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This cruel rule really shocked many people.

Therefore, at this time, the western region was unprecedentedly harmonious, stable, and lovely.

As for foreign races like the little fox demon, Xiangxiang, Li Xiang did not discriminate against them but also arranged for them to stay in the western region.

However, the place where they lived was more concentrated, and the guards were more powerful.

On the second day of Evernight, the number of mutant creatures had increased by another level.

Moreover, the strength of these monsters had increased by 20 levels, reaching around level 70.

They were stronger and had more types.

Li Xiang originally thought that enemies like the Evernight Slave Army would appear again.

However, after waiting for a day, they still did not appear.

Instead, more than a dozen mutant wild Bosses that were above level 90 appeared from the darkness.

These Bosses were no longer a threat to Li Xiangs army.

However, the heroes would have to be the last to kill them.

Therefore, Alice, Mia, and the others took turns and they gained a lot of EXP.

At this moment, Li Xiang was holding a strange blue crystal in his hand.

His eyes were filled with curiosity.

This was another item that he had obtained after killing the commander of Evernight Slave Commander, Morey.

At that time, he had only treated it as a useless item and placed it directly into his inter-spatial ring.

However, after killing a level 100 wild Boss today, Alicia obtained another similar crystal in fiery red.

When there was only one item, it only showed that it was a mysterious item.

However, when there were two, there was an additional item in the description.

[Mysterious Crystal]

Quality: Unknown

Type: Unknown

Description: This mysterious item comes in a set.

Just by adding the words “comes in a set”, Li Xiang could tell that the origin of this item was extraordinary.

This kind of item, which even the quality and type were unknown, made him think of another item that he had encountered.

And this item was the World Tree seed that had been planted.

Before the seed was planted, it did not even have a name.

The description was full of question marks.

It was even more puzzling than the crystal in his hand.

Fortunately, he could see that it was a seed, so he planted it.

With the Divine Starlight Water, the World Tree finally sprouted.

Only then did he know that the seed was a World Tree seed.

And now, he had encountered such a mysterious item again.

It made Li Xiang look forward to it very much.

However, this thing was a complete set.

To unlock the information within, it was obvious that he needed to collect more blue crystals.

However, he did not know how many crystals there were in this set.

“I hope that I can gather this thing before Evernight ends!”

He could only look forward to it.

Unlike the World Tree seed, although he did not know what kind of seed it was, he still could tell that it was a seed.

He would know what was that once he planted it.

However, if he did not gather this crystal, it would be difficult to know what the use of this thing was.

Yang Mi and the other two had already returned to their respective territories to deal with the more violent monster attack.

Li Xiang also came to the city wall.

At this time, there were not only demon warriors on the city wall, but also many human warriors holding long spears.

Looking at the terrifying scratches on their armors and the blood stains that had not completely dried up, one could tell that they had experienced a fierce battle during the past two days.

At this time, everyone looked indomitable, and the killing intent in their eyes could not help but be revealed.

“Your Highness!”

Both the demon warriors and the human warriors bowed.

“Hows the situation outside”

“We just killed a wave of faceless demons attack!”! Those guys were mutated humans after being corroded by Evernight evil aura.

Their strength, speed, and reaction were all very strong, but their defense was slightly weaker.

Under the attack of the arrow rain, the hunt was considered smooth.”

Lys reported in a deep voice.

Li Xiang sat down in the hall of the city gate tower.

Through the window, he could see that everything within a thousand feet was shrouded in light.

All Evernight creatures had nowhere to hide here, providing great help to the defense of the City of Dawn.


Suddenly, Li Xiang felt the ground under his feet tremble slightly.

It was very light.

But this kind of vibration made his expression change slightly.

There was light shining within a thousand feet, and he did not find any terrifying enemies.

But it was precise because of this that Li Xiangs expression changed.

Alice, Alicia, Yafei, Mia, and Kyla all rushed over quickly.

“Your Highness!”

Li Xiang waved his hand to indicate that there was no need to be anxious.

After everyone had gathered, he said, “The enemy is still far away.

Their size may be very huge.

Everyone, get ready for battle!”

He felt that the monster who had come was probably an extremely terrifying big fellow, so he was also prepared for battle.

However, as the tremors gradually intensified, a terrifying and huge figure appeared in his eyes.

He could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Ten thousand feet away, the first thing that appeared was a huge head.

How big was this head

It was at least seven to eight floors high.

There were even wisps of black flames at the tip of its nose and the corners of its mouth, flowing in and out as it breathed.

That was the head of a turtle.

However, unlike common turtles, this turtles head had a huge sharp horn growing on it.

It was ferocious and sharp, and there was even a faint black light flickering on it.

“Boom boom boom…”

As the intense tremble continued, the turtles body gradually appeared.

What made Li Xiang and the others even more shocked was that there was a big city on the back of the incomparably huge turtle.

Yes, it was neither a manor nor a small town.

It was a city that lived up to its name.

Since the turtle had only stepped into the City of Dawn for a few thousand feet, the city on its back was only the tip of the iceberg.

On the city wall, there were many figures.

The leader was a middle-aged man with long gray-white hair.

He was handsome and had a gloomy evil look.

Beside him, there were four people who were dressed differently and had terrifying auras.

The most eye-catching thing was that each of their faces had a terrifying and strange black magic pattern.

Li Xiang immediately stood up and strode to the top of the city wall, staring at the huge city that had suddenly appeared.

The huge turtles head slightly opened its mouth, and its sharp teeth were as dense as sawteeth.

Black flames were brewing in its throat.

Li Xiang took a deep breath, and he even secretly rejoiced in his heart.

If it werent for his sudden inspiration yesterday, which had raised the main city to level 6, the original City of Dawn wouldnt even be as big as the city on the turtles back.

Facing such an enemy, the turtle might be able to burn the City of Dawn to ashes with a single breath.

He took a deep breath, and there was not a hint of fear on his face.


The giant turtle stopped three thousand feet away from the city wall, but the bloodlust and desire to destroy in its eyes were not hidden at all.

Under the detection spell, the origin of the giant turtle was revealed.

[Demon Turtle of Destruction]

Quality: Divine

Level: 160

HP: 3,000,000

Attack: 30,000

Defense: 100,000

Agility: 10,000

Skills: Flame of destruction, death ripple, death stomp, the eye of destruction, magic pattern enslavement, city of destruction.


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