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Li Xiang approached expressionlessly and looked at the slave army who were fighting till the end of their lives on the battlefield.

He beckoned and said, “Go and help the others! Im fine here!”

Alice said, “Let Alicia and Mia stay!”

Li Xiang did not object and nodded in agreement.

The other heroes turned around and threw themselves into the battlefield.

After losing its commander, this slave army fought on its own.

Their strength was not as powerful as the demon army.

After the heroes joined in, they were even more unstoppable.

It did not take long for them to be killed.

“Lord, that person dropped this item!”

Li Xiang took it over and took a look.

As expected, he saw a skill stone in it.

Moreover, this skill stone was golden in color.

However, unlike the halo skill stone, this was a triangular tetrahedron instead of a diamond.

When he held it in his hand, it displayed its attributes.

[ Holy Dragon Spear ]

Type: Skills

Quality: SS-Rank

Description: You can obtain the Holy Dragon Spear Technique Inheritance after learning.

The description was simple, but it hid an incomparably rich amount of information.

That was the first time Li Xiang had seen an attack skill reaching SS-Rank.

The highest attack skill he had seen before was only at S-Rank.

With a flash of light, the skill stone instantly disappeared.

At the same time, a skill from the Holy Dragon Spear appeared in his skills pane.

That skill was the same as he had obtained from looking at Moreys information.

It was divided into four sub-skills: Rage Dragon Spear, Frantic Dragon Spear, Rising Dragon Spear, and Divine Dragon Strike.

“As expected, the higher the quality of the skills, the better the learning effect.

Logically speaking, each of these four sub-skills could be used as a skill.

Now that the four are combined into one skill and only took up one skill slot, it is worth it.”

Alicia handed over a black dragon-patterned spear.

[ Black Dragon Spear ]

Type: Weapon

Quality: S-Rank

Attack: 500

Agility: 500

Characteristics: Attack speed 50%

Characteristics: Soul-devouring.

When killing enemies, it can devour their souls to replenish their consumption.

Li Xiang held the Black Dragon Spear in his hand and felt its weight.

It was convenient.

Although the quality was not high, it was not low either.

As for the other battle armor, battle boots, and other items, they were all S-Rank.

They were not much stronger than the ones he had on him, so he kept them.

“Lord, more Evernight mutated monsters are gathering here.

Should we return or go to Emperor City”

Li Xiang looked in the direction of Business City and said decisively, “Return!”

This time, Morey, who suddenly appeared, did not give him any definite information.

However, he was certain that there were more than just monsters on the Evernight Continent.

It was likely that there were also extremely powerful intelligent life forms and hidden forces.

Even a powerhouse like Morey could only become the leader of a unit of the slave army.

The forces behind him were not small.

Moreys mission might be to lure him into their trap or kill him this time.

However, no matter the mission, it would become even more dangerous for him to stay outside.

Therefore, the best and safest option was to return to his main city and not give any enemy the chance to kill him.

Another reason was that he did not find any mages in this army.

Perhaps they had just left, set up a trap, or quietly observed this place.

The army quickly cleaned up the battlefield and returned to the City of Dawn.

After more than half an hour, they returned to the City of Dawn, where the battle was still ongoing.

Countless Evernight mutated creatures continued to climb up the city walls of the City of Dawn fearlessly.

Although the City of Dawn had prepared many Divine Crossbows and arrows, they could not withstand such constant consumption.

After some consideration, Lys still felt that it was in the interests of the City of Dawn to let the soldiers have the geographical advantage and engage in close combat with these enemies.

Li Xiang returned with his army but did not enter the city directly.

Instead, he led his army and charged around the City of Dawn in a frenzy.

He used the skills of the Holy Dragon Spear that he had just learned and fought to his hearts content.

That made him more familiar with the martial skills and skills that he had just learned.

After returning to the city, Lys immediately came over to report and gave his suggestion.

Li Xiang nodded and said, “Your plan is good.

However, to let the enemy get close to the city wall, you must pay attention to a few things.

You have to first prevent the enemy from destroying the city wall.

Second, you must let the enemy come up and fight so the army can gain more battle EXP.

It is to train them and not to use their lives to exchange for the consumption of arrows.

If the enemy is strong, you can use arrows.

If you think you can use the enemy to train the warriors without causing great casualties, you can put them up for close combat.

Do you understand what I am saying”

Lys placed one hand on his chest and bowed, “Your Majesty, you are wise.

We will follow your orders!”

“Alright, you can go then! Also, take care of those human soldiers.

Let them grow up as soon as possible!”


Li Xiang waited for Lys to leave before saying to Alice and the rest, “You guys rest for a while, then go to the city wall to provide support!”


After all his subordinates had left, Li Xiang rested his chin on one hand and fell into deep thought.

As the ruler of a country, he had to consider more things.

The arrival of the Evernight was a disaster for the other rulers.

But for Li Xiang, it was an opportunity.

However, how to make the most significant use of this opportunity would require a good plan.

However, at this moment, Li Xiang thought that this was not the problem, but the problem of entering the so-called true Myriad World Continent after the arrival of the Evernight ended seven days later.

By then, what method should his country use to enter the Myriad World Continent

Would his subordinates, citizens, and even cities and territories be able to enter the Myriad World Continent with him

And what kind of danger would be waiting for them in the Myriad World Continent

Li Xiang opened the main city interface and saw that the upgrade conditions that had not been fulfilled were now fulfilled.

The population had reached 500,000!

Just this one condition had restricted Li Xiang to a dead end.

While the other crystal coins, levels, and buildings were all fulfilled, the population was slightly lower.

Initially, he thought that all the intelligent life forms within the countrys borders should be counted under his name.

However, the reality was that only humans were counted as his population.

Including the demons and angels under him, the captured barbarians, goblins, dwarves, and so on were not of his population.

The actual population under him were the humans in Emperor City and the humans in the shopping mall.

The total population of the two combined only reached a little over 400,000.

Not long ago, when Yang Mi and the other two countries joined forces and became the territory of the Kingdom of Dawn, his population increased by tens of thousands again, reaching 450,000.

He was only 50,000 people away from meeting the 500,000 population.

However, Li Xiang was still stumped even if it was only 50,000 people.

In this situation, where could he find 50,000 people


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