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Li Xiang smiled confidently and said, “I plan to build cities at all the important checkpoints within the borders of the country.”

“This method sounds good, but how many cities will have to be built on more than ten million square kilometers of land A few hundred at the very least! Even if its only one city, with our current ability, even with the help of transcendent soldiers, it will still require about a hundred thousand people.

In this case, a hundred cities will require a hundred million people!”

Yang Mi rolled his eyes at Li Xiang.

She felt that his idea was completely wishful thinking and unrealistic.

Chen Shu also nodded and said, “Furthermore, even if you obtained a large number of people through the protection of the country lords, the total population is only about a hundred million, right But how many of them are old and weak How can they withstand the long journey And how can you use a teleportation array to transport 100 million people The energy consumption is too great, too extravagant.”

“Dont worry, how can I not think of such a simple problem” Li Xiang said with confidence, “This is why Sister Qingyas words reminded me just now.

If we rely on manpower to build a city, not to mention the manpower and material resources, we simply dont have enough time!”

At this time, even Tong Qingya revealed a curious look, and her shyness just now immediately disappeared.

“Just now, Sister Qingya said that she wanted me to take the authority of her country.

This reminds me of something,” Li Xiang no longer kept her in suspense, “Every country lord has his or her own castle or main city.

I can completely upgrade their castles and main cities through leveling conditions.

The system will automatically expand them, and we dont have to do it ourselves.”

“If thats the case, there are two ways to solve this crisis.

The first is there are dozens of country lords within the borders who had made themselves through the crisis of Evernight.

They all have a castle in their territory respectively.

As long as they fulfill the upgrade conditions, they can quickly upgrade them to main cities.

As long as we find a good location beforehand, they can move these castles over and upgrade to the main city to guard the region.”

“I think these country lords should be willing!”

Yang Mi and the others eyes lit up as they nodded slightly.

Zhou Yutong said somewhat domineeringly, “Even if they arent willing, they still have to.

This is related to the safety of the Kingdom of Dawn.

Its not up to them to decide!”

“This is the first method! There arent many of them after all.

The second method is the inspiration Sister Qingya gave me.

Previously when I expanded my territory and devoured the territory of the protected country lords, I only devoured 110,000 Lords Imprint.

In fact, I still have a few thousand left.

The main reason was to prepare for a rainy day.

I didnt expect that I would actually use them.”

After saying this, Yang Mi and the others instantly understood.

“In other words, you can just take out these Lords Imprints and use them.

You can build castles and upgrade them to main cities”

“Thats great.

If thats the case, itll be easy.

However, Im afraid that youll have to consume a huge amount of crystal coins and resources to upgrade so many cities!”

Li Xiang was very confident in crystal coins.

The amount of crystal coins that he had obtained during this period of time was almost too much to describe with words.

There were system rewards, income from selling equipment, and the largest amount was obtained through war.

The title of Lord of Dawn was not given for free, and the destruction of thousands of countries was not a common battle achievement.

There was not a single poor country that could carry out a cross-border war, and those who were able to do so have many assets.

As for resources, Li Xiang thought that if the system warehouse was not big enough, there wouldnt have been enough space for him.

To maintain such a large warehouse, he had to pay using crystal coins every month.

That was not a small amount.

“Its okay.

Anything that can be solved with money is not a problem.”

Yang Mi rolled her eyes at Li Xiang, who looked like he had a lot of money.

She nodded, “Then you can arrange the location of our cities as you wish.

We dont have any objections!”

“Just arrange your main cities around the City of Dawn! That way, Ill be more at ease.

As for resisting the invasion of the evil creatures at the border, well naturally have to rely on the army!”

Li Xiang felt that he was too small-minded when he was in Evernight.

The total number of humans he had recruited was less than 300,000.

Adding on the 100,000 demon army and over 200 angel warriors, it was still too difficult to defend over 10 million square kilometers of land.

It was not too late to nurture an army.

However, how could he upgrade the army

Although the border of the country was now large and there were many wild monsters, the number of troops that could be nurtured was still limited.

Even if the monsters could constantly be refreshed, it would still take time.

Suddenly, a thought flashed through Li Xiangs mind.

With a thought, the system notification sounded in his ear.

[The Five Elements Boundary Pearl has been activated.

Do you want to activate the search and location function ]


[Scanning the entire territory.

One thousand crystal coins per scan.

Do you want to scan]



Instantly, an invisible light wave spread out from the City of Dawn as the center.

Almost at the same time, two light spots appeared on the system map.

One of the light spots was extremely bright.

It was located in the north of the border.

It was over 300 kilometers away from the City of Dawn and extremely close to Emperor City.

The other light spot was slightly weaker.

It was located in the southwest of the border and was about 100 kilometers away from the City of Dawn.

[Ding! Two spatial nodes have been discovered.

You can spend 10,000 crystal coins to open the portal!]

Li Xiang was delighted.

He turned to Yang Mi and the others and said, “I have a way to solve the problem of training more soldiers.”

“Oh What is it”

“Remember the Five Elements Boundary Pearl After this pearl is integrated into the City of Dawn, it has the ability to scan the entire area, find the spatial nodes in another world, and open them.

Although it will cost some crystal coins, it is not a lot.”

Chen Shu said seriously, “We dont know about the situation in the other world.

Its best to be careful!”

“Thats right! But theres no rush to enter for now.

I still have to investigate before making a decision.

Do you guys want to go with me”

“Of course!”

Li Xiang turned to Alice and said, “Call the others, bring 10,000 Dread Fiend Cavalry, and then set off!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Not long after, a group of people rushed out of the city and headed southwest.

Two hours later, the army arrived at an inconspicuous small valley.

There was still a group of ogres living in the valley, and before they could react, they were all wiped out by the army.

Li Xiang sized up the small valley.

It covered an area of 100 to 200 acres, and there was a relatively wide exit.

It was surrounded by mountains on three sides, and it could be considered a place with good terrain and location.

Alicia said calmly, “These monsters sure know how to choose a good place! Your Highness, where is the node of the foreign worlds gate”


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