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It was unscrupulous!

Li Xiang, who had always sold things at ten times the price, felt that this price was outrageous.

How could a headscarf with such poor attributes be sold at such a price

Based on characteristics that did not have any bonuses

He had never heard of any soldier who would run away when their loyalty was high!

Such items might be useful to a ruler whose loyalty was low.

However, a person who could make it to such a level would not have so many resources.

Other similar equipment in the trading zone were similar in price.

Some of them were even more expensive.

Overall, none of them could tempt Li Xiang.

“Forget it.

Ill wait for my mission reward.”

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Li Xiang looked at the countdown again.

There were only ten minutes left.

“I dont know if its the Boss thats hard to kill or the soldiers sent by Ye Fan.”

“It cant be that bad, can it The ruler who participated in the Intermediate-Rank Mission has already ended.

With Hunters strength, it cant be so slow.”

Li Xiang was a little puzzled.

The Hunter could kill a succubus in only five minutes.

It shouldnt be a problem to deal with an aquatic race unit that escaped from the water.

Even if Ye Fan was immune to physical damage, the Hunter still had an elemental charge ability.

It could still deal damage.

The Hunter would be banished forever if he didnt come out now.

He didnt want to lose a high-rank general because of a high-rank mission.

However, this worry was unnecessary.

After another two minutes, a light flashed through the portal.

The Hunter walked out of it covered in wounds.

[ Ding! Congratulations, ruler.

Your branch of the army has completed the mission.

You have obtained the unique equipment,Kings Cape! You have obtained the titleKing of the Region! ]

[0041-0042 King of the Region ]: You are the king of this region! Upon wearing this title, any ruler within the region will attack you, and the final damage will be reduced by 20%!

[ Kings Cape ]

Grade: Unique

Defense: 240

Agility: 34

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Vitality: 21

Equip Level: 10

Characteristics: [ Kings Demeanor ] – The wearer will receive a special bonus, increasing the initial charm, and neutral units will have a good impression of you.

Additional effect: [ Souvenir ] – This equipment can evolve independently, and its attributes and level will increase along with the wearers level.

He had it!

It looked like the final winner was the Demon Hunter.

Li Xiang could not help but ask, “How was it What did you encounter in the Void Abyss”

“Two opponents, one killed, one escaped with serious injuries.”

The Demon Hunters narration was simple.

It could always pick out the most refined entries.

“Who was the one who ran away”

Demon Hunters expression was somewhat conflicted.

He was silent for a long time before he finally answered two words.


Li Xiang was speechless.

But he could do nothing about it.

He knew that this fellow spoke differently from normal people.

He wasnt as beautiful and reasonable as the succubus.

Nor was he like the eye demon, who was rich in knowledge and could often provide him with local information about this world.

Demon Hunters mind could only contain the battle, and there was no other space to accommodate other things.

At that moment, he did not want to ask in detail and went to do his thing.

Now that the final reward was in his hands.

He believed that with Ye Fans damned competitive spirit, he would go crazy.

He had to prepare for defense as soon as possible.

Perhaps soon, Ye Fan would bring the Water Fairy Clan to invade his demon city!

In reality, Ye Fans situation was not so different from Li Xiangs guess.

The heavily injured Water Fairy told him everything that had happened in the Void Abyss.

The opponent had found Void Terror first, and Water Fairy had launched a sneak attack.

Unfortunately, the sneak attack had succeeded, but she did not get what she wanted and was heavily injured.

Now, they had suffered irreparable permanent damage.

Ye Fans grade had fallen, and his unit could not even be considered lord-rank units.

Even if he entered the Lake of Tears to sleep and nourish himself, he would not be able to return to his peak.

Ye Fan gritted his teeth.

After listening to the story, the Mermaid King, Jason, had a new understanding of Li Xiangs strength.

Why did it feel like this person… seemed to be a little more powerful than his boss

Just as this thought emerged, he slapped it back.

He could not take revenge for the past!

Thus, he began to agitate Ye Fans anger.

“Boss, this damned Li Xiang has provoked you again and again.

We absolutely cannot tolerate this anymore!”

“If it werent for the aquatic races soldiers strength drastically decreasing on land, the void assessments rewards this time would not have been snatched away by him!”

“This subordinate suggests that we directly declare war on him and drag this brat into our self-set deathmatch space to have some fun!”

Ye Fans eyes lit up when he heard that.

“Alright! Lets do that!”

“Jason, prepare the resources we got in the challenges and stake everything on it!”

Jason was overjoyed.


He had never been more diligent in doing things this time.

Not long after, an announcement rang out all over the world.

[ Ruler Ye Fan has declared war on ruler Li Xiang! ]

Li Xiang also received a notification.

It asked if he accepted the declaration of war remission.

“What the hell is a declaration of war”


That was something he did not understand.

The system then posted the rules.

[ The declaring party needs to spend resources in the alternate dimension to build a battlefield and mortgage any amount of resources (including but not limited to military types, wonders, and materials) as a reward.


[ If the other side agrees, the resources of the same value will be deducted as a reward, and the final winner will receive the resources of both sides.


[ If the other side refuses to accept the challenge, it will deduct half of the value of the resources as compensation and hand it over to the declaring side.


“You mother*cker!”

Li Xiang directly cursed.

The rule sides the attacking side.

If the challenged person accepted the challenge, they would have to fight on the battlefield set up by the attacking side.

Would the attacking side make it fair for you on the terrain


Before fighting, they would be on the losing side of the battle.

But if they didnt fight, they would have to compensate for the huge amount of resources.

Li Xiang looked at the items that Ye Fan had mortgaged.

[ Lake of Tears ], [ Water Fairy ], [ Water Territory*7], [ All Resources ]


Ye Fan threw everything out.


It was painful for Li Xiang to even think about it.

“Damn, do you think Im afraid of you”

Li Xiang decided and chose to accept the challenge!

The worldwide announcement sounded again.

[ Ruler Ye Fan has declared war on ruler Li Xiang, and Li Xiang has accepted the challenge! ]

The world channel exploded.

“F*ck! Are they serious The two top people on the list are starting to fight each other”

“This is going to be a good show.”

“After the second in the list overtook the first place in the military, they directly declared war.

What grudges do they have for each other Are they in the same region Who will win”

“Friend, I suggest you go and look at the rules of declaring war.”

“Finally, someone has risen.

I have long disliked Li Xiang.

He has sold things at such an expensive price, causing the prices on the market to be generally on the high side.

Its disgusting.

He deserves a good lesson.”


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