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Soon, dozens of dwarves rushed out of the dwarven workshop.

They looked at the demons in front of them in horror and hurriedly called for their companions.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of well-equipped dwarves formed a formation in front of them, but they did not dare to act rashly.

The eye demon and succubus looked at each other and began to move.

The combination of Flame Flogging and Fission Rebound was used, forming a rain of fire that filled the sky.

A terrifying high temperature swept out.

The dwarves were surrounded by flames.

They were in a dilemma as if they were sitting on pins and needles.

The succubus took a step forward and opened her hand.

The flames that rose in all directions became more intense, and she looked at them with a kind expression.

“Dont be nervous.

I dont have any other intentions.

I just want to invite the King of the Hill to come out and chat with our Demon Lord.”

These words were very polite.

Naturally, it was Li Xiang who wanted her to do this.

The dwarves in front looked at the raging flames around them, as well as the tens of thousands of demon armies, and could not help but swallow their saliva together.


How was this called without any other intentions

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Such a large formation naturally alarmed the King of the Hill.

It was different from the panic of these ordinary dwarves.

When he came out, he did not show any fear in the face of the demon army.

He was still a tough man with a huge hammer in his hand.

He stood in front of the dwarves with a majestic presence.

Li Xiang saw it and thought, “This leader is indeed not afraid of force.

Fortunately, I prepared two moves.”

Then, he took out the [Detoxifying Beeswax] and looked at the succubus.

The succubus passed the beeswax to the King of the Hill.

“I heard that you were very annoyed by the harassment of the Poisonous Man-Eating Bees, so the Demon Lord specially led troops to clean them up.

This is a gift for you.”

The King of the Hill sized her up.

After confirming that the succubus had no intention of attacking, he took the thing.

When he opened it, his eyes lit up slightly.

It was actually Detoxifying Beeswax.

This thing could only be obtained after the Poisonous Man-Eating Bees were completely eradicated.

He did not expect that once the demons made their move, they would solve the long-standing problem of the dwarves.

This power was definitely extraordinary!

The King of the Hill swept his gaze across the mountains.

Damn it.

It really was 5,000 demons!

That accursed Hans!

Why did he have to tell the truth

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According to his habit of bragging, shouldnt 5,000 people be said to be 500,000 people!

Damn it!

His judgment was wrong!

If he had known that there were so many demon troops, he would have definitely agreed to the deal!

While he was cursing Hans in his heart, the King of the Hill remained calm on the surface.


In front of so many subordinates, he absolutely could not embarrass himself!

Now that the demon race had a kind attitude, he naturally would not take the initiative to pull out his sword.

“May I ask, my demon friend, why have you come to my dwarven workshop this time”

“Naturally, its because of the deal we discussed earlier.”

The succubus waved the Flame Whip in her hand.

“I believe that your subordinates have already told you of the Demon Lords requirements.

Have you considered it”

“You want us dwarves to forge weapons and equipment for the demon race” The King of the Hill said in a muffled voice.

“No, its not just that.”

The succubus smiled happily, revealing two sharp demon teeth.

“The Demon Lord requests that you hand over the core of your territory and submit to our race.”

“What! Impossible!”

The King of the Hill shook his head heavily.

“Dwarves will never be slaves!”

“You will not become slaves, just a part of the demon race.”

Li Xiang opened his mouth at this time and said lightly, “The dwarves will be protected by the demon race in the future, and the resources in the territory will be at your disposal.”

A few Flower Goblins walked up, carrying a large pile of freshly brewed mead.

Opening the seal, the fragrance of the wine immediately filled the air.

Many dwarves revealed intoxicated expressions when they smelled the fragrance.

Li Xiang observed the expressions.

Dwarves were addicted to alcohol and would never be able to resist such temptation.

He immediately added, “As long as you submit, there will be an unlimited supply of this high-quality mead in the future!”

When he said this, the dwarves were overjoyed.

Even the King of the Hills expression was a little shaken.

It was not that he was not determined.

It was just that this wine… was too fragrant!

A few dwarves in the crowd could not help but go forward and ask Li Xiang if they could taste it first.

He generously said that they could taste it.

The dwarves could not wait to rush forward.

When they taste it…


This accursed sweetness!

How could there be such a delicious wine!

The dwarves who had drank were all moved.

They repeatedly expressed their willingness to submit to the demon race.

Since they couldnt win, they wouldnt lose their lives if they joined.

They would even have wine to drink every day, so why not

After someone took the lead, the other dwarves followed suit.

The number of people who submitted increased.

From ten to a hundred, then to the entire tribe!

In the end, only the King of the Hill remained silent.

“How is it” The succubus was already prepared to use force.

How could a big man dawdle, wasting the Demon Lords time

“I… I…”

The King of the Hill was stammering.

After hesitating for a long time, he sighed heavily and put down the hammer in his hand.

“Sigh, forget it, forget it.

Some people are suffering from bee venom.

I… I will repay your kindness!”

As he spoke, he raised his hand.

“Carlo, bring the core of the territory over.”

“Yes, my King!”

A dwarf in the crowd hurried into the workshop.

Before long, he came out with a grayish-red crystal in his hand.

The King of the Hill took it and handed it to Li Xiang with both hands.

“I hope you will treat my dwarves well.”

Li Xiang smiled.

“Dont worry, as long as I have a sip of wine, you will have a bite of meat.”

“No, no, no, why dont we change the conditions… I prefer to drink wine a little more.”


Li Xiang laughed heartily and gestured for the Flower Goblin to hand over the remaining mead to the King of the Hill.

The King of the Hills eyes were shining.

In fact, he had wanted to drink it for a long time.

It was just that he couldnt embarrass himself in front of so many people.

Now that he had already submitted, he no longer held back and started to swallow the mead like a whale.

“Good wine!” The King of the Hill looked satisfied.


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