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Compared to the first wave, the second wave of the beast tide was much easier to deal with.

Wild wolves without elemental power were not as much of a threat to the barbarians and flower goblins.

They could not even break through the defense of the dwarves.

However, according to hunters, creatures like wolves had always been said to have iron heads and bones.

This showed that wolves had extremely high defenses.

In the Myriad World Continent, they were even more so after being strengthened.

The Black Wing Demons spears and Light of Destruction rays could not even break through the layer of black fur.

When the barbarians swords and great axes attacked them, they only incurred scraped damage.

“Dont tell me these wolves have over ten thousand HP”

Li Xiang was very doubtful.

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[Battle Notification: Barbarians have activated Berserk, attacking Shadow Wolves, dealing 81 damage!]

[Battle Notification: Black Wing Demons have activated Light of Destruction, attacking Shadow Wolves, dealing 114 damage!]

[Battle Notification: Vine Whisker Demons have activated Furious Whip, attacking Shadow Wolves, successfully hitting their weak points, dealing 887 damage!]


Why did it suddenly deal close to 900 damage points

Li Xiang raised his head and looked over.

A Shadow Wolfs HP bar had dropped by two-fifths under this attack.

From the looks of it, the total HP of a wolf was only around 2,000.

The reason why it lost so little HP was that its defense was too high.

“Weak point…”

Li Xiang mumbled as he stared at the Vine Whisker Demons movements.

At the same time, he observed the words of the battle notification.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

More than ten seconds passed.

After comparing dozens of Vine Whisker Demons attacks, a look of realization suddenly appeared on his face.

“So its the waist!”

“The wolfs weakness is on the waist!”

Li Xiang immediately ordered all soldier units to focus their attacks on the Shadow Wolves waist.

For a time, the effect was very good!

The Shadow Wolf, which originally needed dozens of attacks to kill, was now easily dealt with.

Now it only needs a few attacks to finish off.

It became much more efficient.

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These beast tide creatures that could have relied on their thick skin and flesh to scratch the city wall were killed in an instant.

They turned into a stream of EXP and soul into Li Xiangs bag.

A lot of demons and barbarians on the front lines have leveled up.

Pretty sure that theyll have an easier time in the coming battles.

However, there were simply too many beasts in this wave.

A yellow bar that represented toughness appeared above the city wall.

Under the fearless attacks of these creatures, even though they did not cause a large number of casualties to the soldiers inside the city wall, they still lost close to 10% of their toughness.

“I dont know if it can last until the end…”

Li Xiang was a little worried.

If these wild beasts were to get close, these 10,000 barbarians would not be enough.

Fortunately, the damage output of the Black Wing Demons and succubus was high enough.

Many Shadow Wolves were instantly killed before they could even attack the city wall.

As a result, when the second wave of the beast tide ended, the toughness of the city wall was still 83%.

The weapons forged by the dwarves contributed greatly.

At least, it increased the killing efficiency of these soldiers by 50%.

“We still have to think of a way to slow down the rate at which the toughness of the city wall is dropping.

Who knows, we might have to fight twelve waves.”

Li Xiang turned his gaze to the city wall and suddenly said, “All Vine Whisker Demons, listen up.

If any wild beasts come close to the city wall, use the vines to bind them first and then use fire to kill them!”

“Yes, Demon Lord!”

Soon, the third wave arrived.

It was a group of filthy rodents that liked to eat corpses.

They had a very strong bite force.

With one bite, a small hole was gnawed on the iron wall.

Li Xiangs arrangement was also effective at this time.

Because they stood in a centralized position, the Vine Whisker Demons could often cast a skill that could bind several of them at the same time.

In this way, their damage to the wall was very limited.

They managed to survive this wave.

After that, Li Xiang use the same method to resist the beast tide, which was very effective.

In the blink of an eye, seven waves of the beast tide had passed.

During this period, Li Xiang also encountered the second wave of beasts with elemental attributes.

However, they had a trashy ability, blindness.

This ability could be ignored by demons who were on the defensive side.

The Black Wing Demons and the Vine Whisker Demons on the city wall were using their skills to clear enemies on the ground.

The barbarians at the gate just kept slashing at the front.

They didnt panic at all.

Not to mention the small eye demons that were assisting from the side.

After reflecting the light, these wild beasts were even more blind than them.

They even attacked their companions.

They reaped what they had sown.

“It should be over soon, right”

Li Xiang stood at a corner of the city wall and looked into the distance.

After nine consecutive waves of defense, the sky had already turned white.

He believed that the beast tide would not come again after daybreak.

Li Xiang took a look at his EXP bar.

Rank 4, 96%.

He was just a little bit away from equipping the Commanders Sword.

However, he kept having a feeling of unease in his heart.

The city walls were all damaged.

During the great battle, the toughness had dropped to 17% and was on the verge of collapse.

The barbarian tribe had also suffered great losses.

The huge tribe, which originally had 10,000 people, had only a few hundred people left scattered behind a city wall.

Moreover, each of them was injured, and the total number did not exceed 2,000.

The Black Wing Demons and Vine Whisker Demons that fought from afar were still relatively complete, but their stamina could no longer keep up.

Although they were members of the demon race, they were still living creatures and not war machines.

They would get tired after fighting for a long time.

Right now, only Lin Fan and Li Xiangs world ranking points were still increasing.


Perhaps only their territory was big enough to attract so many waves of beast tides.

Or perhaps they had died in the impact of the beast tides.

However, Li Xiang still left everyone far behind.

He was ranked first with 24,000 points.

And Lin Fan, who was ranked second, only had 6,000 points.

It was four times more than that!

The effect of hundredfold soldier creation was evident in this “System Version Activity”.

Unfortunately, with the loss of Li Xiangs soldiers, the number of beast tides decreased.

Otherwise, his points might have doubled.


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