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Li Xiang attached great importance to this quest.

After all, the requirements were high.

One had to kill a BOSS-level unit, and it was a demon beast-type monster!

All attributes would increase by 50% due to race!

This difficulty would make more than 99% of the ruler give up.

Li Xiang felt that even if it was a Hunter with strong individual combat strength and a BOSS-level unit, they might not take it down safely.

Moreover, they had to face another opponent this time.

Ye Fan!

The competition between two people for a reward was very intense.

He had to make good preparations.

However, it was already late, and everyone was tired.

Resting was the most important thing.

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At the same time, outside the Lake of Tears.

Ye fan had already built a second base here.

Countless water balls floated in the Lake of Tears as if spawning a new army.

“In a few days, my Water Fairy Army will be assembled.

At that time, the entire sea area will be mine! All the rulers of the aquatic race will have to submit to me!”

He stood by the lake and looked at the scene in front of him, filled with pride.

“Ill use this assessment mission to take down the title of King of the Region!”

In the distance, a tall green water fairy floated up from the water under the escort of a few blue water fairies.

It floated over and bowed respectfully.

“My Lord, please feel free to command me.”

Ye Fan squinted his eyes.

“Tomorrow, Ill send you to the depths of the dark forest to kill something called Void Terror.

Remember, you might encounter another existence that is not weaker than you are there.

Complete the mission while testing our opponents strength.

If possible, kill them all! ”

“Yes, sir!”

Li Xiang wanted to wake up early in the morning.

There was a lot to do that day.

The first was to finish the unfinished training field and upgrade it with iron.

Once they had done everything, Li Xiang would need to get Sophie up to speed with Hunter training.

The higher the level, the better the odds.

After that, it was time to continue planning the areas within the territory where they would set up forts for defense.

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They also expanded the outer city wall using the original outer city wall as the inner city and rearranged the defense region.

After all, they were facing the special creatures of the Myriad World Continent.

Just setting up a line of defense was tantamount to narrowing the path.

He could not plan like when he was in the ancient cities.

He had to add multiple complex and solid defense points.

Prepared, Li Xiang wanted to build his city into an indestructible steel fortress!

Unfortunately, the ideal was rich, but the reality was thin.

That was a long project.

The lack of materials was one problem, and the lack of manpower was another.

To carry out such a big transformation, at least hundreds of thousands of workers had to act.

But at the moment, they had already reached the upper limit they could currently bear in terms of resource collection or grain output.

Drawing the blueprint now was just to pave the way for the future.

Apart from those, Li Xiang also set up a garrison military aircraft department.

Tyler was in charge for the time being.

His job was to form up the troops in the territory and have them patrol the borders to prevent foreign invaders.

In addition, he also had to send out scouts to expand outside and investigate the situation of the nearby tribal forces.

Then, he would send out troops to attack and conquer the territory.

That was a tiring matter.

According to Sally, Tyler was honest, diligent, and careful in his work.

Even if he could not have much progress or breakthrough in the short term, he would not make a big mistake.

Li Xiang could rest assured that he would leave this matter to him.

That afternoon, the teleportation portal appeared.

Li Xiang returned to check on it.

The progress of the Demon Hunter was rapid, and it had already risen to Level 7.

Its attack power had already reached five digits.

The speed was scary.

In less than five minutes, it had defeated Sophie, who was also a Boss-level unit.

Li Xiang felt that it was insane.

It was so powerful!

It was perfect for High-Rank Mission!

It did not matter if Ye Fan had a Boss-level unit or not.

As long as the Demon Hunter went, it would be a chaotic killing!

[ Ding, you have selected the Demon Hunter to participate in “God of Wars game”.

This unit will be teleported for 60 minutes.

If the Boss is killed within the time limit, it will return to the unit.

Otherwise, it will be banished forever! ]

The battle began!

A countdown appeared on the panel before Li Xiangs eyes.

A total of 3,600 seconds.

Unfortunately, he could not see the perspective of the hunter, so he could only wait slowly.

An hour was neither fast nor slow.

Bored, Li Xiang opened the chat channel to check the content of the other rulers chat.

At the same time, he didnt forget to sweep around the trading area.

There werent many changes inside.

After a wave of Void Assessment, the items sold were still the same.

He did not see a single Demon Beast Blood, blueprints, and enchantment materials.

“It seems that good things arent that easy to get.”

Li Xiang shook his head.

Sally had dozens of dog-eared ladies in the stronghold.

She would send them to explore treasures every day.

But they would return with nothing.

The rate of production of items in this world was so low that it made ones hair stand on end.

It was not to be blamed that the ruler could not even defeat the first round of monsters.

It was difficult to obtain resources.

Compared to them, Li Xiangs development to this extent was already a good fortune that tens of millions of people could not obtain.

Time passed slowly.

Many rulers began to chat about the mission content on the channel.

It indicated that the difficulty was just as expected, and there was no way to survive.

More than 90% of the people failed.

However, a small number of people also received corresponding rewards.

[ Low-Rank Mission completed.

One can obtain an excellent-quality rulers exclusive equipment.


[ It can bring a certain level of improvement to the troops under your command.


“Should I take in this…”

Li Xiang was a little tempted.

He felt he could take in some parts he had not yet worn to further increase his strength.

However, when he saw that there were people in the trading zone who had put up their prices, he immediately gave up.

[ Leaders Turban ]

Grade: Excellent

Attack: 30-60

Strength: 4

Agility: 2

Equip Level: 5

Characteristics: [ Leaders Effect ]- The troops under your command will maintain a state of morale at all times.

They will not be afraid of battle, nor will they run away from battle!

Selling price: 15,000 units of any basic resources, or materials of the same value


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