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Actually, it wasnt that none of the country lords had discovered that Demon Turtle of Destruction was the weakness.

However, even if those country lords had discovered it, they wouldnt have been able to cause such terrifying damage in a short time.

Once the Demon Turtle of Destruction reacted, its head would immediately shrink, and it would only come out once the battle had ended.

If the City of Destruction lost, it would immediately run away.

If it won, it would take in another batch of slaves and devour a large number of resources to grow.

This was the path of growth of Demon Turtle of Destruction until today when it met the unreasonable Lord of Dawn, Li Xiang.

They thought it would be an extremely easy mission, but they did not expect it to be a life-and-death situation.


Even though the Demon Turtle of Destruction could not even hide its head in its shell now, they did not want to wait for death.

Li Xiang did not go forward.

Although he had combat skills, his combat system still had a huge flaw.

Thus, he did not want to put himself in danger.

Demon Hunter, Lys, Mia, Alicia, and a few demon commanders rushed forward.

Their status was at its peak at this moment.

Lance and the others were greatly weakened, and they were at a disadvantage in the battle.

However, these people were very tenacious, it seemed like they had not given up hope yet.

Li Xiang did not think that an existence like the Demon Turtle of Destruction could be killed so easily.

So, he drew the Dragon Slaying Divine Bow again and shouted to Alice, “Alice, let it go!”

Alice understood and instantly put away her Flame Whip.


Just as a short sound was heard, Li Xiangs arrow shot in again.

It was not only one arrow this time, but a continuous total of 15 arrows before the Demon Turtle of Destruction instinctively shut its mouth up!

These 15 arrows all contained a weak star power.

However, this star power was executed by Li Xiang, the Lord of Dawn.

So it carried some mysterious characteristics.


Everyone felt that the surrounding space was shaken to the point of undulation.

Several terrifying cracks appeared on the head of Demon Turtle of Destruction.

The incomparably terrifying destruction flames poured out, accompanied by a large amount of blood, burning a huge pit in the ground.


Following that, the giant turtles body instantly went limp.

It lay on the ground, completely losing its breath.

At the same time, the surging blood gradually filled up the huge pit that had just been burned, and the smell of blood soared into the sky.

[Ding! World announcement! Congratulations to the Lord of Dawn for killing a divine-grade mutated beast, the Demon Turtle of Destruction, during the Evernight trials.

The reward is a divine-grade treasure chest, 100,000 merit points, and 10,000,000 points!]

Three consecutive world announcements made the entire world lose its voice.

“What is divine-grade Who knows”

“Im shivering.

Although I dont know what divine grade is, I think its definitely more powerful than the mythical grade!”

“Theres no need to guess.

The mythical-grade is just SSS-Rank, and above it is the divine-grade.

Its a terrifying existence that has already stepped onto the divine path.

Everyone, just kneel and praise the lord.

Its definitely not a loss!”

“How is that possible Have divine-grade monsters already appeared This is only the second day after Evernight descended! If thats the case, how can ordinary people like us survive”

“Brother, dont worry! Do you think that divine-grade monsters will come knocking on our door Only existences that have reached the level of the Lord of Dawn would have divine-grade monsters come to the door.

Common people arent worthy!”

“I agree with this guess! The arrival of Evernight is like a college entrance exam.

Only those who pass this exam are qualified to enter the true Myriad World Continent.

Those who fail will only have a dead end.”

“Can those who seek the protection of the Lord of Dawn also be considered to have passed the exam”

“Isnt that obvious Being able to obtain the protection of the Lord of Dawn is like being guaranteed admission to a university.

Why cant it be considered to have passed”

“F*ck, Im here risking my life.

In the end, I might as well ride ones coattails! Im crying myself to death!”

“Dont worry! Being able to pass the assessment with your ability naturally gives you an advantage!”

The World Channel was abuzz with discussion.

Many people were guessing what kind of existence a divine-grade monster was.

The various foreign races were also stimulated into the frenzied killing, hoping a divine-grade monster to appear.

When that time came, they also wanted to go on the world announcement and become world-renowned top figures.

Unfortunately, although there were more and more monsters, there was still no sign of divine-grade creatures appearing no matter how much they struggled.

At this moment, outside the City of Dawn, it was a mess.

Even the heroes were in such a sorry state for the first time.

Fortunately, at the same time that the Demon Turtle of Destruction was killed, the people who were controlled by the demon turtle were also affected by the backlash.

They died instantly, saving a lot of trouble and reducing casualties.

This made many heroes feel a little regretful, but to be able to defeat such a strong enemy was an unprecedented feat.

The Destruction City on the back of Demon Turtle of Destruction was not just Lance and the group of eight or nine people, but there were nearly 80,000 slaves.

Although their levels were different, their overall strength was not much inferior to the City of Dawn.

If a big battle broke out, it would definitely be a pyrrhic victory even if they could win in the end.

It was already fortunate to have such an outcome.

“Get someone to clean up the battlefield! At the same time, we have to take proper defense measures.

Dont let others take advantage of this loophole!”

Li Xiang himself came to the place where the demon turtle fell.

Looking at the seven to eight-story tall giant head, he couldnt help but feel shocked.

This Demon Turtle of Destruction was too big.

Even if he wanted to keep it in his inter-spatial ring, he couldnt make it.

In fact, more than half of the turtles body was hidden in the darkness.

The length of the turtles shell was at least 12000 feet.

If its entire body was included, it was definitely more than 15000 feet.

How to deal with this huge corpse was also a troublesome matter.

Especially when the blood that flowed out almost filled the huge pit not far away, forming a pool of blood.

An extremely dense bloody aura soared into the sky, filling the sky and earth.

It had attracted the gazes of countless evil creatures.

This was the blood of a divine-grade monster.

It could be considered a great tonic to many other monsters.

Li Xiang suddenly had a thought, and a black halo instantly descended.

The entire body of the Demon Turtle of Destruction, together with the City of Destruction above it, disappeared.

Even the fresh blood in the blood pool on the ground not far away also disappeared.

This was Li Xiangs flash of inspiration.

He used the power of the intermediate-level abyssal plane to absorb the body of Demon Turtle of Destruction into it.

Originally, he just wanted to give it a try.

He did not expect that it would succeed.

Alice and the other demons eyes lit up slightly when they saw this.

The intermediate-level abyssal plane that was attached to the City of Dawn was now the habitat of all the demons.

The corpse of such a divine-level huge beast was definitely a supreme treasure.


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