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The battle was tragic!

But even though the barbarians at the city gate had fallen one after another.

They still did not have the slightest intention of retreating.

They resolutely charged forward.

Using only their physical bodies to resist the power of the elements!

“Eye Demon!”

Li Xiang could not stand it any longer.

“Help them!”


The eye demon moved quickly and directly split out over a hundred small eye demons, piercing through the barbarians formation.

Once a fireball came, the small eye demons would definitely appear and block this fatal blow for them.

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However, even if the Flame Leopards didnt have elemental attacks, their physical strength was still not to be underestimated.

They had exceptionally sharp claws.

With a single palm strike, even the barbarians with thick skin and thick flesh would lose more than one-tenth of their HP.

This attack power could already be compared to Carls.

As a normal unit, the barbarians were obviously not a match for them.

Against such elite-ranked monsters, they could only be suppressed.

However, they had the advantage of having more people.

With the help of the eye demon and the succubus, the weapons in their hands could also provide a certain amount of attack power.

Defending the city gate was not a very difficult task.

“I didnt expect the first wave of the beast tide to be so fierce.”

Li Xiang could not help but worry about the situation at the other city gates, so he shared his view with Sally.


Sally immediately accepted it.

She was on the right side of the city wall of Li Xiang.

She led more than a hundred cat-eared ladies to guard the back of the city gate.


The cat-eared ladies kept waving their hands and releasing healing light, greatly reducing the pressure on the barbarians at the frontline.

Although it was not as easy as Li Xiangs side and the losses were unavoidable, there was no big gap.

It seemed that there was no problem here.

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Then, he used the small eye demon to get a view of the other two city gates.

The southern side was guarded by the dwarf tribe.

They were wearing armor and holding all kinds of weapons.

They actually used their equipment advantage to rush in front of the barbarians and fight the Flame Leopards in close combat.

Especially the King of the Hill.

He wielded a sledgehammer that was enchanted with the lightning attribute.

With a single strike, the Flame Leopards in the surrounding area were stunned.

Immediately after, they were killed by the barbarians who caught up with them that were wielding axes.

“Why do they look like theyre having an easier time defending as compared to my side”


Li Xiang felt that it was a little ridiculous.

He had the eye demon change its view and look at the last place.

This was a place guarded by the Dark Flower Goblins.

Wood-type creatures like the Flower Goblins were naturally suppressed by the fire element.

However, their advantage was that their skin was thicker than the barbarians.

Even if they received double the magic damage, their long HP bars would still be able to last for a long time.

When the Flame Leopards elemental ability was exhausted, it would also reach the end of its life.

The barbarians single-target damage was not a joke.

In addition, the Black Wing Demons and the Vine Whisker Demons at the city wall contributed to the area of effect attack, so their killing efficiency was not slower than Sallys.

It seemed that the four city walls were stabilized.

Li Xiang was relieved.

He immediately ordered the succubus to attack with all her might!

When these Flame Leopards faced the Succubus, the Goddess of Fire, their elemental power instantly became insignificant.

Flame Flogging descended.

Dozens of Flame Leopards died on the spot, and even their carcasses were burned clean.

A sparkling white light shone, fusing into Li Xiangs long EXP bar.


[Congratulations, ruler, you have successfully leveled up to Rank 2.

You have gained 5 attribute points!]

Without saying anything else, he added all the points to Power!


That was the most important thing!

After all the soldiers received a 5% attack bonus.

It further accelerated the death of the Flame Leopards.

At this moment, Li Xiang noticed a jumping exclamation mark in the upper right corner of the system panel.

He opened it and saw that it was the leaderboard for the battle against the beast tide in Region 0042.

First Place: Li Xiang, 1042 points

Second Place: Sally, 33 points


Third Place: Chris, 27 points


Fourth Place: Bam, 26 points


Fifth Place: Han Cheng, 23 points


He had no idea what it was for.


Maybe rewards would be given to those who made it to the list.

But the gap was quite big.

Nobody in the region had more points than him in the fight against the first wave of the beast tide.

This was a little too much.

It looked like the beast tide would also spawn corresponding numbers according to the rulers military strength.

“I wonder if theres a world ranking board.”

Li Xiang observed for a while, and he found an arrow pointing to the right.

After clicking on it, the ranking board was successfully switched.

[Resisting the Beast Tides World Ranking Board]

First Place: Li Xiang, 1,042 points

Second Place: Lin Fan, 855 points


Third Place: Baston, 644 points


Fourth place: Henry, 581 points


Fifth Place: Anonymous, 572 points


It seemed that there were quite many high-ranked soldiers in the world.

Those who had more than 500 points probably had initial soldier units of S-Rank and above.

Maybe they were at SS-Rank.


And Lin Fan, who was 200 points ahead of the third place, probably had SSS-Rank talent just like him.

However, he had never heard of this persons name before.

He was probably a low-key or reserved person.

He had only appeared in front of the public now.

“The rankings dont represent the strongest.

Maybe some of the people with good initial talent didnt develop their military strength, so they didnt face many beast tides, and their points couldnt increase.”

Li Xiang felt that there were so many people who had come to the Myriad World Continent.


No matter how low the probability of drawing an SSS-Rank talent was when placed in such a large base, the final number wouldnt be small.

There would always be more experts than one could imagine.

However, at the moment, the one who seemed to be the strongest was himself.

After all, the demon race was an SSS-Rank initial soldier that had only one attribute!

Adding on an A-Rank growth talent, if he wasnt invincible, then who was


In the arena.

The beast tide was still ongoing.

The first wave of Flame Leopards hadnt been killed off yet, and another terrifying roar came from afar.

Not long after, the second wave of beast tide arrived one after another.

It was a pack of hungry wolves!


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