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Demons loved fresh flesh and souls the most.

Although they preferred souls, that still depended on the level of the flesh and blood.

The divine grade was an existence that they all looked up to.

If they could eat the flesh and blood of the grade, it would definitely be of great benefit to them.

Mia and the other angel heroes were naturally displeased when they saw this, but they did not say anything.

All the heroes that Li Xiang had recruited had already completely separated from their origins.

Before the appearance of the two planes, the abyss and heaven, they might have been imprisoned and restricted by higher-level existences due to their transcendent systems and bloodlines.

But now with these two planes, they could completely be independent and unafraid of any threats from higher-level existences of the same system.

Things like foundations were sometimes not worth-mentioning, but sometimes they were also very mysterious.

Right now, the City of Dawn was Li Xiangs foundation, and the two intermediate-level planes were the foundations of demons and angels.

Even if the foundation was not very strong, there was still a huge difference between having and not having it.

Not long after, Alice came to Li Xiang.

She handed over an interspatial ring and said, “Your Highness, these are the items that dropped after killing the Demon Turtle of Destruction.

It also includes the items that the slave army leaders in the City of Destruction dropped.”

Li Xiang took it over.

He was very curious about what kind of treasure a divine-grade monster would drop.

However, this was not a good place to check the drops.

The Evernight creatures in the distance once again swarmed over.

Li Xiangs eyes flashed.

“Other than the army guarding the city, send out the other troops to fight in the surrounding area!”

He felt that he couldnt let the army sit idle.

Taking advantage of the endless supply of Evernight creatures, it was a good choice to make them raise their levels.

As for the danger, after testing the functions of the two intermediate-level planes, he could mobilize the power of the two planes at any time and instantly recall them as long as he had the location.

After settling the battle matters, Li Xiang immediately returned to his residence to check the interspatial ring in his hand.

The first thing that came into his sight was an earthen yellow crystal.

Li Xiangs heart was shaken, and he instantly held it in his hand in joy.

[Mysterious Crystal ]

Quality: Unknown

Type: Unknown

Description: This seems to be a set of special items made up of five elements, possessing mysterious effects.

Li Xiang looked at the item description and was a little speechless.

However, he could at least confirm that this set of items should have five crystals.

He was still short of two crystals.

However, this was such a big world.

Where could he find the other two crystals

He did not have much hope that he could obtain the remaining two mysterious crystals after killing the monsters later.

He sighed softly and placed the three crystals into a sandalwood box.

Then, he began to check on the other items that dropped.

[Black Tortoise Battle Armor]

Quality: Divine grade

Defense: 5,000

Vitality: 1,500

Strength: 1,000

Agility: 1,000

Passive skill: Black Tortoise Drive.

Within a range of 100 kilometers, the defense of oneself and ones allies will be increased by three times.

Passive skill: Divine Martial body.

Within a range of 100 kilometers, the recovery of oneself and ones allies will be increased by three times.

The simple attribute interface made Li Xiangs heart race.

Compared to the Magnificent Armor on his body, the Black Tortoise Battle Armor seemed to be inferior.

However, in fact, the Black Tortoise Battle Armor was much stronger than the Magnificent Armor.

Whether it was in terms of attributes or skills, it was far superior.

Moreover, the armor on his body was almost pierced by the slave army commander.

It was already in a damaged status, and its durability had been reduced to the lowest.

To repair this kind of armor, not only did it require top-rank materials, but it also required a top-rank forging master.

At least in a short time, Li Xiangs Magnificent Armor could not be repaired.

Coincidentally, this Black Tortoise Battle Armor was stronger than the Magnificent Armor, so it was immediately replaced.

Instantly, Li Xiangs defense and recovery power soared.

The defense and recovery power of all the allies within a radius of a hundred miles also reached three times of their own, so the effect was extremely strong.

They immediately felt the difference as they were fighting the Evernight mutated creatures.

The enemys attack was like a tickle to them.

It increased their combat strength greatly.

All they needed to do was to attack with all their might.

The Black Tortoise Battle Armor was pure black.

The lines were smooth and beautiful.

Moreover, it was a complete set of armor that was more of the eastern style.

It included a helmet, skirt armor, shoulder armor, wrist guards, breastplate, abdomen armor, and combat boots.

The overall appearance was very majestic.

Li Xiang thought that if he had Black Dragon Spear and the black warhorse with him, he would be a Black Death God.

If he charged into the wave of Evernight mutant creatures and killed them all, his handsomeness would definitely not be inferior to Zhao Yun and Zhao Zilong, who killed in and out of Changban seven times.

After putting on the armor, he continued to check.

Then, a wisp of black flame appeared in Li Xiangs hand.

[Divine Fire Wisp]

Quality: Divine-grade

Description: A wisp of divine fire that contains the Law of Destruction.

After fusing it, you can obtain the Law of Destruction.

Li Xiangs pupils instantly constricted.


This was the first item he saw that involved laws.

He did not forget that his goal was to become a god in this world.

According to the simple explanation, he had to satisfy three conditions to become a god.

However, after carefully reviewing Jian Suyans explanation, he felt that it was quite different from his understanding.

“The words of god, the actions of god, the rules of god…”

Putting aside the words of god and the actions of god, there was even a huge difference between the rules and the laws.

Compared to the two, the laws were naturally above the rules.

The rules were set, while the laws were naturally formed by the universe.

The difference between the two was obvious.

However, he did not dare to say that the information given by Jian Suyan was wrong.

Perhaps the information she had come into contact with was like this.

After all, she had also said that she couldnt guarantee the accuracy of the information.

It was only for his reference.

Now, with a wisp of divine fire in front of him, he did not know if he should fuse it into his body.

According to his understanding, his divine grade talent, Starlight Shrine, was actually his shrine.

However, he did not know what to do next.

Moreover, the Law of Destruction was one of the top-rank laws.

However, just like cultivation techniques, what suited him was the best.

If it didnt suit him, casually fusing with it would be harmful to him.

Thus, to be cautious, Li Xiang didnt immediately fuse with this wisp of Divine Fire of Destruction.

Instead, he solemnly put it away and placed it as the most important treasure in the Starlight Shrine.

Yes, his Starlight Shrine had a storage function.

However, this kind of place was connected to his soul.

So naturally, he could not put everything in it.

The things that could be placed here by him were all treasures that were extremely important to him.

For example, the three mysterious crystals that he had put away previously.

Of course, these were not all the items that the Demon Turtle of Destruction had dropped, but the qualities of the other items were relatively common.

Of course, they were only common in Li Xiangs eyes.

In opposite, every item could be considered a supreme treasure in the eyes of other country lords.


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