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Who would have thought that he had found the barracks at the very beginning and had successfully recruited 60,000 human soldiers from there, instantly meeting the requirements to level up the main city

Only now did he finally realize that his proper foundation was that of humans, not angels and demons.

They could be his helpers, but they were still external forces.

Li Xiang did not dawdle.

He raised his hand and pressed the level-up button.


The entire City of Dawn trembled slightly.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! The heroes who had just left returned once again.

Li Xiang comforted, “Dont worry.

Im just leveling up the City of Dawn.

Itll be done soon!”

The heroes were speechless.

They felt the leveling speed of their main city a little too fast.

It had just been a while since the last time they leveled up.

Li Xiang checked the leveling conditions for the next level, Level 7.

As long as the population reached a million, they could continue to level up.

However, when they reached Level 8, there was another restriction: The countrys prosperity reached 80, and the peoples sentiment reached 80.

These were the two new requirements that appeared.

It might not seem high, but they were not that simple to operate.

Prosperity was related to population, economy, strength, and so on.

Needless to say, the peoples sentiment was the best measure of whether the people in a country could live and work in peace.

At this time, as the City of Dawn was upgraded again, the area of the city expanded.

The height and thickness of the city walls increased.

At the same time, all the buildings, wonders, and secret realms integrated into the City of Dawn were also being upgraded.

The City of Dawn, which initially could only accommodate 100,000 people, directly expanded into a giant city that was 15 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide.

The total area reached 150 square kilometers.

He had upgraded the four-sided arrow towers from two stories to three stories.

The city walls became taller, thicker, and sturdier.

The area of the city became larger, and the various buildings became larger and more magnificent.

It was enough for a million people to live without the slightest bit of overcrowding.

A few wonders and extraordinary treasure buildings were also upgraded, and the effects were even more powerful.

The production capacity of the Sky Workshop increased once again.

Moreover, the Abyss and Secret Paradise Realm that had just been integrated into the City of Dawn were also upgraded.

The names of the two small-scale planes had been upgraded to intermediate-level planes, becoming the current intermediate-level Abyss plane and intermediate-level paradise plane.

That small upgrade directly increased the area of the plane from 100,000 square kilometers to a million square kilometers.

It seemed even more significant than the upgrade of the main city.

However, there was no system notification or reward this time.

The upgrade of the main city should be a periodic reward and not a reward for every one-level upgrade.

The reward from last time was so generous that Li Xiang was speechless when he recalled it.

Naturally, he couldnt just give such a level reward casually.

Even so, Li Xiang was very satisfied.

After the main city upgraded to Level 6, the entire City of Dawn became brighter.

Even if the Evernight darkness could swallow light, the light radiation range of the City of Dawn had expanded from 100 to 10,000 meters.

The subordinates were also very happy with the expansion of the City of Dawn, and they were more optimistic about the future of the City of Dawn.

Although Li Xiang recruited these heroes, and their loyalty had reached 100, they were not blindly loyal.

Instead, they were independent individuals with their ideas, desires, and pursuits.

The ones who could lead them to a higher level were those they truly admired from the bottom of their hearts.

It was already the last half hour of the first day of the Evernight.

Half an hour later, the second day of the Evernight would arrive.

He returned to his bedroom and lay on the soft and comfortable bed.

He opened the system panel and clicked on the communication profile photos of Yang Mi and the other two.

“How are things on your side”

Li Xiang did not use the Myriad World Conference Hall.

Although he could talk to them face to face, he would be slow to respond to the outside world.

Now was the critical moment for the arrival of Evernight.

He was fine, but he could not affect the safety of Yang Mi and the other two.

“You still know to send us a message!” Yang Mi did not know why, but her tone sounded resentful.

Li Xiang was stunned for a moment, puzzled.

“Whats wrong Did something happen”

Ning Xiaoyue quickly said, “Youve been receiving every news for the past day.

Yang Mi is very worried, so…”

“Ning Xiaoyue, shut up!”

Li Xiang immediately understood and quickly explained, “I ran into some trouble today, so I didnt have time to tell you guys!”

Zhou Yutong asked curiously, “What trouble Is it solved”

“Of course, its solved.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have time to chat with you guys!”

At this time, Yang Mi asked, “What trouble”

“I discovered that there are not only brainless mutant creatures in the Evernight.

There are also some intelligent and powerful forces.

Today, I met an army.

This army is called the Evernight Slave Army.

They seem to have been transformed from humans.

Their faces have strange black patterns but are filled with extreme malice towards humans.”

“Of course, the scariest thing is that although these humans will have been changed, their bodies have been strengthened.

Moreover, their intelligence as humans hasnt been lost.

Its incredibly troublesome to deal with them!”

“Oh gosh! Fortunately, you warned us.

Otherwise, if we were to encounter them, we might fall into their trap!”

Li Xiang nodded and said, “So, all of you must be careful.

Unknown people must not be brought into the castle or even approached.

Todays wave of enemies wanted to lure me out of the City of Dawn, but after seeing that I didnt fall for it, they planned to attack Emperor City.

At this time, I went out of the city and intercepted and ambushed them in advance.

Only then did I turn the situation around and obtain victory!”

“Are you alright”

Li Xiang laughed and teased, “Its true.

Today, you almost became widows.

That Slave Army leader was Level 115, but he was extremely powerful.

He sent me flying with one move.

If not for the armor on my body being strong enough, the enemy would have stabbed me to death with one move.

Therefore, after this incident, I also discovered my biggest weakness! He did not have powerful attack and defense skills.

In the past, he relied on his subordinates to fight.

Now, it seemed that he still had to rely on himself to be more reliable!

“You must pay attention to this point and choose some combat skills that suit you in case anything unexpected happens!”

“Its good to hear you are fine!” Yang Mi did not mind Li Xiangs words this time.

Instead, she was concerned about him, obviously accepting Li Xiangs explanation.

“You guys havent told us how the battle was on your side Did you encounter any danger”

Zhou Yutong said, “Its fine on our side.

We didnt encounter any danger! In the afternoon, a few waves of monsters attacked the city.

It was Sister Mi and Xiaoyue who came to help us to stop the attack.”

“Thats good.

If you encounter any danger, you must tell me.

Ill go there immediately!”

“You be careful too!”

Li Xiang then chatted with the three of them before ending the call.


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