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Yang Mi and the others had already left the main hall and started strolling around the City of Dawn.

Ever since a large number of people had been sent out from the city not long ago, the number of people gathered in the city now had actually increased.

The streets seemed to be bustling with people, and it felt very lively.

The City of Dawn had already been upgraded to level 7, and it could accommodate between three to five million people.

Now, besides the 100,000 or so country lords who were restricted in the City of Dawn, there were also close to a million heroes and soldiers.

This was a huge number.

These people were directly sent into the secret realm of heaven.

There was enough food, water, and a huge space for them to live in, so they wouldnt be exposed.

After all, they didnt even know where the plane of heaven was.

They were directly teleported in.

The remaining people in the City of Dawn were all representatives chosen from the hundreds of millions of humans.

Some represented a village, some represented a clan, and some represented a world.

They were all human elites with a high standard of knowledge.

Their existence was of great significance to the City of Dawn.

The buildings in the city were temporarily rented to these people.

In the future, they would have to pay back the money.

At this time, there were already some people on the streets who were using their specialties to trade.

Some even ran small businesses.

Some people were hawking on the streets, while others set up stalls on the spot.

As a result, the City of Dawn now looked much livelier.

There was more smoke and fire in the human world, and it was a prosperous scene.

However, these humans were not all black-haired and black-eyed Easterners.

There were also blonde-haired and blue-eyed humans.

There were even humans with hair and pupils of other colors.

They came from different worlds.

However, black-haired and black-eyed Easterners were still the majority of the population, accounting for more than half of the total population.

There were different proportions of humans with different hair and pupil colors.

The exchanges and clashes between the human civilizations of various worlds began silently in the City of Dawn.

Yang Mi and the other women were extremely enthusiastic about shopping.

When they were on Earth, as celebrities, they would be surrounded by countless people wherever they went.

They were afraid of being recognized back then.

However, they were here now.

These humans from other worlds did not recognize them.

This made them feel extremely relaxed.

They could finally enjoy the life of ordinary people without being noticed.

They felt very relaxed.

“Hey, look at this accessory! What material is it made of Its very beautiful!”

Yang Mi was holding a hair clip that looked like a butterfly.

Not only was the color of the material used constantly changing, but it also looked lifelike.

It was extremely beautiful.

The merchant who set up the stall was a middle-aged woman in her forties.

Her face still carried the vicissitudes of time and suffering.

She was probably much younger than she looked.

“Miss, this is a specialty that we brought from our world.

It uses special materials and crafts.

You wont be able to buy it in the future even if you want to.

If you like it, I have a few left.

How nice would it be if each of you got one Ill sell it as ten gold coins for each of you.

This is the lowest price!”

The ladies looked at it with interest.

Ning Xiaoyue blinked and said, “Its so cheap.

Lets just buy it all!”

The others also nodded.

They really felt that it was cheap, so they didnt haggle and just bought it.

The middle-aged woman was overjoyed when she heard this.

She quickly took out more than a dozen headgear of the same kind.

Although it was two or three times more than what she said, no one cared.

They didnt care about the matter of 100 or so gold coins at all.

Then, the ladies saw many strange snacks on the street.

After tasting them, they instantly became foodies.

The five beauties stood out among the crowd of ordinary humans, attracting countless gazes.

If not for the demon warrior team behind them, who knew how many people would have come up to chat with them

After leveling up his skills, Li Xiang took out the Five Elements Boundary Pearl and stared at it for a few seconds.

Then, with a slight thought, the pearl in his hand disappeared.


[The Lords Cornerstone has fused with the special Five Elements Boundary Pearl.

A new function has been activated– tracing and delimiting.]

[The country lords map function has been detected.

The new function, tracing and delimiting, will be expanded and upgraded on this basis.]

[The country lord can use crystal coins to search for secret realms, grotto-heavens, planes, and even portal nodes in the foreign world.

You can also use Soul Points to crack the portal.

According to the different levels of the portal nodes, crystal coins and Soul Points consumed

will be different.

You can also open or close the portal.]

Li Xiangs eyes lit up when he saw the system notification.

Not only could he find the portal node, but he could also operate on it.

He could open or close it.


Li Xiang immediately activated the new function.

Instantly, an illusory map screen appeared in front of him.

It was the current map of the Kingdom of Dawn.

A radar-like light wave began to rotate and scan the map.

Then, Li Xiang saw a dense number of light dots of different colors appearing on the map.

Most of them were red and black, with only a few other color dots kept appearing and disappearing as if they would go out at any time.

Li Xiang guessed that these nodes of other colors might be the portal nodes of the secret realm or grotto-heaven, and those red and black dots of light should be the portal nodes of the Evernight Continent.

In the game of his previous life, these nodes were like monster-farming points.

In this world, they were the portal nodes connecting Evernight Continent and the current world.

The closest one was less than 10 kilometers away from the City of Dawn, yet they didnt even notice it.

“Eye Demon!”

“Im here!”

“Send a clone to keep an eye on this place.

I want to see if there are any monsters from the land of Evernight coming out.”

“Yes! Ive already sent a clone to check it out.”

Li Xiang looked at the densely packed gateway nodes in the Kingdom of Dawn.

There were at least hundreds of them.

His eyes flickered slightly.

Soon, Eye Demon reported, “Your Highness, the clone has arrived!”

A shadow flashed across Li Xiangs eyes, and Eye Demons clone instantly shared vision with him.

This was an inconspicuous small forest in the southeast of the City of Dawn.

Inside, there was a black crack that was almost undetectable under the cover of darkness.

The mutated monsters were walking out from it.

“Looks like these monsters really came through the portal node.”

Li Xiang held his chin and looked at the black crack.

With a thought, he wanted to seal it.

[Ding! Would you like to spend 3,000 crystal coins to seal this spatial crack]

“3,000 crystal coins.

This one is really not cheap.

However, the descent of Evernight is special.

So its not a big deal.”

Li Xiang did not continue the operation to close it.

There were so many gateway nodes in the territory.

If he wanted to close all of them, he did not know how many crystal coins he would have to spend.

It would also affect his subordinates to farm monsters and increase their strength.

It was meaningless.

What really made Li Xiang interested was the faint light spots of other colors.

However, looking at the time now, it would not be long before the Evernight ended.

In order to avoid complications, he could only suppress his thoughts and wait until he entered the real Myriad World Continent to try and find them.

At this moment, the demon craftsman from the Sky Workshop came to report that the three strange objects that Li Xiang had asked them to do research had already been forged.

Only then did Li Xiang remember that the three strange objects that he had previously asked the demon to forge were the True Vision Guard, the Flash Grenade, and the Octagonal Wind Lamp.


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