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A few Lightning Cheetahs rushed past the defense line and surrounded him from three directions, trying to attack the watchtower where he was standing.

Sophie and the Hunter attacked at the same time, killing one each.

Li Xiang also raised his Commanders Sword high.

The blade of the sword condensed a stream of burning green light and bit at the last cheetah like a poisonous snake, taking almost 3,000 HP in one hit.

This bit of HP was not even one-fifth of the Lord-Rank monsters HP, but it successfully hindered its movement.

Eye demon then used the Demon Seed to drain the targets soul, easily resolving the crisis.

However, the situation on the battlefield was not so optimistic.

After the flower goblins front line was broken through, more gaps appeared.

The Black Wing Demon focused on dealing with the two airborne units, the Dual-Winged Tiger and the Giant Frost Bird.

There was no way to send reinforcements.

Even so, Sally, a girl, did not show any signs of panic.

She also did not question Li Xiangs decision to split up.

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Looking at Li Xiangs calm expression, she knew he was ready to use his ultimate weapon!

“Lets do it.”

Li Xiangs gentle voice rang out.

Sophie did not hesitate.

She leaped from the observation deck and landed amid the monster horde in a handsome manner.

Eye demons immediately flew up and split into hundreds of tiny eye demons, placing them all over the battlefield.

Flame Whip and Demon Seed glowed at the same time.

Skills and powers interweaved across the entire battlefield, swiftly reaping the lives of the Lord-Rank monsters in a gorgeous posture.

In comparison, the Demon Hunters attack style was much simpler and more brutal.

He charged into the monsters, spreading his arms and brandishing six short swords forged by the dwarves.

Each attack could take away more than half of the monsters HP.

It was exaggerated.

Like a merciless meat grinder, he killed all the Demon Beasts approaching him!

In just a few seconds, a small piece of empty land was cleared, and the corpses piled up.

However, the demon beasts did not retreat because of Hunters ferocity.

Instead, their ferocity was stimulated by the blood spurting out from their companions.

Hundreds of different types of demon beasts rushed toward the Hunter.

In the next second, Hunters entire eyeball turned scarlet red.

With an angry roar, the muscles of his body swelled up again.

[ Metamorphosis ]!

The Hunter fell into a state that was close to madness.

He immediately gave up the weapon in his hand and stomped on a Two-Winged Tiger that approached him with an angry roar.

Under the buff of [ Militant ] skills, the demon beasts head exploded with a bang, emptying its over 10,000 HP instantly!

One hit, one kill!

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Even a Level 6 Lord-Rank monster could endure one hit from him!

Not only that, but he also actually grabbed the opponents wings and easily tore it into two halves when facing the Giant Frost Bird with high defense, which required four or five Black Wing Demons to deal with.

There was no longer anyone who could stop him on the battlefield.

He rampaged through the battlefield as if he had entered an uninhabited land like a God of war.

Everywhere he passed, only broken limbs were left.

“Spread out!”

Li Xiang ordered the other troops to stay away from him.

The crazed hunters could not differentiate between friend and foe.

They would not recover until the battle was over.

The losses would be huge if they charged into their camp and started killing.

When the Boss-Rank Units entered the battlefield, the balance of victory shifted to the Demon Legion.

However, there were too many monsters in the third round.

There were more than 10,000 of them.

It was impossible to kill all of them in the remaining time.

When the countdown reached the last second, the void door closed quietly.

It returned to its original appearance of a vortex, and no demon beast came out from it.

“It is over just like that…”

Li Xiang was enjoying the huge amount of EXP and soul points, but he did not expect it to be over before he could enjoy himself.

The third round rewarded them with [ Low-Rank Demon Beast Essence Blood ], but he didnt know what it was for.

The system notified him.

[ Ding! Soldier Strengthening has been released.

The precious materials dropped from killing monsters can increase the corresponding attributes and the strengthening abilities of the soldiers under your command! ]

[ Attention! Each soldier can only be strengthened once.

The final effect will be determined according to the quality of the materials used.


So that was the case.

Li Xiang gave it a try.

He randomly picked a Tauren and used the Low-Rank Demon Beast Essence Blood.

[ System Notification: One of your Tauren has been strengthened.

Attack increased by 30-30, defense by 20, HP by 300! ]

“Thats it”

Li Xiang was a little disappointed.

Although this thing could increase attributes, it was not a percentage-based increase in attributes.

To him, this was dispensable.

After all, all of his troops were A-Rank and above.

Their attributes were all at the beginning of the three digits.

Such a small increase wasnt much of an improvement for these troops, especially after their levels increased.

The difference couldnt be shown at all.

However, after thinking about it, he felt relieved.

After all, he had only been adventuring in this world for a week.

To have such a level of reward was already good.

For most rulers, even 10 points of attack could increase the combat strength of their subordinates by a large margin.

Not to mention the three attributes of attack, defense, and blood.

Li Xiang then carefully studied the strengthening system and found that he could synthesize the materials dropped by these demon beasts.

A hundred portions of Low-Rank Demon Beast Essence Blood could be fused into one intermediate-level demon beast.

Li Xiang thought of giving it a try and found another Tauren.

After being strengthened, he realized it was much better than the low rank.

[ System Notification: One of your Tauren has been strengthened.

Attack increased by 300-300, defense by 200, HP by 3000! ]

A hundred portions of low-rank combined into a ten-fold increase.

Although Li Xiang felt it was a little unreasonable, the attributes were already good.

It directly made a common Tauren become an existence that was not inferior to an Elite Unit like Carl.

Unfortunately, the drop rate of monsters was not high.

There were only 134 monsters, so they could not be used in large numbers.


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