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“I wonder what effect high-rank blood has.

Could it add 3,000 attacks What if its top rank Would it add another 30,000”

This thought made Li Xiang excited.

However, based on the current exchange requirement, 10,000 low-rank blood could be combined into a high rank, and 1,000,000 could merge into one top-rank.

With the time-limited conditions of the Void Assessment, it was impossible to get that much in a short time.

As for trading with others…

He had never thought about it.

Even he could not get that much, let alone other rulers.

[ Ding! ]

[ Respected rulers, the void door has been closed.

In a moment, according to the number and grade of monsters you have killed in the void door, the points will be converted into corresponding points.

You will be divided into low, intermediate, and high ranks according to the range of your points.

Different missions will be assigned to you.


“The next day, the spatial teleportation formation will appear in the main territory.

You can choose any unit to teleport and participate in corresponding missions.

When you have completed the mission, we will return your unit and give you a reward that meets the level of the mission.

If the mission fails, there will be no reward, and we will not return your unit!”

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After listening, Li Xiang lifted his eyebrows.

So, the Void Assessment came in a chain.

This void door was only a screening threshold.

No wonder the rewards were so little.

Opening the world chat channel, he saw that the other rulers thoughts were different from his.

“This is too awesome.

This Void Assessment gave me two units of food from a single monster.

Although its a little difficult to fight and almost all the soldiers have died, at least they survived and saved a lot of resources.”

“Brother, I got about the same.

I feel that the threshold of defending the first round is B-Rank and above.

Theres no limit to the number of soldiers.

The main thing is the quality.”

“Dont mention it.

Im an A-Rank soldier.

I suffered heavy losses in the first round and took the risk to challenge the second round.

In the end, the first monster destroyed my base.

Now, I dont even know if the territory is safe.

I probably wont be able to return in a short while.”

“Youre greedy.

Im afraid this mission isnt for you.

Sigh… I didnt go to the second round.

But I dont have many soldiers on hand.

What should I do with this mission…”

Li Xiang took a few glances and didnt pay attention to it anymore.

Because the system had finished calculating, an exclamation mark appeared in the lower right corner of the panel.

He opened it and saw the number of participants in the region.

[ Challenge Location: 0041-0042 area border, Dark Forest.


[ Low-Rank Mission: 52 people, Teleportation Location: Outer circle of the dense forest.


[ Intermediate-Rank Mission: 13 people, Teleportation Location: Deeper part of the dense forest.


[ High-Rank Mission: 2 people, Teleportation Location: Void Abyss.


It seemed that the assessment location for this mission was ordinary territory.

The people from the two regions were added up.

That meant that the top experts of the two regions had to compete for a reward.

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The competition was going to be intense!

The region channel became lively again.

“What kind of missions have you guys received I received this [ Conquering Cities And Lands (Low-Rank Mission Guide): Destroy any Demon Beasts nest in the periphery! ]”

“I am also a Low-Rank, just like you.”

“What the f*ck Why does my A-Rank soldier also get Low-Rank Mission It doesnt make sense, right”

“It seems to be based on points.

Maybe you didnt kill enough monsters.”

“What a headache.

Im also in the Low-Rank.

When challenging the void door, I forgot to bring back the army I sent.

Only a dozen normal unit monsters came out.”

“Do you think that a low-rank mission is easy to complete Take a closer look.

A lair might have more demon beasts than the first round.

There might even be even monsters from the second round.

Are you sure you can defeat it”

“Youre right.

Sigh! I dont even want to do low-rank missions anymore now.”

“Is there anyone who has received an intermediate-rank mission Can you show us your map”

“Yeah, yeah.

I want to see it too.”

“Please share the map!”

“Alright, stop howling.

I know someone who got the intermediate-rank mission with an S-Rank unit.

That person can only send one army to the depths of the forest to kill Elite-Unit monsters.

Hes currently busy raising his strength.”

“S-Rank Unit!”

“Oh my God, an S-Rank Soldier is only in the intermediate-rank mission That is too difficult.”

“Wait, arent there only four of us from 0042 who have C-Rank and above Who else could it be other than the Big Shot, Li Xiang”

“Take a closer look! Weve temporarily merged with Region 0041.

Li Xiang has dropped to second place in the military rankings!”

“D*mn, its him! First place, Ye Fan Whos that”

The chat channel fell into a short silence.

No one answered his question.

Li Xiang had been browsing through the contents of the chat channel.

When he saw this, he couldnt help but open the [ Military ] rankings to take a look.

As expected!

After the cultural rankings, he had been stepped down by Ye Fan again!

However, the [ Military ] rankings didnt activate the competitive mode.

It didnt matter if Li Xiang lost it.

After all, there were no additional rewards.

But from this, he could see that Ye Fan had achieved further than him in the Void Assessment.

Thinking about it, it made sense.

Even though he had many soldiers, his strength was not balanced, and he was held back by a large number of A-Rank soldiers.

And after YE Fan obtained the Lake of Tears, his strength had increased again, so it was not surprising that Ye Fan had surpassed him.

The bonus of Wonders Effect was important.

With the additional effect of the Ancient Well of Darkness, the eye demon could transform into a magic machine gun.

Water Fairy could also experience an epic level transformation with the addition of Lake of Tears.

It was not strange that Ye Fan surpassed him.

Li Xiang did not care about these useless rankings.

As long as it did not have much to do with increasing his strength, he had no motivation to fight for it.

Now, he only had one goal!

[ High-Rank Mission — God of Wars Game ]: Assign a special troop to go to the Void Abyss to kill the Boss UnitVoid Fear.

Those who completed the mission will receive the [ Kings Cape ](unique), Title -King of the Region ]!

His quest goal was clear, and the reward was even unique equipment.

Li Xiang was determined to get it!

Commanders Sword and Legion Magic Shield both gave him a huge upgrade.

If he had another cape equipment, it would be the icing on his cake.


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