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The first day of the battle was both a disaster and an opportunity for the lords of the newbie continent.

The lords who were strong enough greatly increased their strength through this battle.

The lords who were not strong enough were in constant fear.

Some fell into despair and asked for help everywhere on the world channel.

Some even sacrificed their dignity and begged for help.

After Li Xiang saw these words, he thought for a moment and stood up to go to a huge courtyard that he had specially set up.

That was where he was taking in the lords who had given up their territories in the Kingdom of Dawn.

Not only were the eye demon and Vine Whisker Demon watching over the area, but there was also a team of 100 Flame Demon Warriors and 1,000 human soldiers guarding the area.

Li Xiang had set up three layers of magic arrays outside to place the people inside with special skills and tools to block off the space.

It could be said that the defense here was tight.

Without Li Xiangs orders, no one inside could come out.

Li Xiang came to the door.

The commander of the human soldiers guarding the entrance was a man in his thirties.

He had a resolute face and sharp eyes.

He had the temperament of a soldier.

Before he came to this world, he should have been a qualified soldier.


When this commander saw Li Xiang, he immediately saluted.

“Hows the situation inside Did anyone cause trouble”

“Lord, the people inside are very honest.

Although some wanted to cause trouble, our men suppressed them.

A few also used words to sow discord and were directly sent by Commander Zhao Shengs soldiers to monitor.

Now they are also honest!”

Li Xiang nodded and asked, “How many more people can live there If they squeeze in a little!”

“There are still many empty rooms inside.

If they squeeze in a little, there wont be a problem for another 3,000 people to live in!”

“Alright! Then I will arrange for another 3,000 people to live.

You must pay attention to the situation inside.

I will also clear out the other courtyard next to it.

You must also send people to guard it.

If there are people causing trouble, directly suppress them!”


Not long after Li Xiang turned around and left, another group of human soldiers who had been replaced from the city wall rushed over.

These soldiers were all equipped with battle sabers and Purgatory God crossbows.

Their levels had also reached Level 70, and they could be considered the elites among the human soldiers.

The leader was a middle-aged officer.

He had stood out from the common soldiers and was directly appointed as the commander by Lys.

“Hello, my name is Wang Qing.

The lord asked me to bring another 1,000 people to guard this place to strengthen the security.”

“Hello, Commander Wang Qing.

My name is Chen Tianfeng.

I am currently commanding 1,000 people to guard this place.”

After the two of them had a simple conversation, Wang Qing led his 1,000 soldiers to a place a little further away.

They climbed onto the roofs of nearby buildings and looked at the two neighboring courtyards from the sky.

After Li Xiang returned to his palace, he posted a message on the world channel.

“Hand over the lords imprint, and I can provide protection.

There are only 3,000 slots.

You can bring your heroes and five soldiers.

After coming over, the heroes and soldiers will have to be supervised separately.

You are only allowed to stay in the City of Dawn for seven days, and you can only stay in rooms and limited courtyards.

You can keep your private property! Those who believe in me can apply! If you cause trouble in my territory or harbor evil intentions, you will bear the consequences!”

Although Li Xiang was not a soft-hearted person, he was willing to help his kind as long as it was within his ability.

As soon as Li Xiang sent the message, the applications had already arrived before the world channel could react.

It was apparent that these human compatriots couldnt hold on any longer.

He didnt hesitate and quickly clicked on them one by one.

In less than a minute, he received more than 300 applications.

In the courtyard where the lord was taken in, the light of the teleportation array lit up again.

Then, one by one, the embarrassed lords appeared in the teleportation array.

“Boohoo… Im finally alive.

Thank you, Lord of Dawn!”

The lords entire body lay on the ground as soon as he appeared.

Beside him, there was a human warrior in tattered armor.

That was the hero he had recruited.

As for the five soldiers that Li Xiang had agreed to, they did not appear.

Looking at the lords tragic situation, there was probably nothing left in his country.

Beside the teleporter were four human soldiers Li Xiang had sent to guard it.

Seeing this, they immediately went forward and dragged the two of them down from the teleporter.

“The teleportation array is busy.

Please move!”

“Sorry, I was too excited!”

“Your hero can not stay with you.

He can only go to another courtyard.

Seven days later, he will return to your side!”

One of the guards said indifferently and called for someone to bring the human soldier away.

That lord looked to be in his early twenties.

He struggled to get up from the ground.

Almost simultaneously, the teleportation array lit up again, and another group teleported.

This time, there were a total of seven people.

The leader was a little fatty.

The fear in his eyes had not disappeared.

The guards returned to bring them off the array, then took away the heroes and soldiers.

As for the lord, he was no longer the lord.

When they applied to Li Xiang, it was the same as signing a pledge of allegiance, and their territory became Li Xiangs territory.

Initially, because of the border barrier, this method was restricted.

But after the Evernight fell, the border barrier disappeared, allowing this method to proceed so smoothly without the restriction of distance.

The teleportation array continued to light up, and the number of lords imprints that Li Xiang had devoured increased.

The territory of the Kingdom of Dawn also continued to expand.

These lords were all weak lords.

There was a high probability that there was nothing good in their countries and treasuries, so Li Xiang did not care.

He had taken in and sheltered these lords mainly to collect their lords imprints so that he could devour their territory and expand the area of his territory.

Saving them was not the primary motive.

If Li Xiang didnt take them in, the monsters of Evernight would eventually break through the castle and shatter the lords foundation stone.

It was better to let Li Xiang benefit from it.

The channel was again in an uproar because of Li Xiangs speech.

“Is the Lord of Dawn showing mercy He offered 3,000 slots.

Could it be that he has taken a fancy to someone elses territory That is a good idea.

He can take over 3,000 pieces of territory in one go! Its a great deal!”

“Hey, stop being sarcastic.

Are you so envious Are you still feeling jealous Are you unhappy Why didnt these people ask you for protection I advise you to take a look at yourself.

Dont jump out and speak blindly.

Is the Lord of Dawn someone you can compare yourself with”

“Thats right! I originally wanted to praise him a little, but I didnt expect a retard to speak first.

Do you know why so many people believe in the Lord of Dawn Thats because the Lord of Dawn doesnt want anything from these small kingdoms, even their lands.”


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