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Li Xiang opened the small map and confirmed the coordinates.

Then, his gaze swept across the valley.

Finally, his gaze fell on an altar made of obsidian at the innermost part of the valley.

Thus, he raised his hand and pointed.

With a smile on his face, he said, “Coincidentally, that spatial gateway node is above that altar.

Looks like that otherworld isnt a good place!”

Mia frowned slightly and said, “Ogres are dark creatures, and the god they believe in is the Lord of Dark.

Could it be that the other side is another world that has been eroded by the Dark Religion”

Kyla said coldly, “If thats really the case, the creatures in that world will probably be very miserable.”

Zhou Yutong and the heroes under Li Xiang had known each other for a long time, but they were not very familiar and had not communicated much.

Hearing their conversation, she also interrupted, “The light of this gateway node is much weaker than the other one.

I think there are a few possibilities.

Either the world on the other side is not big, or the transcendent strength of the other side is not high, or it indicates the threat level of the other side.”

Alice nodded in slight surprise and said, “Your Royal Highness is right!”

As soon as she said that, a strange smile appeared on the faces of Yang Mi and the others.

Ning Xiaoyue almost could not hold back her laughter and quickly covered her mouth.

Alice blinked her beautiful big eyes and asked in confusion, “Why Is there a problem with what I said”

Yang Mi pursed his lips tightly and glanced at Li Xiang who was playing dead.

Then she asked, “Do demons also have the title of Your Royal Highness”

Alice was surprised.

She looked at Zhou Yutong, whose face was slightly red.

Then she asked curiously, “Ive heard from the old people in the city that as the future wife of the lord, we have to call herYour Royal Highness.

Or do we have to address herEmpress But isnt that your exclusive title in the future”

Yang Mi didnt expect that she would be involved in this matter.

She just wanted to help Zhou Yutong out of trouble, but in the end, she became the Empress out of nowhere.

What kind of exclusive title was that It was so embarrassing.

“Li Xiang!”

Yang Mi called out shyly and angrily.

Li Xiang finally turned around and pretended to ask, “Why Whats the matter”

Yang Mi gritted her teeth and said, “Are you deaf Didnt you hear what we said”

“I heard it! Is there anything wrong I think Alices answer just now was not bad!”


Yang Mi opened her mouth but did not know how to refute him.

She said angrily, “What are you still standing there for Open the door.

You make so many people waiting for you.

Dont you know that time is valuable”

If it were someone else, they would say that it did not sound right.

However, Yang Mis confident look did not seem inappropriate to anyone.

Li Xiang coughed lightly.

He could not possibly say that he was watching the show, could he

Thus, he immediately spent 10,000 crystal coins to open the portal node.

The others only saw Li Xiang wave his hand at the altar.

A ray of light flew out of his hand and landed on the obsidian altar.


A jade-colored ball of light appeared on the altar and flickered continuously.

Then, the ball of light suddenly expanded outward and an oval-shaped light door was formed.

Inside the light door was a vortex formed by light rays.

[Ding! The portal node has been opened!]

[Ding! Warning: If you die after entering the otherworld, you will die for real.

Please choose carefully! ]

Li Xiang turned around to look at the people and army behind him.

He thought for a moment and said, “The army will stay behind.

The rest of you, follow me in to investigate the situation!”

After saying that, he stepped into the spacetime door first.

Following that, Yang Mi and the others, as well as the demon and angel heroes, entered one after another.

Li Xiang felt as if he had passed through a barrier.

His body froze for a moment and then instantly relaxed, arriving at an unfamiliar world.

This was a slightly dim world.

The entire world was filled with an inexplicable gloomy aura.

At the same time, strands of strange information surged into his mind.

[Ding! Triggered optional missions!]

[Option one: Save and clear this world that is about to be completely engulfed by darkness.

Reward: The Azure World will bind to the Lord of Dawn.

This place will become your private world.

No punishment for failure.

Option two: Take away all the creatures with intelligence in this world, and this world will completely fall into death.

Reward: One mythical-grade treasure chest.

No punishment for failure.

Option three: Give up this world and return to Myriad World Continent.

Reward: None]

A hint of surprise flashed through Li Xiangs eyes, but then it disappeared.

They were on the top of a mountain that wasnt very high, and on the plain, which was tens of miles away was a huge city.

There were many figures moving slowly in the city, as if they were building something huge.

At the same time, there were many people outside the city.

The black figures with whips were driving teams of humans into the city.

Eye Demon didnt need to use his clones to see the situation inside the city clearly.

“Your Highness! There were humans inside and outside the city.

However, those humans in black armor had been completely corroded by the power of darkness.

They couldnt be considered real humans anymore.

Those who were driven were all normal humans.

They were currently building a huge altar.

Not only were these humans slaves and laborers, but they might also end up as sacrificial offerings.”

Li Xiangs eyes flickered with a cold light.

He instructed indifferently, “Send out your clones and continue to investigate the situation of the entire world.

Alice, Alicia, and Yafei, the three of you restrain the power of darkness from your bodies and make sure you wont be detected.

Mia, you too.

Dont let the people here sense anything abnormal from our side.”


“Alice, do you know what kind of background this Lord of Dark has What level is he at Is he a god”

Before Alice could say anything, the Dark Dragon Lady, Yafei, said, “The Lord of Dark is a supreme demon and also a demon lord.

He is very powerful.

Although he hasnt become a god yet, he has reached the level of a demigod.

I think that he is holding a blood sacrifice here in order to harvest the souls of the humans in this world! After all, the experts in the abyss are different from other gods in the way they become gods.

They need the souls of a large number of intelligent beings!”

Li Xiang nodded and asked, “Then, can he descend to this world”

“He shouldnt be able to! Although I dont have much understanding of this world, Ive just tested the spatial strength of this world.

It should be a small world one level higher than the plane, but it shouldnt be much stronger.

Under the circumstances where the spatial strength isnt strong, it can at most accommodate the descent of a divine-level existence.

Higher-grade existence will be rejected by the world.”

Mia said, “Although his main body cannot descend, he can descend a consciousness clone.

I reckon that the clone is at least at the divine grade.”

Li Xiangs expression immediately turned solemn.

They had seen divine-grade monsters before.


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