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A few hours later.

Li Xiang suddenly received a call request from the Tauren King.

“Could there be an accident”

Li Xiang thought for a moment and chose to answer the call.

A simple and honest voice sounded.

“Boss Li Xiang, something bad has happened.

Those werewolves collected a batch of armor from God knows where, and its defense is exceptionally high.

Even if my subordinates were equipped with superior-quality weapons, they could not cut them down.”

When the Tauren King spoke, it was accompanied by rapid gasps as if he was running for his life.

Was he criticizing him Or was he asking for a change of weapons

Li Xiang instantly thought of two possibilities.

He couldnt help but frown slightly.

Although he had given him defective weapons, at least half of them were superior-quality.

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It was more than enough to deal with a battle at their level.

In fact, they had also won the battle, allowing the Tauren tribe to occupy a lot of territory for nothing.

But now, the Werewolf King had thought of a way to get better equipment.

That was because the Werewolf King was very capable and powerful enough.

Why did he look for him

“This doesnt seem to have anything to do with me.” Li Xiangs voice was flat.

“Once the weapon is sold, it will not be returned or exchanged.”

“Im not here to return it… Boss, didnt you send a lot of soldiers to guard the Forest of Ice and Fire… Im thinking…”

The Tauren King hesitated for a moment, but finally opened his mouth, “I want to ask for your help, to send some soldiers to protect me for a period of time… of course, theres a reward.”

Li Xiang chuckled.

“What do you take me for, a mercenary Bribing me with some money or resources”

The Tauren King immediately choked.

Thats right.

Li Xiang was currently number one in both the Military and Business rankings and number two in the Culture rankings.

He was even more outstanding on the beast tides ranking board, surpassing the second place many times.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that he was number one in the world.

Would such a ruler lack resources

The Tauren King couldnt help but feel despair.

If he couldnt get Li Xiangs help, then he would really be wiped out by the Werewolf King.

However, Li Xiangs second sentence gave him hope.

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“Of course, if youre going to join me and submit to me, then its only right that I help you.”

There was a hint of temptation in Li Xiangs voice.

“If you agree, Ill also give preferential treatment to you and your soldiers.

Youll get 5% of the resources in the warehouse, and there will be an endless supply of even better weapons.

How about it”

The Tauren King fell silent.

He had heard this phrase twice.

The olive branch was extended by the worlds number one person.

Since he was just a small A-Rank initial soldiers ruler, it would be a complete lie to say that he had no thoughts at all.

However, if he could survive on his own, how could he be willing to rely on others

This was the reason why he had refused before.

But now, the werewolf tribe was chasing him relentlessly.

If there was no external assistance, it would be a dead end.

Now, the opportunity was right in front of him.

Li Xiang even offered such a good condition.

To be honest, he was tempted!

“I definitely wont have a good life if I fall into the hands of the Werewolf King.

Alright! Boss Li Xiang, Ill follow you! Ill follow your lead in the future!”


[The Tauren ruler has applied to become your subordinate tribe.

He has taken the initiative to offer the core of his territory.

Do you agree]


After Li Xiang accepted the request, he immediately mobilized the soldiers in the Forest of Ice and Fire.

“You should head west.

My subordinates will go and receive you.”

“Thank you, Boss!”

The Tauren King sincerely thanked him.

No matter what, he could finally live on!

After ending the call, Li Xiang began to check the system panel.

He discovered that the core of the Tauren Kings territory had already been sent by mail.

It was directly devoured!

[Ding! Congratulations, ruler, for successfully obtaining a piece of rulers territory.

The original ability Beast Bloodline (A) has been upgraded to Demon Beast Bloodline (S)!]

[Beast Bloodline (A)]: When a beast soldier is being nurtured, there is a certain probability of receiving the Beast Bloodlines bonus, increasing its attack and defense.

[Demon Beast Bloodline (S)]: When a beast soldier is being nurtured, there is a certain probability of having a genetic mutation, becoming an even more powerful demon beast.

Li Xiangs eyes lit up.

Mutate their genes into a demon beast

Damn, he wondered if he could let others ride on it and combine it into a cavalry unit.

If he could, once the number of such soldiers increases, they will form a powerful fighting force and become very powerful on the plains.

If they encounter a crisis like the beast tide again, there is no need to passively defend the city.

Li Xiang was very satisfied.

It could only be said that using a small number of resources in exchange for an S-Rank territory talent was a huge profit!

Very quickly, the first batch of demon soldiers rushed to the battlefield and saved the Tauren King, who only had a dozen people left.

The Black Wing Demons were the fastest, and their damage was also the highest.

Now that they were Rank 10, they were all equipped with weapons of perfect grade and above, and their attack power had long exceeded 1,000.

How could these werewolves be a match for the Black Wing Demons

They were easily dealt with!

It was easier than chopping a watermelon!

The Tauren King saw this and had a preliminary estimate of Li Xiangs strength.

It could only be said to be unfathomable!

Even an A-Rank werewolf soldier was instantly killed.

And it was even under the condition of wearing armor.

Even SS-Rank soldiers might not be able to do it, right

The Tauren Kings rank was not low.

Immediately, he checked the details of the Black Wing Demons attributes through the system.

Then, he stared at the four-digit attack attributes and cried out in surprise.

“What the heck! Its clearly a group of S-Rank soldiers.

Why is their attack so high”

He could not understand.

Although his Tauren had not reached Rank 10, they were at least the type with high attack power among the A-Rank soldiers.

In the end, when compared to the Black Wing Demons.

They are not even one-fifth of it.

While the Tauren King had suffered a huge blow, he also had respect for Li Xiang.

Hanging out with such a big shot would definitely have a bright future!

It was a pity.

When the Werewolf King saw that something was wrong, he immediately ran away.

In the forest, the Black Wing Demons were not easy to track, so he could only give up.


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