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Li Xiang really didnt know about this.

Then, he said, “Im going to take it out then.

You guys pay attention.

If theres anything abnormal, leave immediately.”

Following that, an abnormally small model of a bronze tree appeared in his hand.

At the same time, a strange radiance and beautiful music emanated from the Exorcism Tianyin Tree.

When the light shone on the peoples bodies, it made them feel relaxed and comfortable.

When they heard the strange and beautiful music, even their souls felt refreshed.

Looking at all the demons nearby, traces of evil aura were purified from their bodies.

Not only did they not show any pain on their faces, but they also looked like they were enjoying it.

Li Xiang even realized that his demon subordinates, who were originally ferocious and terrifying, were now gradually turning into normal humans.

For example, the Demon Hunter and Demon Warlord, Lys, who was originally ugly, now looked somewhat pleasing to the eye.

The ones who had the least change were Alice, Alicia, and Yafei.

Alicia was a fallen angel, to begin with.

Other than a pair of wings, she looked no different from a human.

As a dark dragon, when Yafei took human form, she was even more enchanting and beautiful than a human woman.

Alice originally had a pair of demonic wings on her hands and a tail behind her.

The demonic wings did not change much now, but the tail was beginning to shrink.

It would not be long before her image would change.

Mia, Kyla, and the other angel guards and angel warriors were looking at the Exorcism Tianyin Tree happily.

They were enjoying the beauty of the music.

Their souls were purified, and the wings on their backs appeared directly.

Then, a holy white light appeared behind them.

Originally, these angels had all hidden their true selves because of Li Xiangs orders.

So they kept their wings and disguised themselves as humans.

But at this time, they spread their wings uncontrollably.

It could only be said that the power of the Exorcism Tianyin Tree was too strong.

One had to know that this was only a model.

It hadnt been fully revealed yet!

Moreover, Li Xiang discovered that the light and music emitted by the Exorcism Tianyin Tree seemed to be of great benefit to the angels.

It seemed to be able to let them grow.

Looking at the expressions of those angel warriors who wished they could shrink their bodies and tie themselves to the tree, Li Xiang couldnt help but feel a little curious.

“Mia, this treasure seems to have an unusual effect on you all.”

“Thats true!” Mia and Kyla were both surprised, “Your Highness, we hope that after this mission is completed, this treasure can be placed in the heavenly plane.

We are willing to protect it with all our strength!”


Li Xiang wasnt the one who objected, but Alice.

Mias gaze turned cold as she questioned, “Why What right do you have to refuse”

“This is the lords treasure.

What right do you angels have to enjoy it alone We demons can also bathe in this light, listen to the moving music, and cleanse our souls!”

Mia snorted and said, “You all are demons, the evil demons, understand And what is this treasure called Its called the Exorcism Tianyin Tree.

Tell me, what right do you have to enjoy such a treasure”

Besides Alices, the expressions of the other demons around her changed as well.

Alicia said calmly, “I have already explained it before.

What we have now is not the original demonic power or the power of the abyss, but the pure power of darkness.

It is also one of the most basic elemental powers that make up the universe.

There is nothing evil about it.

Isnt it inappropriate for you to talk like this”

Mia looked disdainful.

Just as she was about to continue, she was interrupted by Li Xiang.

“Alright, this Exorcism Tianyin Tree will be placed in my palace.

Whoever wants to guard it can do so.

There is nothing to argue about.”

Seeing that her plan was ruined by the demons, Mia snorted coldly and turned her head away.

However, the other angels, including Kyla, looked at Alice with dissatisfaction.

Alice did not care at all.

She crossed her arms, which made her big breasts even more busty.

Yang Mi said calmly, “The enemies are coming!”

At the foot of the mountain, after the black-armored knights surrounded the hill, more than a hundred people immediately dismounted and rushed up the mountain with weapons in their hands.

Judging from their speed, it seemed that their heavy armor did not affect them from climbing up the hill at all.

Not only were their movements agile and vigorous, but their speed was also getting faster and faster.

In just a few breaths time, these people had climbed up the small hill that was hundreds of meters high.

The leader was a handsome blond man with a layer of black smoke on his face.

His eyes were flashing with red light.

His originally sunny and handsome face was now full of gloom.

After coming to the top of the mountain, he stared at the leader, Li Xiang, for a few seconds.

He didnt say anything and just waved his hand to the men behind him.


More than ten figures rushed over.

However, they didnt use the weapons in their hands.

Instead, a black chain appeared in each of their hands.

It seemed like they wanted to capture everyone alive.

Li Xiang said indifferently, “Alice, Ill leave it to you!”

Alice laughed lightly.

Her body moved and she directly appeared in front of Li Xiang.

She did not even use her whip.

She only looked at these people and revealed a faint seductive smile.

“Plop plop plop…”

More than a dozen figures that were flying in the air seemed to have violated the laws of physics.

They directly fell from the air.

The dozens of black-armored warriors behind the blond man were even stunned.

Only the blond mans eyes suddenly glowed with a bright red light as he displayed an obvious status of resistance.

Alice let out a light laugh.

At this time, she lashed out her whip as if it could be extended indefinitely.

It instantly bound the bodies of all the black-armored warriors, except for the blond man, firmly and lightly.

Then they all landed on the ground in front of Li Xiang.

It was only then that the blond man suddenly regained consciousness from Alices simple “Bewitching the Humans” spell.

Almost at the same time, the red light in his eyes began to flicker and continuously dim.

Kyla said in surprise, “Your Highness, this mans consciousness has not been completely eroded by the darkness.

He is struggling to resist and wants to regain control of his body.”

“Oh If thats the case, then help him!”


Kyla waved her hand, and a pure white holy light instantly landed on the blond mans body.


Waves of thick black smoke with a fishy smell were emitted from the blond mans body.

Almost at the same time, a mournful howl came from the black smoke.

It was then blown away by the mountain wind and completely disappeared.

The handsome mans eyes suddenly became clear, and his eyes were full of excitement.

“Thank you for saving me.

Im Torres.”


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