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It was originally used to deal with the sneak attack of the Evernight Slave Army.

Now that the descent of Evernight was about to end, so the value of these three strange items was greatly reduced.

“Forge each of the three strange items 10,000 pieces!”

The demon craftsman did not receive any praise.

His expression was slightly fearful and disappointed.

In fact, Li Xiang had asked them to produce three samples of the items on the same day, but they did not complete the task.

It was because the war was urgent that Li Xiang forgot about it later.

Otherwise, he would have been punished.

However, the demons under him had completed their tasks very well most of the time, so he rarely punished them.

It was not entirely the demons fault for not working hard on the research and development of the three strange items this time.

The difficulty of forging items according to the blueprints was different from that of developing items.

Back then, he simply said and did not think too much about it.

Now that he thought about it, it was really not easy to do research and create the items within a few days.

“Reward the Sky Workshop demons with 50 kilograms of the Demon Turtle of Destructions flesh and blood each.

Go and get it from Alice.

You can go now!”

Li Xiang thought for a moment and decided to give some rewards to appease him.

As for apologizing, there was no need for that.

Now, there was only one thing left, and that was to devour the 110,000 Lords Imprints in his hands.

This was the first time he had to devour so many Lords Imprints.



The entire Kingdom of Dawn began to shake.

Patches of brand-new land expanded within the borders of the kingdom, forming mountains, rivers, forests, grasslands, deserts, and plains.

At the same time, all sorts of minerals began to spawn in the depths of the land, and more wild monster nests began to appear.

The changes in the terrain also made the originally dense Evernight mutated creatures become sparse.

This also allowed some lords within the Kingdom of Dawn who did not request protection to finally breathe a sigh of relief.

[Ding! World announcement!]

[The Evernight descent event has ended.

The points rankings have been locked.

The race points rankings have been locked.

The individual points store has been opened.

Race points rewards have been distributed!]

After three consecutive announcements, the entire trial world instantly boiled.

Countless people on the World Channel began to speak.

“Sob… Ive finally survived! Ive finally survived!”

“Its finally over! I almost died!”

“I hope that the environment wont be so difficult anymore after entering the real Myriad World Continent!”

“I can only thank one person for surviving this time, and thats the Lord of Dawn.

Without his equipment sale, I definitely wouldnt have been able to last until now!”

“Thank you, Lord of Dawn!”

“Thank you, Lord of Dawn!”

Countless people expressed their gratitude to Li Xiang on the World Channel.

They thanked him for his cheap sale of equipment.

[Ding! World announcement! The Lord of Dawn has obtained first place on the individual leaderboard.

He is rewarded with a divine-grade treasure chest, 100,000 crystal coins, and 100,000 merit points.

The human race has obtained first place on the race leaderboard.

All members of the race will be rewarded with a 10% increase in all attributes, and 100 crystal coins.]


All the human country lords were once again in an uproar.

The World Channel had originally been filled with comments thanking the Lord of Dawn, but there were even more comments now.

The densely packed “Thank you, Lord of Dawn” immediately flooded the World Channel.

A 10% increase in attributes might not seem like much, but it was definitely not a small amount.

Furthermore, this was an increase in all attributes of the entire human race.

And 100 crystal coins was a huge sum for many small country lords.


Li Xiang suddenly heard another notification sound.

[Mass gratitude condenses religion.

Religion attribute is activated.

Current Religion: 106,221 points]

[10,000 points of Religion can condense into one point of Divine Power; 100 points of Divine Power can ignite Divine Fire; 1,000 points of Divine Power can condense into Clergy; 10,000 points of Divine Power can condense into Divine Spark, can become a true god; 100,000 points of Divine Power can become the main god; 1,000,000 points of Divine Power can become a God King; 10,000,000 points of Divine Power can become a God Emperor.]

[Divine Power is extremely mysterious.

It can transform into any material.]

Li Xiang looked at the information that appeared in front of him.

He was agitated, and his eyes were shining.

“So this is the path of becoming a god! What words of God and actions of God are all meaningless.

Stay true and forge ahead.

Doing good deeds and not forgetting your original intention is your own path to become a god.”

Li Xiang had an epiphany in his heart.

Perhaps the path he took to godhood was different from others, so the conditions for godhood were also different.

However, there were thousands of great paths, all of which led to the same destination.

As long as he walked through them, then later generations could follow his guidance and embark on the path to godhood.

However, the information provided by the system was still vague.

There were many areas that needed careful consideration.

However, as long as one took the first step, it was not a big deal later no matter how difficult it was.

[Ding! World announcement!]

[The trial continent will close in ten minutes.

All country lords will enter Myriad World Continent and randomly descend to all parts of the continent.

All territories will be integrated into Myriad World Continent according to the current situation.]

[The first time of descent comes with a 30-day protection period.

You will not be attacked by external enemies.]

[Countdown begins…]

When Li Xiang heard this voice, his expression immediately became serious.

At the same time, Yang Mi and the other three also teleported over.

“Li Xiang, we are about to enter Myriad World Continent.

Will we split up”

Li Xiangs heart was also somewhat perturbed.

He quickly took out a few jade token from his storage ring and handed them over to the ladies.

“This is a positioning jade token.

No matter how far it is, it can determine your location.

It is a mythical-grade treasure.

I didnt think it would be useful at first, but now it seems to be.

Keep it well.”

This positioning jade token was a set of twelve pieces.

Each piece could be linked to each other.

Yang Mi nodded and said, “Its much easier with this thing.

I dont know what kind of changes will happen when we enter the real Myriad World Continent.

Its better to be prepared just in case.”

Li Xiang said, “Actually, theres a high probability that well still be together.

After all, your borders are actually within my borders.

Your territory can be considered a country within a country.

Youre both a lord and a country lord.

Moreover, were also in the same alliance.

Even if youre not within my borders, you should still be around me.”

Tong Qingya said somewhat worriedly, “I dont know how the real Myriad World Continent has developed.

Im afraid well be targeted by the old forces when we first enter.

Therefore, this month of protection is extremely important.”

“Now that its like this, so we cant change anything.

Even if there are difficulties and dangers, we have to face them hard,” Zhou Yutongs mentality had always been good, and her expression was also very calm at this moment.

Ten minutes quickly passed.

At a certain moment, Li Xiang and the others felt their vision go black.

When they reappeared, they had already arrived at an incomparably mysterious world.

Originally, according to Li Xiangs imagination, this Myriad World Continent might be a world with an infinitely vast territory.

All the country lords would gather on one or a few continents, fighting and killing each other.

However, he realized that he was wrong when he saw the scene.

He was ridiculously wrong.


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