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The succubus was very obedient and immediately began to deal with the carcasses of these buffalos.

Soon, a large number of resources were stored in batches inside the Storage Ring.

Among them were materials such as cowhide and horns.

Cow horns could be used to make hats, and cowhide could be used to make armor and shoes.


In this time of material scarcity, everything could be used.

In addition, there were ten units of high-quality beef and twenty-five units of ordinary beef.


This was a systematic statistical method, and Li Xiang did not know how much there was in a unit specifically.

But he knew that this much meat was enough for him to eat for a long time.

If he did not deal with it quickly, it would probably spoil in a few days.

Li Xiang returned to the cave first and used the grass and branches to build a simple bed.

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The air was very dry today, so there shouldnt be any rain, so he didnt build a roof.


The succubus carried the supplies one after another.

The buffalo in the Myriad World Continent was gigantic.

Even after they were dismembered, it was difficult for the Storage Ring to hold a few more.

From this, it could be seen how bountiful the harvest this trip was.

After he was done with all this, the sky darkened.

Li Xiang let the succubus start a bonfire and started roasting meat.


By the time a piece of the beef shank was completely roasted, a few hours had already passed.

Li Xiang devoured it in large mouthfuls.

There wasnt much taste, and it was difficult to chew.

This wasnt important.

What was important was that it could fill ones stomach.

The succubus was also given a piece.

She was the main contributor to this battle, so naturally, Li Xiang wanted to treat his right-hand man well.


However, the succubus looked like she wasnt interested in the beef.

“Whats wrong, Succubus Is it not to your liking” Li Xiang asked with concern.


“No, Demon Lord.” The succubus shook her head.

“Ive already eaten enough souls just now.

Im not hungry yet.”

“Eaten souls” Li Xiang was slightly startled.

“Yes!” The succubus smiled faintly, revealing two sharp teeth.

“Demons only need to eat the souls of dead creatures to grow.

We dont need to eat these things.”


“I see.”


Not needing to eat saved a lot of worries.

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This meant that no matter how many demon soldiers Li Xiang raised in the future, he wouldnt need to consider logistics.


Moreover, they could grow and evolve through battle.

Li Xiang looked carefully.

The succubus seemed to have grown a little taller than when she was born.

Her appearance was also a little more mature, but it wasnt particularly obvious.

He believed that after her rank increased, she would be able to grow to around ten years old.

When that time came, her attributes would definitely be even more explosive!


Li Xiang stretched lazily.

While eating the roasted meat, he opened the regional chat channel.

A bunch of people was crying out bitterly.

“Heavens, why is this damned beast so hard to kill Even after all my soldiers died, they werent able to cause much damage to it!”


“Who isnt the same We have to starve on the first day, the days are too hard to survive.”


“Ill accumulate for two days first.

Once there are more soldiers, then Ill go and challenge again.

Ive already collected a pot of bugs.

Tonight, Ill rely on them to replenish my energy.”

“Ugh! The one from above, youre so disgusting.

Dont you know how to make traps!”

“Ive used traps to capture a few sparrows.

I can feed myself, but I cant feed my soldiers.

Right now, their loyalty is constantly decreasing.

I suspect that if I dont give them something to eat, theyll eat me.”


“Hehe, why dont you slaughter these soldiers and eat them Anyway, there are free refills every day, and its a waste not to eat them.

[Great Sea Turtle Illustration Manual] is very fragrant, but unfortunately, there are no spices.”

“Yours is an aquatic animal soldier, and Im raising humanoid soldiers.

How can I eat them”

Li Xiang smiled slightly, casually took a photo, and anonymously sent it out.


“[Picture] The first meal was delicious.

It was full of calories.

Unfortunately, there were too many that I couldnt finish, and I dont know how to store them.

Do any of you know any methods of storing it Care to share it Its a sin to waste food!”


A group of people clicked on it and saw a mans back in the picture.

Beside him, large pieces of beef were piled up like garbage, forming a small mountain.

The most ridiculous thing was that there was a beautiful little loli in tight black clothes helping to tidy up the bed.

It looked like he was camping instead.


For a moment, everyones state of mind collapsed.

“Darn it! Isnt this too ridiculous Were all starving, and you are eating beef!”

“Is this the life of a boss”


“Im completely convinced.

Boss, do you mind if I ride on your coattail Just give me some meat.”

“Big Brother, Big Brother, look at my figure.

Do you need someone to warm your bed [Picture]”


“This auntie, please have some self-respect.

Your leg circumference is almost as big as the bosss waist circumference.”


At this moment, the system once again sent a world announcement.

[Ding, respected rulers, the first day of survival training has come to an end.

The Trading Mall has officially opened.

All items can be traded with others through barter.

Or, they can be recycled at the selling price of the mall in exchange for general currency.

General currency can be used in the future trading system of the mall.

If a certain amount of currency is being circulated in the world, the auction channel can also be activated!]


The group of people who originally wanted to seek Li Xiangs protection through various means shut their mouths after hearing this announcement.

In fact, everyone knew that Li Xiang wouldnt help strangers just because of a few words.

Moreover, everyone didnt know the location of their respective territories, and they didnt dare to leave the novice protection zone at will.

They were just trying to win Li Xiangs favor.

But now, the trade channel was open.

This meant that Li Xiang could trade his food with them.

But in contrast, they also needed to take out the corresponding chips.

The regional channel fell into a short silence.

Many people didnt have the ability to kill monsters, but there werent dangers everywhere in their territories.

After a whole day of exploration, many people had accumulated a small number of low-grade resources, such as wood and water.

It was believed that these big shots might not have the time to collect these materials, and it would interest them.

Therefore, the channel resumed its bustle, and messages popped up one after another.

All kinds of exchange requests were all for food.

Some provided water, some provided wood, and some provided ore materials.

There were even some people who were willing to give up their initial soldiers, and even cede territory in exchange for food.


Li Xiang could not help but sigh.

Hunger made people go crazy.

Unfortunately, these soldiers were all trash, and the territory was too far away from him.

It was not a border area, so Li Xiang could not be bothered with them.

However, other resources could be exchanged for a portion.

Li Xiang directly started to formulate the trade rules.

There was a suggested price in the mall.

One unit of meat for ten units of water or two units of stones.

He directly increased the price by ten times!


Meat for water: 1:100!

Meat for wood: 1:30!

Meat for stones: 1:20!

High-quality meat would be doubled!

Furthermore, he felt that the market in Region 0042 was too small, so he directly sent out the trading rules in the world channel once.

He also put up nine units of high-quality beef and 21 units of ordinary beef!

A total of 30 units flooded the empty trade channel.

Instantly, the world channel exploded.

Countless rulers were deeply shocked.


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