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Chen Shu and Tong Qingya nodded.

Although they did not know the benefits of leveling up to level 5, they did not ask further.

Originally, the two of them had already leveled the main city up to level 3, but then they had been limited by crystal coins.

Now leveling up was naturally easy with Li Xiang around.

During this period of time, Yang Mi and the other two had also made a huge fortune selling equipment with Li Xiang.

Each of them had earned more than 100,000 crystal coins.

This was equivalent to more than one billion gold coins.

It was a huge fortune.

“Sister Shu, Ill transfer 100,000 crystal coins to you.

After you level the main city up, you can keep the rest for development.”

Zhou Yutong and Ning Xiaoyue each transferred 50,000 crystal coins to Tong Qingya.

Chen Shu and Ning Xiaoyue did not refuse.

They accepted it very generously.

Tong Qingya did not wait further.

She immediately activated the main city to level up.

Her main city was also level three.

She had spent 80,000 crystal coins to upgrade it two levels in a row.

With the upgrade of her main city, the originally damaged main city instantly went from its castle status to the size of a small city.

Although it was only a small city, it was enough to accommodate 100,000 people.

Li Xiang said, “If you want to upgrade from level five onwards, you need to have a population of 100,000 in the main city, or in other words, a population of 100,000 in the country.

However, this population is only our own race, the human race.

No matter how many other races there are, it doesnt count.

It can only be the human race.”

Tong Qingya smiled and said, “I already know about this.

Right now, the World Channel is full of people buying up the human race.

The current price has reached 100,000 crystal coins for 1,000 humans.

It was ridiculously expensive.

If I have to add up to 100,000 humans, tsk tsk.

I wouldnt be able to afford it anyway.”

Yang Mi smiled and said, “Dont worry.

After the Evernight is over, the old and weak on earth will descend.

This batch of people accounts for more than half of the original population.

Including the humans from other worlds, it shouldnt be difficult to add up to 100,000 people.”

Zhou Yutong also said, “As long as you have enough strength, you can gather enough people wherever you go.”

Li Xiang said, “Besides the humans who descended from Myriad World, theres also a place where you can get the human civilians.

It seems that none of you have noticed!”

Chen Shu smiled indifferently and said, “Is it the humans barracks Qingya and I both know about this method.”

“You know Then… how come your population is still so small”

To be honest, Li Xiang had never thought that Chen Shu and Tong Qingyas population would be so small before he came.

Chen Shu was slightly better.

Her countrys population was about 70,000 to 80,000.

All of them were humans.

Whereas Tong Qingyas country population was only 50,000 to 60,000.

This figure was too low.

One had to know that even without comparing Li Xiang, Ning Xiaoyue, who was the weakest, had a total population of more than 300,000.

Although more than half of this population was recruited from other races, it was enough to solve the labor shortage problem.

However, Chen Shu and Tong Qingya only had humans under their command, not other races.

Chen Shu explained, “Both of our talents are only B class, and there arent many resources nearby.

We cant feed too many people! Moreover, we cant afford the recruitment price, so we can only make ends meet.”

Hearing this, Li Xiang couldnt help but sigh.

Perhaps, Chen Shu and Tong Qingyas situation was the general situation of the entire human race.

The level him, Yang Mi, and the others were very few in the entire human race.

“Sorry, I dont understand the situation! However, your places are too remote.

Now, you two can submit a territory exchange application, and Ill use two corresponding territories to exchange with you!”


The two of them were not pretentious at all.

They did not stand on ceremony and directly submitted the application.

Thus, Li Xiang swapped the two territories near the border of Area 0043 which was close to Yang Mis territory.

Under the change of space, it was only a trance before they arrived at their territories in the Kingdom of Dawn.

When they arrived here, they could clearly feel that the mutated creatures around them had become denser and more terrifying.

The Kingdom of Dawn had killed too many mutated creatures, resulting in the strength of the mutated creatures being much higher than those in other places.

The monsters in the Kingdom of Dawn had already reached level 130 to 140, while the lowest level in the other territories was still around level 70 to 80.

The better ones were still below level 100.

This was the difference.

Although it seemed that Chen Shu and Tong Qingyas territories had become more dangerous, a rumbling sound was heard not long after.

A human army directly arrived and cleared out the mutated creatures nearby like cutting melons and vegetables.

One could see the difference.

Li Xiang said, “Ive recruited another army these few days.

The demon army still has 100,000 people, but Ive already recruited 200,000 human soldiers.

Ive divided them into 20 teams and swept the entire country.

Theyll clear out all the mutated creatures wherever there are.

Although its hard to clear them out quickly, their levels increase very fast.”

After saying this, he said to Yang Mi and the others, “You can also send some troops to join them.

Under their leadership, they can quickly clear out the mutated creatures and also increase their strength in order to prepare for the arrival of Myriad World Continent.”


The five of them nodded in agreement.

Yang Mi and the other two had supported Chen Shu and Tong Qingya with 100,000 crystal coins.

Although they did not have many troops under them, they could still recruit a lot of troops even if now they only had 20,000 crystal coins left.

Moreover, it was not like they did not have any savings at all.

At this time, Chen Shu seemed to have thought of something and said to Li Xiang, “Thanks to your help this time.

Qingya and I want to give you a gift.”

As she said that, she flipped her palm and two items appeared in her hand.

Li Xiang did not care about whether there was a gift or not, but his gaze instantly focused on the items in her hand.

He saw two strange crystals the size of walnuts on Chen Shus fair palm.

One was green and the other was platinum.

“This… this is…”

Li Xiangs heart shook violently.

He held the two crystals in his hand.

Instantly, the information about the attributes of the crystals appeared in front of his eyes.

[Mysterious Crystals]

The introduction of the attributes was almost the same as before.

At first, he thought that he would not be able to collect enough mysterious crystals before the Evernight ended.

However, now that he had collected all of them.

He could not help but feel a sense of magic.

If he had not recruited Chen Shu and Tong Qingya into the alliance, or if he had not come to support them, would these two crystals still fall into his hands in the end Even how long it would take to collect them would be a big problem.

“Where did you get these two crystals”

Seeing Li Xiangs abnormal reaction, Chen Shu knew that these two crystals were very likely extraordinary.

“I got this one after attacking a monsters nest a month ago.

Qingyas white one was dropped by a small Boss that she killed half a month ago.

Although we have these, we dont what they are!”


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