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This time, even the demons and angels sucked in a breath of cold air and looked at Li Xiang in disbelief.

Kyla said somewhat excitedly, “Your Highness, did you really feel the information of this world”

Li Xiang nodded.

This was extremely real.

The moment he stepped onto the land of this world, he received some strange information in his mind.

At the same time, the mission issued by the system proved this.

It even provided him with three choices.

However, he did not make a choice immediately.

After he had a rough understanding of this world, he directly clicked on the first choice.

There werent many chances to obtain a private world, even if it was just a small world.

After making the choice, he said to Alice, “Alice, you go back and gather all the army.

Get ready to enter here anytime.

Lys, you will control the demon army.

The human army will be controlled by Zhao Sheng! Wait for my orders anytime.”


Since he wanted to save the world, it was impossible for him to do it alone.

“Your Highness, theres movement in the city below!”

Eye Demon quickly reported.

Li Xiang turned around and saw a group of two to three thousand black armored soldiers gathering somewhere in the city.

“It seems that the other party looks down on us! Do they actually want to take us down with two to three thousand people Thats great! The more they look down on us, the better!”

“Bresse! Do you have a way to block the enemys prying eyes”

Behind them, a tall and thin figure wearing a black hooded robe had always been invisible.

But as long as it was an important occasion, he had always been there.

At this moment, Li Xiang called out his name for the first time.

Bresse directly bowed and said, “Thats extremely easy!”

As he spoke, his hand flashed.

A purple magic staff suddenly appeared in his hand.

The hand that held the magic staff only raised slightly and then knocked lightly on the ground.


An invisible wave of light spread out, directly enveloping an area within a radius of one kilometer before stopping.

“Your Highness, unless the people in the city have a divine artifact in their hands, and their cultivation strength surpasses mine.

Otherwise, no one will be able to spy on us within a radius of one kilometer!”

Bresses tone was neither fast nor slow, but his words were full of confidence.

This Demon Mage commander was only at level 120, but the weapon in his hand was of mythical grade.

His strength was also super strong, so he had enough confidence to say such words.

Li Xiang immediately felt relieved when he heard it.


Ning Xiaoyue did not know what the meaning of this was.

The enemy had already seen what they should see before this, so there was no use blocking the prying eyes now!

However, she did not dare to say it out loud.

She just leaned over to Zhou Yutongs side and whispered into her ear, “Isnt it a little late to use this shield spell now”

Zhou Yutong smiled faintly.

She also turned her head and whispered, “Its not too late! Even if the enemy had discovered us, they dont know our strength.

The reason why Li Xiang only activated the shield now is probably that he wants to trick the enemy.”

“Ah How”

“Hehe! There are many ways! It depends on Li Xiangs thoughts.”

Ning Xiaoyue nodded as if she understood and she didnt say anything else.

In fact, everyone present was extraordinary with sharp ears and eyes.

There were even angels and demons.

With this kind of low voice, they wont miss it as long as they wanted to listen to it.

Even Yang Mi and the other ladies heard it, let alone the others.

However, whether it was the demons or the angels, their attention was clearly not on this side.

Even if they heard it, they would not react.

These angels and demons were all old monsters who had lived for uncountable years.

They were very knowledgeable about the ways of the world.

Yang Mi turned her head and looked at Li Xiang helplessly.

She thought to herself that Li Xiang should not think that Xiaoyue was too stupid.

Li Xiang met Yang Mis gaze and a smile flashed across his eyes.

He did not say anything, but it was as if he had said everything.

At least, Yang Mi felt that she understood.

At this moment, in the City of Kaelthas, the Black Dragon Knights had gathered together and were rushing out of the city.

Li Xiang could see that this group of black-armored knights were very elite, but they were too far away and he could not sense their aura.

At the same time, he thought that if he could purify these people who had been corrupted by the darkness, then it would be easier to save this world.

However, for these people whose consciousness, and even their souls had been corrupted by the darkness, purifying the darkness was definitely not an easy task.

His heart moved slightly, and he suddenly smiled and said, “Since the enemies havent arrived yet, why dont we open a treasure chest to celebrate”

When everyone heard this, a series of question marks appeared in their heads.

When was this

The great war was about to begin, and you actually wanted to open a treasure chest

Yang Mi said somewhat speechlessly, “You still have a treasure chest that you havent opened”

“Of course!”

In Li Xiangs mind, there were now two mythical-grade and two divine-grade treasure chests.

He took out a mythical-grade treasure chest and said, “Do any of you want to try your luck”

The ladies shook their heads and did not say anything.

Alice smiled and said, “We demons have never had good luck.

We cant compare to Sister Mia and the others.

With the blessing of the light, perhaps their luck will be better.”

Mia glanced at Alice indifferently and shook her head directly.

“This is Your Highness treasure chest.

Naturally, Your Highness will be the one who opens it.”

Li Xiang did not insist.

He rubbed his hands and said, “Then open it!”


A golden light flashed, and a strange item appeared in the treasure chest.

[Exorcism Tianyin Tree]

Quality: Mythical

Type: Rare Treasure

Description: The treasure tree can emit exorcism divine light, purifying and dispelling all evil auras, from the physical body to the soul.

Li Xiangs eyes suddenly lit up, and he almost could not hold back his laughter.

He didnt know why his wish suddenly came true.

But then, he raised his head to look at the sky.

He felt that it might really be a blessing from some will of this world that allowed him to get this magical treasure.

He lowered his head once again to look at the black armored army that had already reached the mountain foot and was about to reach the peak.

His eyes flashed with a burning heat.

“Its just nice that you guys can test out just how much use thisExorcism Tianyin Tree can have!”

He did not immediately take out the treasure.

Instead, he turned to Alice and the others and asked, “Alice, this treasure is very effective against evil auras.

You guys avoid it for a while!”

Alice and the other demon heroes were slightly stunned.

Alicia suddenly said, “Theres no need for that, Your Highness.

From the time we were recruited to the time when the City of Dawn condensed the abyssal plane, our power attribute was already the purest form of dark energy.

But the dark energy is not evil.

The evil ones are those who use the dark energy to do evil.”

Alice heard this and quickly nodded.

Yafei was the same.


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