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Li Xiang heaved a sigh of relief.

After successfully subduing the dwarf tribe, the strength of the demon race could once again increase by a large margin in a short period of time.

Next, he began to devour the core of the dwarven territory.

Not long after, a system notification came.

[Ding! Congratulations, ruler.

You have successfully obtained a neutral territory.

Your original ability, Excellent Equipment (A), has been upgraded to Superb Craftsmanship (S)!]


[Excellent Equipment (A)]: Double the output of the resources used to forge equipment.

At the same time, the production process of weapons, defensive equipment, accessories, etc.

has increased.

The production rate of excellent-grade equipment has increased by 1%.

[Superb Craftsmanship (S)]: The output of the resources used to forge equipment has increased by a hundredfold.

The overall production process of weapons and defensive equipment has increased.

The production rate of excellent quality equipment has increased by 10%, perfect equipment by 5%, master equipment by 2%, unique equipment by 1%, and the enchantment skill has further improved!


[Conquering the Enemy Without Fighting] (Special Attribute): Theres a certain probability to make the enemy surrender while not needing to cross swords with the enemys army.

[Congratulations, you have attained five types of subordinate soldiers, and the achievement “Gradually Entering the Optimal State” has been unlocked.

You have also obtained the reward, Elementary Enchantment Technique Illustration Manual!]

[Congratulations, ruler.

You have successfully subdued the Dwarf unit x 344, which can be used for construction, smelting, combat, and loyalty 90%!]

What the heck, taming a dwarf tribe actually gave him so many rewards!

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Li Xiang was shocked.

Both of them had an A-Rank basic territory attribute.

Why did it feel like the dwarf tribe was stronger than the Flower Goblin tribe

There was a 1% chance of producing a piece of unique equipment.

Wasnt this powerful

As long as he had enough materials, he might be able to equip all the demons with a unique-grade weapon!

After all, the succubuss Flame Whip was only a legendary-grade weapon, which was only one grade higher.


How much difference in attribute could a unique-grade weapon have

Moreover, there was a second territory attribute, but it had not been upgraded.

It should be a fixed racial effect.

Overall, the gains were great.

The loyalty of these dwarves was not low.

This meant that they had really submitted, and not because of force.

It seemed that the mead and beeswax had not been prepared in vain.

After winning the hearts of the people, they would do things more diligently in the future and would not deliberately slack off.

Li Xiang raised his head to look at the sky.

It was already late at night.

He did not know if the beast tide would arrive in the early morning.

He had to make preparations immediately.

“Everyone from the dwarf tribe will follow me back.

Take everything you need.

Dont leave any behind!”

Li Xiang began to give orders.

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At the same time, he had the Eye Demon take the Black Wing Demon to the mine to carry the iron ore materials.

He was prepared to start smelting weapons tonight.

The group of people split into two groups.

The Vine Whisker Demon helped the dwarf tribe to move.

Li Xiang and the succubus went ahead and returned to the main territory.

The first thing was to find Sally.

“Have you prepared all the resources I want The protection period is about to end.”

Sally had two dark circles under her eyes.

“Dont worry, Boss.

Ive already given priority to preparing the resources to summon the barbarians for you.

However, I only have over a hundred cat-eared ladies on my side, so I probably wont be of much help…”

“It doesnt matter.

Lets make the barbarians first.

We need to use them now.

Ill share the right to create units with you.”


Sally then built a barracks to summon the barbarians in her stronghold and entered the number 100.

The next moment, countless barbarians swarmed out.

The space in the stronghold was not enough in the blink of an eye.

A hundredfold soldier creation!

Sally was dumbfounded.

“Didnt I only summon 100 people How did it become 10,000” She looked at the notification in shock.

“This is one of my territory attributes.” Li Xiang asked after explaining, “Didnt you enjoy the attributes effect when you summoned the cat-eared ladies”

Sally shook her head in a daze.

“No, I just felt that your demon soldiers creations were quite fast…”

“It seems that if its just a vassal relationship, you wont be able to receive my talent and territory attribute bonuses.”

It didnt matter if Li Xiang only knew about this now.

After all, with the current number of soldiers he had, the cat-eared ladies healing didnt matter that much.

However, for the sake of safety, he still ordered these barbarians to build a defense in the initial territory.

They would cover 10 km by 10 km of land!

This was a huge project.

Using stones as the foundation, and then using red-hot molten iron to build a steel wall.

With the Great Constructions hundredfold bonus efficiency, the construction period was greatly shortened.

The dwarves also began to move under the command of the new lord.

Countless iron ingots and wood were constantly transported to the newly built workshop.

Everyone was working hard.

They must create the first batch of enchanted weapons before dawn, as the demon lord said!

Not long after, with the efforts of many parties, a half-meter tall city wall was erected at the border.

The foundation was also very solid.


Although it was not tall, it was already quite large.

Li Xiangs goal was five meters!

This way, the Black Wing Demons could face the beast tide by throwing spears at the top of the city wall!

The Vine Whisker Demons Furious Whip could also assist in dealing damage.


He did not want to use his subordinates bodies to fight against the beast tide.

That would cause serious casualties, and there was no need for that.

During the development period, every single soldier was very important.

Even if he had the hundredfold soldier creation bonus.

After all, it was not easy to accumulate Soul Points.

There was no other tribe as large as the goblins in the area of the fog of war that he had explored.

While he was busy reading the [Elementary Enchantment Technique Illustration Manual], Sally came looking for him.

“Boss Li Xiang, I want to help too.”

Li Xiang didnt even raise his head.

“Then you go to the west city wall and coordinate with the defense.

If there are injured people, you can help treat them.”

“No…” Sally hesitated for a moment, but in the end, she said, “I want to say… Im prepared to fully submit to you!”

Li Xiang raised his head and glanced at her.

He chuckled and lowered his head to look at the illustration manual.

“Later, Ill see if I can share the territory attribute with you.

For now, you go and do your own thing.”

“Thats not what I meant…”

Sally was a little anxious.

She didnt surrender because of Li Xiangs talent attribute bonus!


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