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Yang Mi finally confirmed the thoughts of the two of them.

She let out a light sigh and said, “Since you are serious, then I can rest assured! Wait for a moment!”

Yang Mi quickly produced a contract that was even more stringent.

After the system had verified it, she sent it to the two of them and said, “You can just use this application.

Li Xiang will immediately agree to it, and he will not take away your country lord rights!”

Hearing this, Tong Qingya and Chen Shu finally felt relieved.

Their conversation with Yang Mi seemed to be relaxed and pleasant.

But in fact, they felt a little tired after their probing and confrontation.

At this moment, after signing the soul contract and sending out the application, their bodies went soft and they lay on the sofa.

“Xiaomi, youve really caused a lot of trouble! I feel like Ive been tricked.

You have to compensate me!”

After Tong Qingya completely relaxed, her tone and demeanor were completely different from before.

“Huh What does it have to do with me The one who took advantage was Li Xiang, not me!”

Chen Shus tenacity was a little stronger.

Although she felt a little tired, she was a little excited somehow.

Seeing the two of them bickering, she just smiled calmly.

“What do we do now Since we just join in like this, will Li Xiang think that were sending ourselves to his doorstep…”

Zhou Yutong said, “Dont worry.

Sister Mi has already thought it through.

Just tell him that you are her friends and are here to seek protection.

When we get along for a long time in the future, everything will naturally happen.

For now, just pretend that you dont know him.”

Chen Shu nodded and said, “Thats not bad!”

On the other side, Li Xiang noticed the two people who had appeared in the alliance but he did not think too much about it.

After all, Yang Mi and Zhou Yutong were both top-notch when they were on Earth.

It was normal for them to have some close friends.

Seeking protection was just a piece of cake for him.

He did not take it to heart at all.

As for the two beauties, he didnt have any thoughts for the time being.

But now, there was another problem.

Although the City of Dawn had expanded, more and more people applied for protection.

In just a day, the human population had increased by 500,000, reaching 1.7 million.

Although it was effortless to raise so many people with the ability of the Kingdom of Dawn, there were still many hidden dangers in the city.

Therefore, Li Xiang called his heroes over to discuss about the solution.

“Your Highness, how about recruiting people from Business City and Emperor City who know about management Alice was also troubled by the management of so many people.

As for the other heroes, it was okay to let them fight and kill, but to let them do some management work was to make things difficult for them.

Even the angels were the same.

They were not good at management.

Li Xiang rubbed his forehead and said, “I thought things were simple.

I didnt expect so many people to have human civilians under them.

But since they are already here, we cant just ignore them!”

At this point, he directly ordered, “Well, the distance between City of Dawn and Emperor City is now 150 kilometers, and the distance between City of Dawn and Business City is 180 kilometers.

Divert these people out.

500,000 to Emperor City, and 500,000 to Business City.

Use the teleportation formation!”


Using the teleportation formation needed a huge energy expenditure.

However, this amount of expenditure was still affordable for the Kingdom of Dawn, which had a huge crystal ore mine.

As for whether Emperor City and Business City could accept so many people, this was naturally possible.

Although it was planned to build on the scale of 200,000 people, that was the scale when the human race built it themselves.

Later, Li Xiang sent Demon Mages and other races to help.

Not only did the speed increase, but the area also expanded.

It was enough for a million people to live in each city.

Moreover, both cities had city lords and corresponding management systems.

It was much better than the empty City of Dawn in Li Xiangs eyes.

As the human race in the City of Dawn continued to go out, the noisy and chaotic situation was quickly under control.

A team of managers was also sent from Emperor City and Business City.

The leader was called Lu Qingshan.

His name was very common, but his had very strong ability.

His level had also reached level 50.

Within a day, he had put the entire City of Dawn in an orderly manner.

For this, Li Xiang even rewarded him with a cultivation method and a set of S-Rank equipment.

On the last day of Evernight, the mutated creatures outside the city went crazy.

Even Li Xiangs City of Dawn felt a little pressure.

The effect of extinguishing all the lights to avoid attracting Evernight mutated creatures was greatly reduced this time.

Many countries didnt even have time to ask for help and delay before they were directly annihilated!

“Li Xiang, Sister Shu and Sister Qing Yas countries are not going to be able to hold on much longer.

Yutong and I have just sent a team over, but we can only delay the situation for a while.

Hurry up and help them!”

Li Xiang stood on the top of the city wall and looked downwards at the swarm of mutant creatures that were like a swarm of ants.

They were all level 120 and above, and their attacks were extremely terrifying.

Fortunately, the Purgatory Divine Crossbow was really powerful.

Coupled with the support of his halo skills, no monster was able to cross the line.

Once a Boss-level creature appeared, the heroes under his command would kill it.

After seven days of battle and nine times the EXP, all the heroes under his command were over level 150.

Alicia, who was at the highest level, had reached level 172.

Meanwhile, the average level of the demon army was around level 130, while that of the human army was around level 110.

“Alright, I got it.

Ill go right away!”

“Lys, you stay here to defend the city.

We cant afford any mistakes!”

As he said that, he gave Lys two halo skill stones.

“You should learn these two skill stones! They can relieve some of your pressure and provide some help! If you encounter any danger, just send a message to me.

Ill return immediately!”

Lys took the two silver halo skill stones.

His eyes lit up slightly and he said solemnly, “Yes!”

After saying that, Li Xiang flew down the city.

He gathered 40,000 demon soldiers and quickly left through teleportation formation.

Alice, Alicia, Mia, and Yafei also left with him.

Kyla led eight guardian angels and more than 100 angel warriors to stay and defend the city.

Demon Hunter, Eye Demon, and other demon commanders were also left behind.

In a castle surrounded by mountains on three sides in Area A14, Yang Mi and Chen Shu were holding their weapons and fighting back and forth on the city wall.

Compared to Yang Mi, Chen Shu, who had always presented herself in a dignified and elegant manner, was now holding a long knife and slashing the monsters that climbed up the city wall to death with a murderous look.

Stinky blood splattered everywhere, and even the ground of the city wall became wet and muddy.

Yang Mi shook the long spear in her hand, and the four monsters that had just appeared were killed.

Her pretty face was full of killing intent.

“Sister Shu, just hold on for a few more minutes.

Reinforcements are coming!”

“Let the reinforcements go to support Qingya first.

The situation there is worse than here!”

“Yutong and Xiaoyue are with Qingya.

They have brought 20,000 elves with them.

The situation there should be better.

Dont worry!”


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