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Tong Qingya blinked her beautiful eyes and asked, “He doesnt mind Wont there be a misunderstanding”

“Dont worry, he wont! Ive warned him! But since youve joined the alliance, to be honest, youll definitely be labeled as his harem in the future.

Well, you will be his women sooner or later.

You know this yourself, dont you”

Tong Qingya and Chen Shus faces were slightly red.

“Xiaomi, I really didnt see that you have the potential to be a matchmaker for your husband.

If those men who pursued you knew about it, I wonder how crazy they would be!”

Tong Qingya snappily laughed.

Yang Mi delicately snorted and said, “The world has changed! Do you think Im willing to do so Fortunately, we have the threat of Evernight now.

When we arrive in the real Myriad World Continent, who knows how many crazy women will approach Li Xiang one after another For my own sake, of course, I need to find some reliable allies!”

Chen Shu and Tong Qingya were speechless when they heard that.

“Youre really our good sister!”

Yang Mi rolled her eyes at them and said with a faint smile, “What You dont want to Then Ill tell Li Xiang!”


Tong Qingya and Chen Shu almost blurted out at the same time.

However, when they saw Yang Mis smug look, they immediately knew that they had been fooled.

“Xiaomi, your husband doesnt know that youre like this, right”

“Well, I think we should take a video and show Li Xiang her true face!”

Yang Mi chuckled and retorted, “My husband You are now Li Xiangs woman as well.

You should sayour husband!”

This time, Tong Qingya and Chen Shu could not hold back anymore.

They stood up with red faces and said, “We still have things to do.

Well leave first!”

Zhou Yutong stopped them at this time and said, “Since youre already here, you should stay here first! If your city is threatened, we will send troops to support you! Its not easy to meet each other, so of course, we have to talk through the night!”

“Yutong, youve become bad too!”

In fact, Chen Shu and Tong Qingya did not really want to leave.

They were actually embarrassed by Yang Mis bold words.

Originally, the two of them contacted Yang Mi because they wanted to get some help using their previous friendship.

They did not have any other thoughts.

Who knew that they would be fooled by Yang Mis words and join the alliance on a whim

It seemed like they had fallen into a huge pit that they couldnt even climb out of.

But in reality, the two of them were actually very eager and looking forward to the outcome deep down in their hearts.

They just didnt dare to think about it.

Now that it had become a reality, of course, they were very happy.

They just didnt know how to express it.

Although the two of them were once top-rank figures in the entertainment industry and their acting skills werent bad, they were actually very emotional.

Once they were really moved, they would be easily influenced.

After the few of them played with each other for a while, the sense of estrangement that they originally had suddenly disappeared.

They became closer now.

Chen Shu sighed and said, “Who knows that this world can change so easily Without any preparation, we have to face those terrifying monsters directly.

I heard that the world we are currently in is not the real Myriad World Continent.

Its really hard to imagine what kind of situation we will face after entering the real Myriad World Continent.”

“Dont worry! After joining the alliance, theres a very high probability that well be assigned to the same region even after entering Myriad World Continent.

Even if theres any danger, well be able to save you in time!” Yang Mi waved her hand, “Alright, lets not talk about this anymore.

Hows the defense of your castles now Will there be any problems if youre not around”

“There wont be any problem for the time being! Moreover, your husband was frantically selling off equipment on the trading interface.

Qingya and I have bought a large batch of equipment to increase the combat strength of our troops.

Only then can we persevere until now.

Otherwise, we would have already met the King of Hell.”

When Yang Mi heard Chen Shus words, her face was slightly red.

“Its good that we can help you! Its just so happened that I have quite a lot of surplus equipment here.

If you guys need it, Ill give it to you.”

Tong Qingya refused with a smile.

“No need.

Our small castles dont attract many monsters.

However, to show Sister Shu and Is stance, we plan to pledge alliance to Li Xiang as well.

What do you think”

Yang Mi was slightly stunned.


When Zhou Yutong, who was sitting on the other side, heard this, her eyes flickered and she nodded slightly.

Ning Xiaoyue asked in a low voice, “Sister Yutong, what do Sister Shu and Sister Qingya mean”

“They are expressing their positions! Its not like you dont know how many people are coveting Li Xiang right now, wanting to find out information about him.

Havent you ever thought that they might be bribed to join the alliance and take the opportunity to find out Li Xiangs information”

Ning Xiaoyues eyes narrowed and she asked, “This… do you think they will do that”

Zhou Yutong replied indifferently, “Its not a question of whether they will do it or not.

When faced with a life-and-death threat, who can guarantee that one will be able to stick to ones principles and bottom line Before the time comes, theres no way to prove anything! But Sister Shu and Sister Qingya are still considered trustworthy.

Im just saying a possibility!”

“Even if they pledge their allegiance, it might not necessarily prove that they are innocent.

Whats the point of doing this”

“Of course, theres a point! To apply allegiance, you have to sign a contract.

This contract is supervised by the system.

As long as you add a few restrictions on the contract, its enough to prove everything.”

Ning Xiaoyue nodded her head slowly and said, “But, the contract that we serve doesnt seem to have these restrictions!”

“Then would you sell Li Xiangs information”

“How is that possible”

“Then The timing is different, so the result will naturally be different!”

After Yang Mi heard the twos suggestion, she pondered for a moment and thought about this matter clearly.

Then she said seriously, “If thats the case, then you guys are really bound to Li Xiang.

After entering the real Myriad World Continent, you cant escape no matter how much you want to!”

Tong Qingya said indifferently, “Weve already come this far, so we dont need to scare anymore.

Dont you think so”

Zhou Yutong advised, “There are still two more days before the descent of Evernight ends.

Why bother! It was just a joke.

Now if we really sign the contract, theres no way out.”

“Enough! Yutong, there should be a limit to your probing, right Dont you know what kind of people Sister Shu and I are” Tong Qingya pouted.

Chen Shu smiled helplessly.

“Qingya and I didnt have such thoughts indeed.

We just wanted to find a place to hide.

But later, we saw that many other races and even humans were offering a reward for finding Li Xiang.

If the two of us just stay here, and Li Xiangs information was leaked one day, it would be hard to make ourselves clear.”

With a reserved smile on her face, Tong Qingya said, “So, Sister Shu decided to go all out.

In this precarious world, with Yang Mi, a competent matchmaker to take us as Li Xiangs wives, what do you think”


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