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This was an infinitely vast world, but now it was almost completely shrouded in darkness and evil energy.

Countless terrifying monsters roamed over the continent, and only a few places were still flickering with light.

The rumor said that the previous batch of country lords might have developed for tens of thousands of years, but he could not see this at all.

At this time he also understood, why the end of the trial was Evernight.

That was because what they were about to face could be worse than Evernight.

However, they couldnt do anything now.

The only thing they could do was face the situation.


There was a sudden burst of light.

A little light emerged from the dark continent and then expanded, finally turning into a huge half-moon-shaped land.

The entire continent was enveloped by a strange transparent light barrier at this moment.

Within the light barrier was his familiar territory, which was close to 13 million square kilometers.

If this piece of land was placed on Earth in his previous life, it would definitely not be small.

However, it appeared to be so insignificant on this continent.

At the same time, countless specks of light began to bloom on the main continent.

It was the territories of the country lords appearing at the same time.

As these territories appeared, countless shadows began to move on the dark continent, and undercurrents surged.

Li Xiangs consciousness only stayed in the sky for a few moments before he landed in the hall of the palace in the City of Dawn.

Almost at the same time, Yang Mi, Chen Shu, Zhou Yutong, Tong Qingya, and Ning Xiaoyue also appeared.

Li Xiang was not the only one who saw the situation in this world.

All the country lords saw it, and Yang Mi and the ladies were no exception.

However, before Yang Mi and the others could say anything, Alice appeared in the hall with a serious expression.

“Your Highness, the country lords and their heroes and guards under our protection have all disappeared.

At the same time, countless terrifying existences are trying to invade the border, but they are blocked by an invisible light barrier.”

“How strong are these monsters”

“They are all above level 100, and their numbers are uncountable.

Our country is too big, and we dont have enough troops.”

Li Xiang nodded, “Okay, I got it! Have Eye Demon send more clones to monitor at all times.

You guys lead the army to clear out the monster nests and search for resources within the border.

The most important thing is to make the terrain around the borders clear and mark out the key locations for future construction of checkpoints and cities.”


Li Xiang looked at Yang Mi and the others and felt at ease.

“Luckily, all of you followed me without accident.

However, you have seen the current situation.

You must manage your own cities well.”

“Dont worry.

We will do our best!”

Li Xiang thought about it and opened the system interface.

The World Channel was already boiling with excitement.

“Holy sh*t! Is this Myriad World Continent The Myriad World Continent that I yearn for This should be the dark continent or the evil continent, right”

“You only have a months time, and you still have time to chat here You should just imagine how you will live in the future! If I had known earlier, I would have pledged allegiance to the Lord of Dawn.

What country would I have built Wouldnt it be good if I dont need to do anything”

“I also regret it, but its too late to say anything now.

Hurry up and try your best to improve! Whether or not you can survive in the future will depend on your own strength.”

“Indeed, I just applied for protection again, but the system has already turned off the function to pledge allegiance.

This is really killing me!”

On the World Channel, countless country lords were filled with regret.

Even the foreign country lords who had always been arrogant were now listless, no longer thinking about competing with the humans.

At this time, Tong Qingya said, “Li Xiang, just take away my authority as the country lord, and send someone to manage the territory.

This way, you can have another main city, and it will be more convenient for you to control such a large territory.”

Tong Qingyas idea was well-thought.

She was not good at management after all.

If it were not for Li Xiangs help, her small country would have long been conquered.

In fact, she had even lost her only hero in a battle.

After coming to Myriad World Continent, she saw that the situation was grim.

She was afraid that she would be a burden to Li Xiang.

Therefore, she decided to hand over her main city to Li Xiang completely.

Li Xiang was stunned for a moment.

He blinked his eyes, and only then did he react.

“Another main city”

Li Xiangs heart moved slightly.

He waved his hand and said, “Youre right.

A main city is indeed very important! As long as the conditions are met, it can be upgraded.

Compared to building a city on my own and then expanding it bit by bit, its much more convenient.”

Thinking of this, a faint smile appeared on his face.

Previously when he had devoured the 110,000 Lords Imprints, he had only devoured a whole number.

There were still thousands of Lords Imprints left.

These Lords Imprints were almost equivalent to village-building tokens.

As long as they were thrown onto the continent, one could immediately build a castle.

As long as there were sufficient resources, one could quickly build cities.

This would save him a lot of time and energy, and also save him a lot of trouble.

“Sister Qingya, thank you!”

Li Xiang was so excited that he held Tong Qingya in his arms and gave her a fierce hug.

When he felt her go limp in his arms, he realized that he was a little too abrupt, so he quickly let her go.

However, he didnt expect that Tong Qingya had already put her arms around his waist.

If it werent for the wrong occasion, Li Xiangs blood would have been boiling.

“Cough! There are someone else here!”

Yang Mi teased with a hint of jealousness in her tone.

Tong Qingya was also caught by Li Xiangs sudden embrace.

She subconsciously reacted in her confusion.

Her face immediately turned red when she was exposed.

The two of them quickly separated.

Tong Qingya stroked her hair by her ear, pretending to be calm.

Li Xiang, on the other hand, said with an awkward expression, “I was too excited just now.

Please dont take it to heart.”

Chen Shu gave a very understanding smile and said, “What exactly did you think of just now How could you be so excited”

“Haha! Sister Qingyas words just now stimulated my inspiration.

It suddenly reminded me of a crucial question.”

Yang Mi asked suspiciously, “What question”

“Our country is so big now, and the border is so long.

How are we going to defend it in a month”

Li Xiangs question made everyone look solemn and fall into deep thought.

“Its too difficult.

With more than 10 million square kilometers of land, even if we move the Great Wall of our past life and double it again and again, we still cant cover the entire border.”

“In my opinion, the best way is to build checkpoints and cities at the key nodes to defend the main road against the invasion of foreign enemies.”

Chen Shu shook her head and said, “That wont do! This was not the ancient defense against foreign races on Earth in our previous life.

This was a transcendent world.

Not only there were monsters on the ground, but there might also be monsters underground, and there would definitely be monsters in the sky.

Even the Great Wall cant stop the invasion of some terrifying races and monsters.”

This question really stumped the five of them.

Then, they all looked at Li Xiang.

“What exactly have you thought of Dont keep us guessing.

Hurry up and tell us!”


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