of this plan is that Ye Fan couldnt attack the core hub.

Then who is guarding the core hub”

Succubus suddenly exclaimed.

A figure appeared in her mind when she questioned that.

Eye Demon glanced at her.

“Of course, its the demon lord himself.”

One could imagine how crazy the enemys attack would be when they saw Li Xiang standing on the city tower of the core hub!

“But he didnt lead any troops at all!” Succubus shrieked.

As the vanguard commander, she knew well how many troops were still in the army, doing nothing.

“Thats why your flying troops equipped with Black Wing Demon Energy will be important,” Eye Demon said solemnly.


Meanwhile, Ye Fan was in the city near the core hub.

When Ye Fan heard that Water Fairy had fought, occupied all the hubs, and was heading to the core hub, he excitedly led his troops to surround the core hub.

A common hub could provide the conqueror side with a Rank 6 defense array, a Rank 5 attack buff, movement speed, and endurance gains.

As for the core hub, the range of benefits and multiplier from taking over it was ten times!

“Congratulations, sir.

As long as we occupy this core hub, well be able to win in the next two and a half days!” Jason congratulated.

The other subordinates all flattered Ye Fan.

Ye Fan looked pleased and asked, “Whats the enemy doing”

“Master, the enemy is still in the middle of the formation.

They are moving without any order.

It seems like there are signs of civil unrest!”

A high-level Water Fairy spy replied.

“Good, civil unrest came in the perfect timing!”

The smile on Ye Fans face grew wider.

“Huh Look at who is on the city wall.”

Suddenly, someone pointed at the tall city wall of the core hub.

Everyone looked up.

They saw that person was Li Xiang!

At this moment, Li Xiang had the title of “King of the Region” on his head.

He wore a kings cloak and sat on the city wall.

Beside him were the commanders sword and the Legion Magic Shield.

He was looking at them from above.

He was alone!

The billions of viewers watching the live broadcast became excited.

“F*ck, is Lord Li Xiang going to take on Ye Fans army of 100,000 people by himself Thats too awesome!”

“Awesome That is an empty city plan!”

“Empty city plan What if tens of thousands of demons lie in ambush in the core hub They would cut the Water Fairies who came ashore into pieces!”

“Whether its the empty city plan or not, Ye Fan has to attack this hub.

Otherwise, even if he wins the deathmatch, he will lose his reputation.”

“Thats right, Boss/Big Shot Li Xiangs plan is awesome!”

“Damn it, if I knew Li Xiang was so handsome, I would have bet 20,000 on him!”

“Hey! It sounds weird when a man says that.”

“Get lost! Im a girl!”

Deathmatch Space.

Ye Fans gaze fixed on the top of the city tower.

His gaze was malicious as he said, “Attack on all fronts.

I want to tear Li Xiang into ten thousand pieces!”


“Aye, lord!”

Hundreds of thousands of Water Fairies swarmed forward.

However, Ye Fan did not notice that ten thousand meters above his head, Succubus was leading tens of thousands of Wing Demons in the air, preparing for battle!

In this battle, Demon Lord lured the enemy with himself!

What Succubus had to do was to give the enemy a heavy blow!

In the Core Hub City, the mermaid took the lead to charge forward, attacking the city gate.

The pure Water Fairy used her stickiness to climb up the city wall.


The city gate collapsed.

“The core hub main city gate has been broken through.

Defense decreased by 10% !”

The systems cold mechanical voice sounded.

At the same time, the first wave of water fairy was about to climb up the city wall.

Li Xiang, who sat on the city wall, waved his hand coldly.

A grace tree root suddenly stretched out from the city and swept along the city wall, sweeping 70-80% of the Water Fairies off the city wall and smashing them into water cubes.


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