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“Those who are injured, retreat.

The rest of you will continue to hold them off.

Once you recover, surround them!”

The Mermaid King was very smart.

Relying on his own soldiers strong recovery ability, he had defeated countless powerful creatures in this round of battle.

Moreover, he felt that the Black Wing Demons were mages and were afraid of close combat, so he had the mermaids quickly approach them.

In the end.

When he saw a half HP mermaid finally get close to a Black Wing Demon and wanted to launch a round of attacks but were torn to pieces by the other partys claws, his face instantly turned pale.

Darn it!

They were not mages!

He miscalculated!

The mermaids suffered heavy casualties because of the Mermaid Kings wrong orders.

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Receiving a set of [Rapid Claw] head-on from the Black Wing Demons who had used [Bloodthirsty Frenzy] was no doubt a death sentence for the old man.

He must be tired of living!

With over 1,000 attack power, how could his 330 defense block it

For a moment, the mermaids with half HP were killed one after another.

They did not even have the chance to retreat and wait for their recovery.

After one round, more than half of the mermaids were directly killed!

“How could it be so powerful”

The Mermaid King never imagined that the Black Wing Demons would be so terrifying.

They instantly killed S-Rank soldiers.

Was this a joke

In fact, this was a characteristic of the demon race.

Any non-holy unit attack would have a 50% final damage bonus.

This was not included in the panel.

It could be considered a racial talent.

It was similar to the dwarves [Conquering the Enemy Without Fighting].

Moreover, there was rank suppression.

At least, it gave the Black Wing Demons an additional 30% attribute suppression on the mermaids.

Under the influence of many factors, how could the mermaids still attack They could only passively defend.

However, the Black Wing Demons did not give up, and their attacks became more and more powerful.

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Very soon, some Black Wing Demons broke through the defensive line and entered the city, starting to wreak havoc.

The Mermaid King gritted his teeth, but he also clearly understood that his soldiers were crushed in terms of attributes, and it was difficult to reverse the defeat.

“I cant die here!”

This was his only thought.

But, how difficult was it to break out of the encirclement in front of a thousand Black Wing Demons

The Mermaid King tried several times, but all of his attempts failed.

He couldnt help but feel despair.

Could it be that the city that he had painstakingly built for so many days was going to be destroyed just because he supported the Werewolf King

However, at this moment, a mermaid soldier rushed into the Lords Hall in a panic, bringing a piece of good news.

“Lord, we have people breaking out of the siege from the west!”


The Mermaid King was greatly surprised, and then he laughed wildly, “Hahahaha, the Heavens wont stop me! Li Xiang, when I bring the news to the boss, your death will be imminent!”

As he said that, he suddenly stood up, “Go! Break out!”

He went out to take a look.

In the west, there were only a few dozen Black Wing Demons guarding.

Now that the mermaids had already broken the formation, it was a good time to escape.

They had to hurry!

The Black Wing Demons above the city had already sent people to fill in the gaps.

If they were any slower, they would not be able to leave!

The Mermaid King was supported by two mermaids.

He swam quickly and turned into a sharp arrow in the sea.

On the eve of the encirclement, he escaped from this area.

The sea was deep and vast.

The Black Wing Demons couldnt stay in the water for too long, so there was no need to chase after them.

“Clean up the battlefield and bring back the spoils of war.”

Li Xiang looked at the far away mermaids, and the corners of his mouth curled up.

He told the eye demon to inform them of what to do next.

Sally covered her mouth and laughed softly.

“This Mermaid King definitely wouldnt have thought that it was all your arrangement that allowed him to escape.”

After a while, the eye demon also nodded at Li Xiang.

“Demon Lord, the arrangements have been made.”

“Very good.

Now, its time to wait for the big fish to show up.”

Li Xiang walked out of the city.

“Keep me informed if theres any news.

Ill make a trip to the Flower Goblin tribe.”

“Yes! Demon Lord!”

Li Xiang was going to the Flower Goblin tribe for farming matters.

Currently, the deployment plan on the relevant panel of the Flower Goblin tribe had changed from collecting seeds to farming.

Who knew how long it would take to harvest.

Previously, over 10,000 Flower Goblins in the territory had relied on eating honey and picking wild fruits to fill their stomachs.

The reserve resources were completely insufficient.

There werent many places in the territory that could be used to pick wild fruits.

Although it didnt affect their loyalty for the time being, if there was no progress in farming, once they were starved, their loyalty would drop sooner or later.

Now, he had to take advantage of the time when a large number of Flower Goblins were in the Forest of Ice and Fire to plant the first batch of crops.

When they arrived at the destination, the Dark Flower Goblin Mother Tree took the form of a human to welcome them.

With her slim figure and mature appearance, she immediately attracted the attention of the succubus.

Girls would always subconsciously compare themselves with beautiful women.

Now, a Rank 10 succubus could be said to have just matured in terms of appearance.

The previous naivety and youth had disappeared from her body.

What replaced it was the vitality and beauty of an 18 or 19-year-old girl.

Moreover, there was an additional charm that should not belong to this age.

Every frown and smile had a kind of soul-stirring charm.

Compared to the mother tree, other than being less mature, it was not inferior in all aspects.

She even surpassed it!

The mother tree naturally held onto Li Xiangs arm.

As the leader of the Flower Goblin tribe, in order to let her people lead a better life, she had to curry favor with them.

What she was most proud of was her appearance.

She believed that the Lord, a young and vigorous youth, would definitely like this.

However, she also noticed the succubus.

She was amazed at the young girls beautiful appearance, but she was also surprised by her strength.

“Lord, this is…”

“My name is Sophie, the Six-Winged Succubus.

I am the Demon Lords personal maid.”


The succubus smiled sweetly and specially increased the volume of the word “personal” as if she was declaring her sovereignty.

At the same time, her slender and fair arm reached out and hugged Li Xiangs other hand.

Instantly, Li Xiang, who was sandwiched in the middle, felt as if he was being hugged from left to right.


He glanced at the succubus as this was the first time he had heard of this girls name.

He did not know if she made it up or whether her real name was Sophie.

However, this was not important.

He was very confused.

When did the succubus become his maid

And it was the personal kind

Shaking his head, he did not care about what the two women were talking about.

Instead, he brought up his purpose for coming.

“Hows the progress in farming”

The mother tree shook its head slightly.

“Its not that good.

The seeds found cant take root and sprout in the soil, let alone mature and bear fruit.”

“Take me there to have a look.”


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