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At this moment, in Chen Shus human city, many holes had appeared on the city walls, and many mutated creatures had already charged in.

If not for Yang Mi bringing 10,000 soldiers to help, the entire castle would have already fallen.


Suddenly, the city lit up with a brilliant light, and a huge light gate was formed.

Then, a series of shaking sounds could be heard from the gate.

A figure wearing black armor and riding a warhorse suddenly rushed out of the light door with an army.

At the same time, red fire arrows flew out, killing all the mutated creatures in sight.

“Reinforcements are here! Li Xiang is here himself!”

Yang Mi cried out in surprise.

Chen Shu also turned around and looked into the city.

Forty thousand troops were too much for this castle.

The moment Li Xiang came over, he realized that the army could not be deployed.

Hence, he quickly changed his strategy.

Only 3,000 Dread Fiend Cavalry and 3,000 Vine Whisker Demons came out.

These Dread Fiend Cavalry and Vine Whisker Demons were all level 130 to 140.

Even without Li Xiangs halo, they were still extremely strong.

At the same time, Alice, the demon hero, also came.

As for the other three heroes, they directly went through the cross-border teleportation formation for Tong Qingyas national rescue.


Five halos suddenly appeared under the feet of Li Xiangs mount.

Then, they instantly spread out and buffed the feet of all the allies.

Yang Mi also had halo skills, a low-rank toxic halo.

Her level had long reached the max level of level 100.

It could cause and attack 100% toxic damage.

The effect was stackable.

It was precisely because of this poison halo that they were able to rely on a crumbling city to survive until now.

However, when Li Xiangs martial halo appeared, it immediately covered her halo skill.

All of the soldiers who were fighting felt relaxed.

All of their attacks began to have the ability to explode and splash.

At the same time, they were also blessed with Holy Flames.

Not only did the enemys attack not cause any damage to them, but they were also fatally injured.

Although the situation did not change in an instant, they managed to control the situation in an instant.

Li Xiang saw that Yang Mi was covered in blood on the top of the city wall.

He was very worried.

With a leap, he activated his Flying Star Chasing Moon skill and instantly arrived at the top of the city wall.

With a sweep of his spear, all the mutated creatures within a radius of 100 feet were burned to ashes.

“Are you alright”

When Yang Mi saw Li Xiangs concerned gaze, she felt a sweetness in her heart and all her fatigue disappeared.

“Im fine! Go and check on Sister Shu.

She doesnt seem to be good!”

When Li Xiang heard that, he turned his head around and saw Chen Shu standing with her saber in hand.

There was a faint smile on her slightly pale face.

“Li Xiang, thank you for coming to save me.


Before she could finish her words, her body went limp and she fell to the ground.

Li Xiang moved and grabbed Chen Shus waist, pulling her into his embrace.

“What are you thanking me for Since youve joined the alliance, youre my people.

Its my responsibility to protect you.

Although were not familiar with each other yet, I think well be very familiar very soon! Rest well.

Dont worry about this place!”

Chen Shu had been holding back the energy until Li Xiang appeared.

Only then did she feel slightly relieved.

However, it was just this slight relaxation that caused her entire body to instantly lose strength.

Yang Mi also rushed over.

When she saw Chen Shu who was paralyzed in Li Xiangs arms, a strange light flashed in her eyes, but a concerned expression appeared on her face.

“Sister Shu, are you okay”

Chen Shu did not seem to notice the change in Yang Mis gaze.

She leaned weakly in Li Xiangs embrace and said, “Im fine.

I was just too tired.

When I relaxed my mind, I felt weak all over.

Ill be fine in a while.”

Li Xiang heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that she was conscious and that she could still speak.

“Then you should rest well now! Yang Mi, you hold her.

Ill go clean up the mutated creatures around us!”

As he spoke, he stuffed Chen Shu into her arms.

Then, he flung his cloak and charged out of the city with his spear in hand.

Although only 6,000 demon soldiers had entered the city, clearing these level-100-plus monsters was effortless with Li Xiangs halo buff in addition to his own level and strength.

Half an hour later, the city was completely cleared.

The mutated creatures outside the city were also kept at a distance of 300 meters.

At this time, on the city wall, Yang Mi was helping Chen Shu to look out of the city.

“Sister Shus acting skill is really at the pinnacle of perfection.

I didnt notice it before!”

A hint of surprise appeared on Chen Shus pretty face.

She said in confusion, “What acting skill Xiaomi, dont talk nonsense!”

“Hmph! Sister Shus acting skill is indeed much better than mine.

As expected of the best actress who has won countless awards.

Although my acting skill is not good, my taste is still very good.”

Seeing that she could not hide it from Yang Mi, Chen Shu said helplessly, “Only you are smart! A woman who is too smart will easily fall out of favor!”

Upon hearing that, Yang Mi curled her lips and said, “Sister Shu, the world has changed! If you want Li Xiang to value you, only your look and temperament are not enough.

You also need to have enough ability and show enough value.

Dont tell me that we, as the dignified country lords, are going to play a court battle for a man.”

Chen Shu was even more speechless.

She could only explain, “I just wanted to get in touch with him and get to know him a little.

Why are you thinking so much Are you imagining things”

“Oh Then whats your evaluation”

“I dont have any evaluation, but I have to say that Im very satisfied! You have a good taste.

You saved me and Qingya a lot of trouble!”

“Sister Shu, your words are too hurtful!”

“Cough! You were the one who joked with me first.

Cant I tell the truth”

After clearing most of the monsters, Li Xiang ordered the army to defend the front line and returned to the city wall.

“Ill go to Miss Tongs place to take a look.

Do you guys want to come together My army is guarding here.

Nothing will happen!”

“Okay! We are worried about her!”

Yang Mi half-carried Chen Shu down the city wall and came to the teleportation formation.

Li Xiang followed closely behind.

The teleportation formation was activated.

With a flash of light, the three of them arrived at another castle.

The situation here seemed to be slightly better than Chen Shus castle.

After Alicia and the other two heroes arrived, the situation was under control.

Zhou Yutong, Ning Xiaoyue, and Tong Qingya were wearing tattered battle armors with smiles on their faces.

Seeing the arrival of the three people, they were pleasantly surprised.

“Sister Shu, are you okay”

“Im fine.

Dont worry.

Im just a little exhausted!”

Tong Qingya held Chen Shus hand, but her eyes looked past her to Li Xiang, who was wearing black armor and holding a long spear.

A strange look flashed in her beautiful eyes.

Li Xiang didnt think too much about it.

Seeing that Tong Qingya was no longer in danger, he felt slightly relieved.

Looking at the battle in the darkness in the distance, he said, “Sister Shu, Sister Ya, its best for your main city to reach level five before the Evernight ends.

If you need anything, just tell us.”


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