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“Is this for real So strong”

Even Li Xiang was stunned.

A maximum attack of over 1,400 could be doubled with his strength and equipment, reaching nearly 3,000 points.

And this was only Rank 1!

The Rank 10 succubus Sophie was only 7,000.

According to his full growth rate, every increase in level would give him a 10% bonus to his current attributes.

When he reached the same level as Sophie, 6,000 plus would be a piece of cake.

If he equipped six more weapons, even if they were not exclusive ones, breaking 10,000 would not be a dream!

What kind of joke was this

Both were Boss-Rank units with SSS-Rank quality, yet they could have such a huge gap

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Moreover, this skill was ridiculously strong.

It was an existence that could improve ones offensive ability, and it could strengthen oneself to the extreme.

The Barbarians were also a race that was strong in one-on-one battles.

However, compared to him, they were completely different.

The succubus and the eye demon beside him also noticed it and gave Li Xiang a high evaluation in the face of his doubts.

“Demon Lord, hes very strong.

I dont think I can beat this guy.”

Sophie frowned, looking unwilling.

Her position as the Demon Lords number one general seemed to have shaken.

Was she really going to be a personal maid in the future


It wasnt that she didnt want to… But she wanted to expand the territory for the Demon Lord and display her value on the battlefield even more.

Everyone in the demon race yearned to fight!

The eye demon stared at the hunter with a deep gaze.

“A demon with the bloodline of a demon beast.

Even among the top-tier demons, this kind of existence is one of the strongest.”

When Li Xiang heard such an evaluation, so he was naturally happy.

The conditions for the Demon Lair to summon demons were fixed, and that was by leveling up.

When the rank increases, it would become more and more difficult to upgrade the building.

Moreover, the quality of the demon summoned was random.

It could be between F-SSS.

Once a low-quality demon appeared, Li Xiang would be losing a lot.

But now, two Boss-Rank units had appeared three times, and they were all SSS quality.

With this kind of luck, he would be able to win hundreds of millions of dollars in the lottery.


With him around, so what if the Water Fairies had high defense

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It would still be an instant kill!

Li Xiangs confidence in dealing with Ye Fan increased by a few notches.

Soon, the Demon Hunter walked out of the cave entrance, jumped down the mountain wall, and landed in front of everyone.

He was expressionless, but he bowed respectfully to Li Xiang.

“Demon Lord, Im willing to work for you.”

“Very good.”

Li Xiang nodded lightly, his gaze sizing up this new subordinate.

The more he looked, the more satisfied he was.

“You go and rest first.

Theres no need for you to fight now.”

“Yes, Demon Lord!”

The Demon Hunter didnt talk much and didnt like to think.

He just followed Li Xiangs instructions.

He was much more obedient than when the eye demon first came out.


Following that, Li Xiang began to build the training field.

The specifications were built to accommodate 20,000 people.

The venue was set outside the city.

This unprecedented large project naturally fell into the hands of the Barbarians.

Fortunately, there were still more than 10,000 Barbarians in the city.

If they rushed the work, they could build it before Ye Fan made a move.


After all, with the Great Constructions hundredfold efficiency, this speed was not ordinary.

The only thing that needed to be solved was the problem of materials.

There were not many wood and stones left.

To build such a large-scale building, the number of materials needed was definitely astronomical.

Fortunately, he still had a large number of defective weapons that he had not sold.

Once they were on the shelves, they set off another wave of buying frenzy.

This time, Li Xiang had specially placed more weapons with special characteristics to stimulate consumption in the market.

The effect was also extraordinary.

Ten thousand weapons were sold out in less than two hours, and there were still countless messages asking for them on the world channel.

It seemed that everyone lacked equipment.

On the other hand, the demand for food was no longer as strong as before.

There were even many meat products on the shelves in the trade area, but not many people bought them.


After a week of development, the soldiers in everyones hands had upgraded one after another.

Their numbers had increased, so it was not difficult to conquer wild beasts.

For the time being, the rulers of the Myriad World Continent had achieved the freedom to roast meat.

There were very few people who could earn resources by selling food before this.

As someone who had enjoyed the first wave of dividends, Li Xiang could only say one word.


Two waves of selling food had sped up his development process.

It could be said that without these cute rulers, there would be no Li Xiang who now had tens of thousands of soldiers and two Boss-Rank heroic units!


The problem of the materials had been solved, and the rest could be dealt with over time.

Another two hours passed, and when the sky was completely dark, a rough outline of the training field had been built.

Night had arrived.

The Barbarians stopped their work and went to start a bonfire to roast meat under the lords orders.

Li Xiang did not leave.

He looked at the detailed panel.

[Training Field: Combat Type Building (Progress 67%)]

[Current Status: Available (Due to incomplete construction, EXP gain will reduce by 40%)]

[Rank: Rank 1]

[Capacity: 20,000]

[Special Effect: Able to conduct combat drills in it, and also receive EXP from the instructor and building rank every minute.]

[Level Up Requirement: Iron x 10,000 units]

It could be used already

Li Xiang raised his eyebrows.

Although there was a loss of EXP, compared to this little loss, it was more important to raise the level of the Black Wing Demons and the hunter.

He immediately began the configuration!

Sophie was the instructor, while the rest were students.

They came to her to learn practical combat experience.

Meanwhile, an energy bar appeared on Sophies panel.

There would be a certain amount of loss every minute.

When there was no energy left, the teaching would naturally stop.

Time passed bit by bit.

After a few hours of practice, the Black Wing Demons had collectively leveled up to Rank 3.

This efficiency was already comparable to the leveling speed when they faced the beast tide back then.

It was very good.

The hunter had also leveled up to Rank 2.

As a boss unit, he needed more experience to level up, and it was harder for him to grow.

When the time on the system panel arrived at exactly midnight, a global announcement suddenly sounded.


[Respected rulers, it has been seven days since the first day of survival.

The mission system has been officially activated!]

[The first national mission is — Void Assessment (S-Rank)!]

[In each rulers main territory, a void door will soon appear.]

[All kinds of monsters will appear in the void door, becoming stronger and stronger as time passes.]

[You can obtain rich resources by killing monsters.

You can also close the void door to protect yourselves.]

[The ranking system will be based on the performance of the rulers when dealing with monsters.

After the mission is over, it will be ranked accordingly!]


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