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Yang Mi and the other two knew about this mysterious crystal and they asked curiously, “Li Xiang, what is this Is it very important”

Li Xiang smiled and said, “I dont know either, but we will know soon.

Wait a moment!”

He did not delay a moment.

With a thought, a box stored in Starlight Shrine instantly appeared.

Opening the box, three mysterious crystals of different colors were revealed.

The moment the box was opened, the five crystals seemed to have a strange feeling and each of them emitted a corresponding brilliance.

Then, they flew up directly.

Right in front of everyones eyes, the five crystals rotated and gathered together.

Immediately, the originally five-colored brilliance turned into seven colors.

Finally, it formed a pearl of the size of a dragons eye.

[Five Elements Boundary Pearl]

Quality: Divine

Type: Special energy core

Description: This looks like a beautiful pearl, but it is actually a key.

By fusing it into the Lords Cornerstone, one can search, locate, open secret realms, grotto-heavens, planes, and even the doors of other worlds.

Every time one searches, locates, and opens, a certain amount of energy is consumed.

Please use it carefully.


Even Li Xiang had not expected that this thing was actually a divine-grade treasure.

What was even more ridiculous was that this thing could search for secret realms, grotto-heavens, planes, and even other worlds.

It could even find other worlds doors and open them.

The information contained within was simply too great.

Li Xiang could not help but think of the name of Myriad World Continent, and an idea flashed through his mind.

Perhaps, Myriad World Continent did not only mean that all the descenders came from the myriad world, but it also meant that they were connected to the myriad world.

If that was the case, the real Myriad World Continent would definitely be an incomparably huge and dangerous world.

Yang Mi and the others naturally saw the attributes and descriptions of Five Elements Boundary Pearl, and their expressions were exceptionally interesting.

“Theres actually such a thing Did the description say that fusing it into the Lords Cornerstone can scan all the otherworld portals within the border and open them” Zhou Yutong asked in astonishment.

Yang Mi glanced at Li Xiang and speculated, “It seems that the Myriad World Continent is very mysterious.

There might be experts from countless worlds gathered there.

For people like us who have just entered this place, Im afraid we will be very dangerous.”

Li Xiang said indifferently, “No matter what, there are some things that we cant change.

Theres no longer any danger here.

Why dont you come back with me It just so happens that Ive accumulated a large number of Lords Imprints.

Its time to expand the size of the country.”

The few ladies naturally didnt have any objections.

They followed Li Xiang back to the City of Dawn.

“How many Lords Imprints do you have now”

“I havent counted them either.

There should be 10,000 to 20,000 of them!”

Li Xiang said uncertainly.

Yang Mi and the others were speechless when they heard that.

There were actually 10,000 to 20,000 Lords Imprints.

Even if each country lords territory was the smallest, 10 kilometers by 10 kilometers, this would be 100 square kilometers.

10,000 to 20,000 Lords Imprints would mean 1 to 2 million square kilometers of territory.

If there were a few ambitious ones among them, then this total of one to two million square kilometers of territory would have to be increased.

Li Xiang did not count how many Lords Imprints there were now.

But Alice, who was his secretary, knew clearly.

In fact, he had given Alice full authority to take care of the protection of these country lords over the past few days.

With his current status, it was impossible for him to care about how many country lords he had protected every day.

After all, each Lords Imprint corresponded to a country lord who was protected by the Lord of Dawn.

“Your Highness, there are now more than 100,000 country lords under our protection, reaching 113,000.

Among them, there are more than 80,000 human country lords and more than 30,000 foreign country lords.”

“…” Li Xiang was shocked, “Whats going on Are there so many people”

Alice explained calmly, “Under the influence of the Evernight mutated creatures and evil demons, many country lords couldnt keep up with the increase in the monsters strength.

Therefore they had to seek protection.”

“However, most of the human civilians have been divided up.

Those who have the strength and are willing to protect the human are just minorities.

Those who dont have the strength cant buy many humans, so I adjusted the protection policy.”

“After all, some country lords still have hundreds of human civilians.

No matter what, these people cannot be given up.

Moreover, there is only less than a day left before the Evernight ends, so I have limited the number of human civilians to 10.

This way, we can accept more human civilians.”

Li Xiang was stunned and asked, “This… 100,000 country lords, even if not everyone has 1,000 people, the total population should be close to 100 million, right Where do we place them”

Alice smiled indifferently and said, “We have found a basin canyon within the borders of the country that has good terrain.

We only need to set up a few checkpoints there.

We place the humans in these canyons or basins, and provide some food for the time being.”

Li Xiang rubbed his forehead and nodded, “Okay! Well done!”

He was a little confused right now.

He needed to properly digest this information and the consequences of this outcome.

There were 100,000 country lords.

No, to be exact, 110,000 country lords.

If all of them were swallowed, the area of the country would instantly increase by 11 million square kilometers.

With the addition of the original 1.5 million square kilometers, the area of the country would instantly reach 12.5 million square kilometers.

The population would be about 100 million.

After all, other than the demons, angels, and humans, Li Xiang only had about two to three million people from other races.

They were all captured in previous wars.

To be honest, these foreign races were actually very useful.

Each of them had their own talents.

Either they had strong physiques and great endurance, or they were a top-rank race that worked as coolies.

There were also races that were good at planting or forging, and so on.

To the people of the human race, they were a useful supplement in all aspects.

If it werent for the fact that the borders of the country had become larger, there were too few talents, and it was too difficult to manage, he would really have thought of recruiting more races with docile and kind natures that could coexist peacefully with the human race.

Li Xiang opened the system panel and looked at the Soul Points that had already exceeded one billion.

A satisfied expression appeared on his face.

Without any hesitation, he directly raised all the skills on the skill panel to level 100, spending 350 million Soul Points.

Among them, other than the low-rank EXP halo that did not change, the other four halo skills had been raised from level 50 to level 100, and the other five skills had also been raised from level 10 to level 100.

A huge amount of information still appeared in Li Xiangs mind, especially the last five skills.

They seemed to have turned into shadows, and they had polished their martial skills to the peak of perfection after over a hundred years.

They were directly refined into the bone and became an instinct.

Not only did his aura not soar, but it became more and more restrained.


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