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If one wanted to obtain the protection of the Lord of Dawn, the greatest restriction was the human populace.

There were even a few foreign country lords who broke out in a conflict over the human populace.

This was when Evernight descended, yet they dared to be so tough.

It could be seen how much they were fighting over the human populace.

And the human country lords were also making all kinds of requests to purchase and collect the human civilians.

Although it was inappropriate to trade human civilians for goods, Li Xiang would not blame them if the human race could survive.

Therefore, the number of human civilians in the City of Dawn began to increase.

In just three days, the number of human civilians had exceeded one million.

Although the City of Dawn could easily accommodate one million people, the daily consumption was a huge amount of resources and the humans also needed to be managed.

It was very troublesome.

Fortunately, after the population reached one million, the City of Dawn could finally level up again.

[Ding! Congratulations on leveling up the City of Dawn to Level 7.

The Lord of Dawn has received rewards: A mythical treasure chest and 500,000 crystal coins.


Seeing this unremarkable reward, Li Xiang remembered that he had also received a mythical treasure chest during his last leveling up.

He had yet to open it!

However, he did not have much hope of opening the treasure chest now.

After all, no matter how precious the items in the mythical treasure chest were, he could hardly use them with his current equipment and skills.

Therefore, he also put the two treasure chests into Starlight Shrine and saved them for later.

The main city was upgraded again, and the area of the city was expanded.

However, the expansion this time was not ten times as the last time, but three times.

Even so, the entire city became more majestic, and all the buildings were upgraded.

“Li Xiang! I want to recommend two people here to join the alliance.

What do you think”

Yang Mi and the other two came together.

As soon as they appeared, they went straight to the point and told him the purpose of coming here in person.

At this moment, Yang Mi and the other two had gone through a detailed dressing-up.

They looked beautiful and amazing.

In addition, they were wearing vintage dresses from nowhere.

It was truly stunning.

Li Xiang was stunned at first sight.

He did not regain his senses for a long time.

Yang Mi and the other two were very satisfied with Li Xiangs reaction.

Naturally, they would not blame him for being absent-minded.

“Im asking you a question! Do you agree or not”

Only then did Li Xiang come back to his senses and ask, “You want to recommend someone to enter the alliance”

These words coming out of Yang Mis mouth were simply unbelievable.

Who didnt know that the alliance was called the Harem Could it be that Yang Mi had given up on struggling and wanted to increase the population of this big family

Looking at Li Xiangs puzzled gaze, Yang Mi rolled her eyes at him in annoyance.

Zhou Yutong only pursed her lips and smiled.

Ning Xiaoyue said, “Li Xiang, hurry up and say yes! Those two are great beauties.

You wont lose anything for sure!”

Li Xiang frowned and said, “Am I such a shallow person”

“Yes!” The three of them said almost at the same time.


“Alright! You win! Tell me who are so important that the three of you can come out together”

Yang Mi glanced at the two of them and saw that they were both looking at her.

She smiled indifferently and said, “Im not asking them to join us as your wives.

I just want to protect them.

They will leave when they reach Myriad World Continent.”

“Ugh! Then whats the point of joining the alliance”

“Of course there is.

If they join the alliance, there is a high chance that they will appear in the same region as us.

That way, the three of us will be able to take care of them.

Theyre all our good friends.

You cant have any ideas that you shouldnt have!”

“Cough! Fine! Didnt I already give you the authority to recruit people Other than the men, you can let anyone in.

I have no objections!”

Li Xiang said without any principles.

“Okay! You did well.

Ill give you a reward!”

“Oh Theres a reward”

Li Xiang asked with a fake smile.

But then, he saw Yang Mi get close and kiss him on the face.

His heart skipped a beat, and the blood in his body started to boil.

But Yang Mi only kissed him once and straight away turned to leave.

Just when he was disappointed, Zhou Yutong came over with a slightly red face and quickly kissed him.

She said in a low voice, “Youre not allowed to talk to the two new people, or else I wont let you off!”

After saying that, she quickly left.

Li Xiang was really stunned this time, so much so that Ning Xiaoyues kiss was passed by before he could feel it properly.

Fortunately, he was quick-witted.

He grabbed Ning Xiaoyue, who was trying to escape and held her in his arms.

He lowered his head and kissed her fiercely.

Only when Ning Xiaoyue could no longer hold on did he let go of her.

Although Ning Xiaoyue was usually carefree, she was actually much shyer than Yang Mi and Zhou Yutong.

She pushed him away, glared at him, and only left the words “bad guy” before she quickly ran away.

Li Xiang was very curious about the two new members.

They were actually able to make three people take action at the same time.

It seemed that they had quite a background.

[Ding! New members have been added to the alliance!]

[Ding! New members have been added to the alliance!]

The level of the alliance that Li Xiang had established was the same as his main city.

Now that it had reached level seven while the number of members it could accommodate had increased from the original 30 to 1,000.

He opened the list of members of Harem Alliance and saw two familiar names.

Chen Shu Tong Qingya

“Its actually them! Could it be that they have a good relationship with Yang Mi”

Li Xiang had a superficial understanding of these two people.

They had been top-rank celebrities in the past.

Their looks and temperament were also top-rank.

However, he did not expect them to join his alliance.

At this time, Chen Shu posted in the alliance chat interface, “Thank you!”

Tong Qingya also posted, “Thank you!”

The two people only sent a simple “thank you”, and did not say anything else.

Li Xiang wanted to be polite, but when he thought of Zhou Yutongs warning and eyes when she left, he chose to remain silent.

At the same time, in Yang Mis Elven City Palace, a few women were chatting in a spacious living room.

After so many days of fighting, Yang Mi had finally leveled up her main city to level 5.

Zhou Yutong and Ning Xiaoyue had also leveled up their cities to level 5.

However, it was difficult to level up again.

That would require 100,000 people to level up to level 6, and it would require a million people to level up to level 7.

“Yang Mi, your city is too majestic and spectacular.

My small castle cant even compare to this place!”

Tong Qingya looked around with a surprised smile.

Chen Shu didnt care much about the surrounding environment.

She asked a little nervously, “Xiaomi, whats Li Xiangs opinion”

Yang Mi smiled and comforted her, “Sister Shu, just rest assured! Dont judge our alliance by its name, but in fact, Li Xiang is very obedient.”


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