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The city walls that Boss Li Xiang had built had directly surrounded her stronghold.

What did this mean

This meant that the boss would have to face the onslaught of the beast tide alone.

Sally felt that she had taken advantage of the other partys protection and development when she did not even help at all, and she felt really bad.

The guilt and gratitude caused by the sense of being indebted to him made her already have the intention of giving up the core of her territory.

If she could not help, then she would hand over her territory talent for the boss to use!

At that moment, Sally explained a few more sentences.

She expressed her intentions.

Li Xiang only smiled slightly.

“Dont worry, I know.

Its just that Im really a little busy right now.

If youre free, you can go to the dwarven workshop to help control the weapons produced.

At the same time, you can also classify the quality.

With the help of the system interface, you would be the most suitable person to do this.”


“Ill go right now!”

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Sally immediately took action.

She was very happy.

It seemed that being able to shine in the demon race was a very exciting thing!

Li Xiang watched as she gradually walked further and further away.

Then, he placed his gaze on the illustration manual.

After reading through the general contents, he pinched the space between his brows a little tiredly.

The succubus very considerately asked, “Demon Lord, are you in trouble”

“Sort of.”

Li Xiang put down the illustration manual.

“This book records many enchantment methods.

Perhaps its a skill that the dwarf tribe doesnt have control over, but the difficulty is that enchantment requires a lot of materials that Ive never heard of, and I dont know where to get them.”

As he spoke, he glanced at the Eye Demon.

The Eye Demon immediately expressed its stance, “Honorable Demon Lord, although Im a scholar, I dont know anything about these things at the moment.

Its more appropriate for you to ask the dwarf leader.”

Li Xiang casually threw the illustration manual to him.

“Take it and ask.

Try It.”

“Yes, Sir!”

The Eye Demon left.

After a period of time, Sally hurried over with a large pile of weapons in her hands.

“Boss Li Xiang, the first batch of weapons are already out.

Theyre all here.

Do you want to take a look”

Li Xiang glanced at them.

Because the Weapon Manufacturing Blueprint for making weapons was of excellent quality, the probability of each quality was increased because of [Superb Craftsmanship].

There were about 50 weapons in the first batch, and half of them were of perfect quality.

There were also a few master-grade weapons, and their attributes were much higher than the original ones.

For example, a master-grade [Spear of Death]s attack directly broke through an excellent quality equipments upper limit of 60 to 80!

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This attack power was close to the lower limit of the Vine Whisker Demons attack power.

But the quality was quality, and efficiency was efficiency.

Li Xiang was not very satisfied with this manufacturing speed.

There were only 50 weapons in the first batch.

He had a total of 2,000 demon combat soldiers and 10,000 barbarians.

When would he be able to fully equip them

“Only this much” He asked.

Sally hurriedly replied, “Actually, the first batch produced more than 200 weapons.

However, due to the rush of work, many defective products did not even reach superior quality, so I did not bring them.

I had them throw them back into the furnace to be reforged.”

“The success rate is so low.”

Li Xiang frowned slightly.

There was only a one-quarter success rate.

No wonder the output was not high.

He thought for a moment and suddenly said, “Let the dwarves continue to work.

It doesnt matter if you slow down.

You must ensure the success rate.

Dont reforge the defective products.

I will sell them in the trading area later.”

“Yeah, why didnt I think of that!”

Sally patted her head in annoyance.

“Im so stupid.

Even if these weapons are of common quality, their attributes are not inferior to the attack of E-Rank soldiers.

The rulers outside will definitely fight over them!”

“Unfortunately, there is no enchantment.”

Li Xiang shook his head and asked, “Has the King of the Hill read the book that I asked the eye demon to send over What did he say”

“He said that there are many enchantment methods that are unheard of, especially those materials.

He had no idea where to get them.”



It seemed that most of the weapons could not be enchanted this time.

Li Xiang then gave the 170 Stinger to Sally and asked her to send them to the dwarven workshop to enchant the best batch of weapons with poison.

Time passed bit by bit.

The golden light that had been protecting the territory in the distance also gradually dimmed.

In the depths of the darkness, there seemed to be countless creatures making restless noises, staring at them with covetous eyes.

Li Xiang opened the world channel to take a look, and the announcement at the top of the system had changed.

[Respected rulers, the novice protection period is coming to an end.

At that time, you will be attacked by all the neutral creatures living nearby.

The larger the territory, the difficulty of the beast tide increases.

Please protect yourself well and use your soldiers and buildings for defense.

Once you survive the beast tide, you will be able to survive!]


The chat below was moving non-stop as they were all discussing the matter of the beast tide.

Following the announcement, many people who didnt have an attack attribute felt a glimmer of hope.

After all, according to the contents of the announcement, killing the beast tide wasnt the only option.

If they continued to defend, they would be able to see the sun tomorrow.

Overall, the atmosphere of the chat was still very positive.

Compared to the first day, it wasnt as pessimistic.

Li Xiang had a headache.

If he had known that the beast tide had such a rule, he would not have been in a hurry to expand his territory.

He looked at the system panel.

Currently, there were six territories under his jurisdiction.

What did this mean

The ruler of another territory would at most face four waves of neutral creatures attack during the initial beast tide.

If he was lucky and there were other rulers nearby, the number would decrease.

As for him

Looking at the distribution of the territory, he would at most have to face twelve waves of the beast tide!

It was very annoying!

Li Xiang had a headache.

“Forget it, Ill just treat it as training since there are souls and EXP to be collected during the beast tide.”

He could only comfort himself like this.

Just as he was feeling depressed, Sally came back with a sword.

“Boss, look! Look at what the dwarves create!”

Li Xiang took a look.

[Commanders Sword]

Grade: Unique

Attack: 170-330

Power: 22

Agility: 17

Equip Level: 5

Characteristics: [Personal Conqueror] — The wearer will have the blessing of the commander.

All ally units within a range of 3 km x 3 km will be inspired and receive a 20% increase in attack attributes!

Additional Effect: [Death Battle] — When the enemys forces are greater than yours, all ally units will receive a 50% increase in all attributes and lose 0.1% of their HP every second until they have an advantage in numbers.


Enchantment: [Poison Flame] — Enhanced by the dwarves superb craftsmanship.

Possesses the ability to release poison flames.

Deals 600% weapon attack damage to a single target.

Additionally, deals 100% poison damage for 5 seconds, with a cooldown of 6 seconds.


Refinement: [Kill] — The final damage dealt is increased by 100%!



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