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“Long live the Lord of Dawn!”

“Hey, hey, what are you shouting for Nonsense! The Lord of Dawn is a god in the future! is long life enough Thats an eternal existence! Isnt this a curse”

“Tsk tsk, did you see that The Lord of Dawn has so many simps.

All of them are afraid that they wont flatter enough.

They are using different methods, so an old simp like me doesnt have a chance to flatter.

I just want to shout, you all let him go, let me serve him!”

“F*ck! I even dragged out my 80-meter-long broadsword.

I didnt expect him to be an ally!”

“Hmph, the Lord of Dawn is just trying to bribe people.

Its nothing great.”

Li Xiang didnt care about the discussions on the World Channel.

However, not long after he sent the message, Yang Mis messages came one after another.

“Are you willing to take in those country lords who cant hold on any longer”

Li Xiang replied, “Whats so strange about that Although these people are not capable of developing the country, they are not necessarily useless.

They have all transmigrated from modern society and received normal compulsory education.

As long as they can survive, they are seeds waiting to grow.

Its just a small matter for me to help them.

I dont expect them to be grateful.

At least I can preserve the future of mankind.”

Yang Mi was very satisfied and impressed by Li Xiangs answer.

“Actually, I have thought of taking in some of the country lords, but my strength is not enough.

Im afraid that Ill be doing something bad if I take them in.

Since you are willing to take in these country lords, then Ill recommend some people for you to take in.

Is that okay”

“Okay! Apart from these three thousand spots, Ill take as many as you recommend!”

Zhou Yutong also immediately said, “And me, I also have some friends to recommend!”

Ning Xiaoyue also didnt want to be outdone, so she said, “I also have some friends and classmates!”

After everyone arrived at Myriad World Continent, there were not many friends who contacted them for some time.

The main reason was that they couldnt get them.

After they joined Li Xiangs alliance, their reputation immediately spread.

At the same time, there was a way to contact them.

Many of their former relatives and friends managed to get them.

However, it was useless to contact them.

They were very far away from each other.

They could only support them with some crystal coins and equipment.

They could not do anything else.

As for using the teleportation formation to help them, their friendship had not reached that stage yet, so they could not help them.

However, now that it was a matter of life and death.

Also, there were enough spots.

The three naturally did not mind helping their friends.

Thus, Li Xiang opened up another region in the palace complex, allowing the country lords recommended by the three ladies to temporarily settle down.

However, at the same time, they also had to hand in their Lords Imprints.

After all, once the country lord left his own territory, and he did not return for a certain period; or when the country was breached and the Lords Cornerstone was shattered, this territory would become a complete wilderness.

Li Xiangs 3,000 slots were too few compared to the number of human descenders from the Earth.

In less than half an hour, the slots were full.

And the people recommended by Yang Mi and the other two were only 300 to 400 people.

Li Xiang did not go to meet these people.

After all, when Evernight ended, everyone would randomly descend to Myriad World Continent.

When that time came, it would be meaningless to meet them now.

However, Yang Mi and the other two took the time to come to the City of Dawn to meet these people.

After they met with these people, the four of them gathered again.

Li Xiang saw that the three of them had sad expressions on their faces, so he asked, “Whats wrong Shouldnt you be very happy to see your good friends after such a long time”

Yang Mi gave a forced smile and said, “Although many friends are very happy to see each other again in this world, there are also many friends that we will never see again.”

When Li Xiang heard this, he could not help but sigh and said, “The world is full of impermanence!”

Zhou Yutong said, “Li Xiang, you have protected so many people this time.

They are very grateful to you.

However, those who did not successfully apply for the slots will also feel resentful.

After all, they were just one step late, but thats a difference between life and death.

This matter is really hard to say whether it is good or bad!”

“Its fine! Im doing good deeds without asking for a reward! As long as I have a clear conscience, its enough.

How can I care so much” Li Xiangs expression was indifferent, “Actually, my main city has just been upgraded.

The area of the city has expanded a lot.

Even if I shelter another 100,000 people, it will still be enough.

However, I dont want these people to feel that they can easily be protected and become lazy.

I also dont want to be a good person who is kidnapped by morality, so I only chose to protect 3,000 people.”

Yang Mi and the other two fell silent.

Ning Xiaoyue asked, “Li Xiang, will you protect more people in the future”

Li Xiang said noncommittally, “It depends on whether these people are worthy of my protection!”

“How is it worth”

Li Xiangs heart moved slightly, and he said, “As long as you have 1,000 human civilians under your command, you can apply for protection.”

Yang Mi was slightly taken aback.

Then, she smiled and said, “Your condition is a little harsh! Although there were many human civilians in this world, they were also the ones who suffered the most losses.

Moreover, their strength was low.

Many country lords were very repulsed and despised these human civilians.

There were not many country lords like the three of us who could have tens of thousands of human civilians in our territories.”

Li Xiang nodded and said, “Its just because of this that it became a condition for the selection.

Those who have compassion and care for their race are worthy of my protection.

Those who have forgotten their race arent!”

Ning Xiaoyue smiled and said, “This condition is good.

I raise both my hands up.

If theres not enough space for the humans on your side, we still have many places here!”

Yang Mi and Zhou Yutong nodded at the same time.

Li Xiang smiled and said, “Since you all agree, Ill release the information!”

With that, he released another message on the World Channel.

“The previous protection quota is full.

The following protection quota will only be given to the country lords who meet the conditions! There is only one condition.

If there are more than 1,000 humans in the territory of the country, you can get protection together with your human civilians.

The human civilians will belong to me, and the country lord will be protected together with his heroes and 100 soldiers.

The quota is set at 10,000!”


Almost at the moment when Li Xiangs message was released, the entire continent was again in an uproar.

At this moment, a strange piece of news appeared first.

“Lord Li Xiang, as a member of the Fox race, there are more than 5,000 human civilians in my territory.

Can I also be protected”

Li Xiang was slightly stunned.

He did not expect that there were humans among the foreign races.

However, on second thought, this was very normal.

The humans arrival in this world was random, so it was customary for them to appear within the foreign races territories.

However, most of the foreign races were filled with malice toward humans.

They rarely left the humans alive.

They either killed them on the spot or kept them as food.

There were very few who could be treated peacefully.

Those who could treat the humans so peacefully were naturally the humans friends.

They were qualified to receive his protection.


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