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Li Xiang sorted these items into categories and continued to check on the items dropped by the nine slave army leaders.

He didnt have much hope for the items dropped by these people.

Since they were slave army leaders, there shouldnt be any good items.

He didnt expect that they would give him a huge surprise.

[Qiankun Jin]

Quality: Mythical

Type: Cultivation technique

Description: A top-rank cultivation technique from a mysterious world.

After mastering, you can gain all attribute bonuses, as well as recovery and damage increase bonuses.

[Firmament Arrow]

Quality: Mythical

Type: Skill

Description: This is an archery inheritance.

After learning it, you can gain the corresponding archery bonuses and master the skills: Sun Shooting Arrow, Star Shattering arrow, Falling Moon Arrow, and Soul Chasing Arrow.

[Seven Kills Sword]

Quality: Legendary

Type: Skill

Description: This is a top-rank swordsmanship skill of a certain worlds humans.

After learning it, you will receive a bonus for your swordsmanship and mastering the skill of the Seven Kills Sword.

[Flying Star Chasing Moon ]

Quality: Legendary

Type: Skill

Description: A world inherited martial arts, Qinggong.

After learning it, you will receive a bonus for your speed and mastering the skill of Flying Star Chasing Moon.

These were the four skill stones that Li Xiang had found from the drops of the nine slave army leaders.

“Wow, these guys have rich inheritances! This battle with the Demon Turtle of Destruction has been a huge win.”

Li Xiang did not hesitate.

Now that he was Level 100, other than the five halo skills and the Holy Dragon Spear skill that he had learned yesterday, he had a total of six skills.

He could learn four more skills.

Therefore, he directly combined these four skills and added them into his skills pane.

Apart from Qiankun Jin and Flying Star Chasing Moon, these two skills contained several sub-skills.

After learning Qian Kun Jin, all of Li Xiangs attributes increased by 10%, and he possessed a kind of mysterious energy, Qiankun Zhen Qi.

Although he was only a beginner at the first level of Qiankun Jin and the effect of his Zhen Qi was not strong yet, he would be able to reach the peak of the first level very quickly as long as he was willing to invest with EXP.

He only needed to kill a certain number of monsters to break through, which was not difficult for him.

After learning other skills, his corresponding attributes also increased significantly.

[Lord of Dawn: Li Xiang]

[Level: 100]

[Talent: Starlight Shrine (divine grade), Territory Devour (able to grow, currently S-Rank)]

[Strength: 2,530 (1,300 1,000) * 110% (affects soldiers attack)]

[Agility: 2,530 (1,300 1,000) * 110% (affects soldiers attack speed, movement speed, and critical rate)]

[Intelligence: 1,320 (1,200*110%) (affects soldiers skill release efficiency and power)]

[Vitality: 2,970 (1,200 1,500) * 110 (affects soldiers defense and HP)]

[Skills: Low-rank EXP halo level 100, high-rank reflect damage halo level 50, high-rank holy flame halo level 50, high-rank splash halo level 50, high-rank explosive halo level 50, Holy Dragon Spear level 10, Qiankun Jin level 10, Firmament Sword level 10, Seven Kills Sword Level 10, Flying Star Chasing Moon Level 10]

[Strength: Transcendent gold]

[Country level: City-state]

[Countrys core military: Demons, angels]

[Country building: City of Dawn ]

[Equipment: Legion Holy Shield (legendary), Black Tortoise Battle Armor (divine) , Dragon Slaying Divine Bow (mythical), Commanders Sword (legendary), Black Dragon Spear (Epic)]

[Resources: Inferno Demon Iron, water essence, Starlight Divine Water…]

Li Xiang looked at his attributes in satisfaction a few times and felt that his strength had increased greatly.

At this time, the impact of the divine-grade Boss being killed was still spreading around the world.

Yang Mi, Zhou Yutong, and Ning Xiaoyue sent messages to ask about it.

Li Xiang comforted them for a while and then ended the communication.

After the Demon Turtle of Destruction was killed, for three consecutive days, the Evernight demons did not appear again.

It was just that the number of mutated creatures attacking the city had become denser and their levels had increased.

Li Xiang also led his army and charged out of the city, killing these monsters and accumulating a huge amount of EXP.

On the leaderboard, Li Xiang had always been the number one, far surpassing the number two by nearly ten times.

Everyone was amazed.

On the other hand, Yang Mi and the other two advanced two places from the bottom of the leaderboard.

Yang Mi was the fifth, Zhou Yutong was the fourth, and Ning Xiaoyue was the seventh.

Although the three of them had already pledged their allegiance to Li Xiang, they should have become lords by right.

However, Li Xiang had not taken back their country lord rights! Therefore, even though they had pledged their allegiance, they could still be considered country lords, not lords.

They were qualified to participate in the leaderboard.

As for the race leaderboard, the human race still firmly occupied the first place.

After all, Li Xiang had killed so many monsters during this period of time.

Most of the equipment he had obtained had been put up for sale.

Even Yang Mi and the other two were the same.

They did not care about those low-rank equipment.

This caused the prices of equipment to drop drastically on the market, allowing the country lords who could not afford to buy equipment to equip themselves.

As a result, the average strength of the entire human race also increased.

After a few days of battle, their levels and strength had increased, and they had obtained more equipment, forming a virtuous circle.

Therefore, many human country lords were very grateful to Li Xiang.

On the World Channel, if anyone spoke ill of Li Xiang, they would definitely be bitten their heads off.

Li Xiangs actions made the human race happy and the other races had long been used to the survival of the fittest.

But now because of Li Xiang, the status of the human race had changed, thus affecting their interests.

This made them very unhappy with Li Xiang, they even saw him as a thorn in their side.

However, the Evernight had arrived.

No one dared to do anything at this time.

They could only curse on the World Channel.

Then, they were collectively cursed by the human country lords!

For a time, the entire World Channel could be said to be a mess, but it was extremely lively.

However, on the sixth day of the Evernights arrival, the monsters had reached an average level of 100.

Many of the country lords could not hold on any longer.

Not only the foreign races but also many country lords of the human race had reached their limits.

Therefore, there was a strange change on the World Channel.

Human civilians had suddenly become hot.

After all, they could apply to enter the City of Dawn for refuge as long as there were 1,000 human civilians.

Although this required them to give up their identity as a country lord, their authority, territories, and even their future, it was still the best choice for countless people.

Everyone knew that the Lord of Dawn was not greedy for their wealth and resources, and even the territory was only a condition.

Therefore, being able to receive the Lord of Dawns protection was the best guarantee for their safety.

As for the others, it was not that they did not want to obtain more lands in the same way as Li Xiang, but there were very few people who believed in them.

After all, there werent many who could achieve a battle record like the Lord of Dawn, so they couldnt guarantee their safety in the next few days.

So what if the protection conditions were loose The key was their safety.


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