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He could not help but ask further.

Li Xiang: “What is the name of that wonder, and what is its use”

Tauren King: “This wonder is called the Forest of Ice and Fire.

I do not know what its use is, nor am I clear of its grade.

I had sent scouts to investigate it previously.

I had originally planned to go in to extract resources, but who knew that it would be filled with methane gas and poisonous gas.

I sent dozens of Tauren to force their way in, but only one came out alive.

They said that there were powerful wood-type creatures guarding the depths.

Sigh, if it wasnt for the beast tide and the heavy losses from this exploration, I wouldnt be unable to defeat the werewolf next door.

Li Xiang thought for a while.

“Wait a moment.

I have something to do.”

Tauren King: “Mm-hmm, Boss, hurry up, I… It is quite urgent.”

Li Xiang then closed the chatbox.

Forest of Ice and Fire…

He had never heard of this name.

It could be said that he knew nothing about it.

Therefore, he had to ask someone to confirm what the Tauren King said was true.

“Eye Demon.”

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“My respected and noble Demon Lord, what can I do for you”

“Have you heard of the Forest of Ice and Fire”


The eye demon was stunned for a moment.

Forest of Ice and Fire

What was that

Although he was a scholar, he wasnt the kind of scholar who memorized the names of all the places in the world.


He would definitely not have memories of places that the small eye demons had not explored!

Seeing its expression, Li Xiang knew that it was hopeless.

He shook his head and left.

There was still one person in the territory that he could ask.

The Dark Flower Goblin Mother Tree!

She had lived for more than ten thousand years, so she must be very knowledgeable!

“Forest of Ice and Fire”

Upon hearing this name, the Dark Flower Goblin Mother Tree was very surprised.

“Lord, how did you know this name”

“I heard it by chance.

Why, is there a problem” Li Xiang did not give a detailed explanation.

The branches of the Dark Flower Goblin Mother Tree trembled slightly, and its huge body shook twice.

Countless green leaves fell with it, condensing into a beautiful woman full of charm.

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She was different from the ordinary Flower Goblins whose lower body was a tree.

She had a pair of slender legs, and her skin was delicate and snow-white, like white jade.

“That place… is the home of the Flower Goblins…”

Her voice had a hint of poignant beauty, making people involuntarily feel a sense of heartache and want to pity her.

“Its been a long time since Ive gone back to take a look.

I really miss that place…”

“Please give a brief introduction of the situation in the Forest of Ice and Fire.” Li Xiang did not have the habit of asking about other peoples past.

The Dark Flower Goblin Mother Tree nodded gently.

The longing in its eyes disappeared as it slowly narrated.

Li Xiang listened patiently.

The Forest of Ice and Fire was just as the Tauren King had said.

The air was filled with a poisonous fog.

The terrain and landforms were also the same.

Most importantly, the Dark Flower Goblin Mother Tree told him something that the Tauren King did not know.

Deep in the Forest of Ice and Fire, there were ice crystal ores, winter thorn grass, the essence of wind, lava, and other rare treasures.

They were all precious resources that could be used for enchantment!

If that was the case, then he was determined to obtain this wonder!

The difference between a weapon before enchantment and after enchantment was too great.

For example, although Li Xiang had never used the [Poison Flame] enchantment ability before, just the data displayed on the panel was enough to attract his attention.

Hence, Li Xiang immediately contacted the Tauren King and asked him to send the location of the Forest of Ice and Fire over.

At the same time, he sent someone to send the weapons over.

The Tauren King did as he was told, and he was very grateful to Li Xiang.

He wasnt worried that Li Xiang would send soldiers over to flatten him.

He praised and laughed, addressing him big brother.

This made Li Xiang feel a little embarrassed.

At that moment…

[System Announcement: Congratulations to Lin Fan for discovering a wonder.

He has become the fifth ruler to possess a wonder.

The Cultural Competition Mode has been successfully activated!]

[Cultural Competition Mode]

First Place: Related abilities will receive a 50% bonus, and related actions will also receive a 100% efficiency bonus!

Second Place: Related abilities will receive a 30% bonus, and related actions will also receive a 50% efficiency bonus!

Third Place: Related abilities will receive a 10% bonus, and related actions will also receive a 10% efficiency bonus!

[System Notification: Attention, your cultural ranking has dropped.

Current ranking, second!]

Li Xiang raised his eyebrows.

Unknowingly, he had been stepped down by someone

Although he knew that there were countless powerful people in this world, so he definitely wouldnt be able to occupy the first place in all the rankings, he didnt expect this day to come so early.

To be honest, after this Cultural Competition Mode was released, he was quite greedy for the first place reward.

After all, the effect of the Ancient Well of Darkness was obvious.

If he could double the succubuss charging efficiency, then the frequency of Flame Flogging would also be doubled.

With the eye demon, the world could be wiped out!

He definitely wouldnt give such a good thing to anyone else.

When the Dark Flower Goblin Mother Tree heard that Li Xiang was going to send people to the Forest of Ice and Fire, it turned around and took out a small green ball.

“My Lord, if you want to go, you must bring this with you.

It can protect you from the creatures in the Forest of Ice and Fire.”

It was the [Soul of Wood].

This object should be very important to her.

If he didnt save her life, the mother tree would never hand it over.

Li Xiang smiled.

“I wont go this time, but Ill let your tribes team leader, Lina, lead the team to the Forest of Ice and Fire to gather resources.

Ill leave this Soul of Wood to her later.”


The Dark Flower Goblin Mother Tree appeared hesitant.

“But… the Flower Goblins dont have the ability to protect themselves… the journey is so far, Im afraid that theyll…”

“Dont worry, Ill send someone to follow.” Li Xiang interrupted her.

“Their mission this time is to collect.

Only collecting.”

Only then did she feel relieved.

Soon, ten thousand newly recruited Dark Flower Goblins set off under Linas lead.

The Forest of Ice and Fire was located outside Region 0042.

It was a long journey, so it should take some time.

Li Xiang sent another 1,000 Black Wing Demons, 1,000 Vine Whisker Demons, and 2,000 Barbarians to protect them.

With such a powerful force, he believed that most of the rulers would not plot against them.

A whole day passed.

At noon the next day, the Tauren King sent news that the weapons had been received, and he handed over the territorial rights of the area where the Forest of Ice and Fire was located.

Li Xiangs ruler panel also showed the relevant information.

Unfortunately, the territory was not connected, so there was no way to obtain the strange effects of the Forest of Ice and Fire.

In the afternoon, the Tauren side took the initiative to attack the werewolf tribes residential camp.

With the weapons, the attributes were completely suppressed, forcing the werewolves to flee.

“Damn Li Xiang! He must have assisted the Tauren tribe!”

The Werewolf King took the rest of the pack into the jungle.

“Just wait and see! Dont think youre the only one who can get the equipment!”


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