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Seeing Li Xiangs response, a fox girl suddenly jumped up from territory in a distant mountain range.

“Thats great!”

Beside her, a human girl revealed a puzzled expression when she saw the girls happy expression.

“Whats wrong”

“Teacher Qingqiu, the most powerful Lord of Dawn of the Human race said that as long as I have enough humans under my command, he can provide me with protection regardless of whether they are humans or not.

However, I can only bring my heroes and 100 subordinates to receive protection, but not the others.

What should I do”

The woman called “Qingqiu” couldnt help but reveal a pleasantly surprised expression when she heard this.

Then, she frowned when she heard the young girls words later.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up as she said, “Xiangxiang, dont you have a rare treasure, the Hundred Herbs Garden The space inside is large enough.

It shouldnt be a problem for it to contain the army that you have received.

One day has passed, and six more days will also pass in a flash.

When we reach Myriad World Continent, other than losing the humans, we will still have sufficient military strength and overall strength!”

Xiangxiang immediately smiled happily and said, “Thats right! I almost forgot! Since thats the case, Ill immediately apply for protection from the Lord of Dawn!”

Shen Qingqiu hurriedly said, “Wait!”

“Oh Teacher Qingqiu, do you have any other questions”

Shen Qingqiu said, “Perhaps you can contact the Lord of Dawn and tell him that you wish to continue resisting the attack of Evernight monsters and only head forward when you cant hold on any longer.

This way, we have a way to retreat.

We can use this time to properly raise our levels as well.

After all, we still dont know what the situation will be like when we reach Myriad World Continent.

We should increase our strength as much as possible.”

“I see.

Then will the Lord of Dawn get angry”

“How can that be I guarantee you that not only will the Lord of Dawn not be angry, but he will even value you more.

He might even give you some help!”

Xiangxiang blinked her big eyes in disbelief.

“How is that possible”

“Nothing is impossible! After hearing your description of the Lord of Dawn, I could tell that he was a visionary, broad-minded, and bold man.

He did not provide the protection slot for any benefit, but to save more humans.

As for you, you have protected so many human civilians.

He must admire you very much, so you dont have to worry at all!”

Hearing this, Xiangxiang was still a little nervous, but she still complied with her teachers trust and made a request to Li Xiang.

At this time, Li Xiangs side did not have as many applications as he had imagined.

There were only a few applications that came in intermittently.

Clearly, there were not many country lords who had more than a thousand humans under them.

At this moment, Li Xiang was instantly delighted when he saw a new request.

He said to Yang Mi and the other two who had yet to leave, “I met an interesting fox girl here.

She actually asked me to give her a few days until shes unable to resist the Evernight invasion.”

Yang Mis eyes turned and she said, “This girl seems to have a lot of courage! How many humans has she protected”

“More than five thousand!”

“Thats not a small number! Since she has done the humans a favor, its only right for us to help her!”

Zhou Yutong smiled and said, “Bai Ling that I took in is a fox too.

Shes a hero but the other is a country lord.

The two dont seem to come from the same world, but they are truly of the same race.

Its a pity that she has to stay behind to guard the city.

Otherwise, she would definitely be very happy.”

Ning Xiaoyue said, “Since thats the case, then Sister Yutong, you can help her! After all, you are rich and powerful now.

Other than Li Xiang, you are also considered rich!”

When she said that, the others also laughed.

Even Li Xiang nodded and said, “I think its a good idea! Consider it our gratitude for her in protecting the human race!”

Zhou Yutong was not stingy when she heard that.

She flipped her palm and a transparent crystal appeared in her hand.

“This is a Bloodline Demonic Pearl.

Its the same as the one that Li Xiang gave me before.

It was also dropped after killing a monster yesterday.

Its a good gift for that little fox.

It might be useful!”

Li Xiang nodded and waved his hand.

He took the Bloodline Demonic Pearl in his hand, opened the fox girls portrait, and sent a message over.

“I agree to your request.

You can bring your subordinates and human civilians into the City of Dawn at any time.

Given your protection of the human civilians, Ill give you a gift as a token of my gratitude!”

After saying that, he sent the Bloodline Demonic Pearl over by mail.

The systems mail function was extremely powerful.

As soon as it was sent, the other party received it immediately.

It was almost equivalent to teleportation.

Xiangxiang did not expect her teachers words to come true.

The Lord of Dawn had really given her a reward.

When she opened it, she saw a red pearl.

She held it in her hand and realized that it was a Bloodline Demonic Pearl.

This was a treasure that could purify bloodlines, and its effect was extremely remarkable.

It might not be a big deal to other races, but it was a true treasure to the demon race that relied heavily on bloodline inheritance.


Xiangxiang let out a surprised scream, almost scaring Shen Qingqiu to death.

“What are you doing”

“Teacher Qingqiu, the Lord of Dawn really gave me a reward, the Bloodline Demonic Pearl! This is a top-rank treasure that can greatly purify bloodlines, and its extremely rare! After using it, my power will soar, and my aptitude will greatly increase!”

Shen Qingqiu nodded and said, “Its good that its useful to you! It seems that the Lord of Dawn is quite large-minded.

Even though he knows that youre from another race, hes still willing to use treasures to thank you!”

The little fox demon Xiangxiang anxiously said, “Teacher Qingqiu, Ill fuse with this Bloodline Demonic Pearl now.

Then, you can watch me go and slaughter those evil monsters!”

As she said that, she clenched her small fists and turned around to run back to her bedroom.

When Shen Qingqiu saw this, she smiled and her eyes were filled with love.

After settling the new protection strategy, Li Xiangs attention was once again focused on Evernight.

The main city was upgraded, and the palace complex was expanded accordingly.

Outside of the palace complex, there was a very vast space.

Li Xiang simply opened up the western region and moved all country lords and heroes there.

He also restricted the activity area.

The western region was originally a commercial area that he had planned.

It would be good to let these country lords enter to increase their popularity.

However, he did not lower his guard at all.

In fact, he even strengthened the guard.

Even so, the majority of the country lords who were sheltered were very grateful to Li Xiang and were willing to abide by the rules set by the Lord of Dawn.

However, there were still a small number of people who had some dark thoughts in their hearts and made all kinds of tests.

Naturally, Li Xiang would not give these people any chance.

If they crossed the line, the lowest punishment would be to expel their personal heroes.

This punishment would definitely make the hearts of these malevolent kings bleed.

If they did something similar in the future, they would not be expelled, but killed directly!


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