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Everyone was puzzled and didnt know what Li Xiang would do.

Li Xiangs eyes flashed determination.

He flung the blood-red cloak behind him and said coldly, “Army, attack! Lets see whats hidden in the darkness!”

As he ordered, he jumped down from the city wall.

As the Lord of Dawn, although he was only at Level 100, his strength had long reached the limit of a Gold Transcendent.

If it wasnt for the problem of choosing the path of transcendence, he could have broken through to a higher level at any time.

Transcendents were divided from low to high from Black Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

He didnt know about the following transcendents.

But he had a large group of transcendents over Level 100 under him, so he naturally knew about it.

However, he only knew that after the Gold Transcendents were Platinum Master, Diamond Master, Legend, and Mythical.

As for the following, even his subordinates didnt know about it.

However, according to them, the following realms were already close to God.

It was a god-level job.

Once one reached the Mythical Level, they would be at the Demigod Level.

As for Li Xiang, he was still four whole levels away from the Mythical.

It could not be said that he was not far away.

Initially, he was pretty satisfied with his Level 100.

However, now it seemed that he was still far from becoming a true powerhouse.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Li Xiangs Dragon-blooded Warhorse quickly ran out of the city and came to his side.

Behind him, 10,000 Dread Fiend Cavalry followed, accompanied by many heroes.

“Lys, stay behind to defend the city.

The rest of you, charge with me!”


Li Xiang activated all of his equipment and skills special effects.

Instantly, a layer of seven-colored light covered the entire army.

They instantly covered the distance of a thousand feet and charged into the darkness.

In the darkness, the army smashed the mutant creatures approaching the City of Dawn into pieces.

Li Xiang became the arrow of the army.

Whenever he waved the commanders sword in his hand, dozens of meters long Sword Aura shot out like long whips.

Most of the mutated creatures would be cut off wherever they passed.

A small portion of those who could withstand it suffered from broken bones, tendons, and reduced HP.

After the army charged, the darkness of Evernight seemed to be broken, and the area within a thousand feet became clear.

Moreover, everyone had long since stepped into transcendence and had night vision.

Their vision would not be affected if the enemies were within a specific range.


Within a thousand feet, there were still common mutated monsters.

The number was not as many as they had seen before.

However, the eye demon promptly reminded, “Lord! Theres a group of people moving north.

Theyre fast, about two thousand meters away from us!”

“Go after them!”


The army charged to the north rapidly.

In the north, an army was running at high speed in the darkness.

The leader was a middle-aged man wearing black armor and holding a spear.

He was riding a giant black panther.

However, if one looked carefully, one would notice strange black patterns covering the middle-aged mans face.

There were no whites in his eyes.

It was pitch-black.

“Sir, that human lord is chasing after us.”

“Oh Did he rush out just like that I was planning to take down the other two cities to provoke him! I didnt expect him to be so useless.

Ive wasted my time planning!”

The people following behind did not speak, but their eyes flashed with murderous killing intent.

“How long will it take for them to catch up to us”

“If we stop and dont move, they would be here instantly!”

“Their speed is quite fast.

Since thats the case, lets take them for a good spin and sharpen their spirit! When he doesnt want to chase after us anymore, well give him another surprise! Lets go!”

As the leader spoke, he took the lead and suddenly increased his speed, sprinting into the distance.

Li Xiang, who was chasing behind, thought he could catch up quickly.

However, he did not expect the enemies to increase their speed so quickly.


Li Xiangs army was already three to four kilometers away from the Cty of Dawn.

Looking back, the City of Dawn had already become a bigger highlight.

“The enemy is deliberately trying to lure us away from the City of Dawn It seems that they are trying for a bigger catch!”

Alice suggested, “Lord, why dont I check on them first”

Alices flying ability was much faster than their galloping horses.

She could catch up to them soon.

However, Li Xiang refused.

“No! Since they are trying to lure us, we naturally wont give them a chance.

Disrupt the enemys plan.

We definitely cant follow the plan they have arranged for us! Since we have already come out, lets go somewhere else to take a look!”

Everyone was a little confused, but they did not object.

Li Xiang had enough heroes and troops to destroy the enemy, so why didnt he charge up and kill the enemy Instead, he went to clean up the territory.

Li Xiang was not proficient in military matters.

Still, as a member of a race that had 5,000 years of history, he had been influenced by the people and naturally had his understanding of military matters.

However, he did not need to explain this to his subordinates.

Thus, he immediately turned around and charged in another direction.

The middle-aged man who was originally in a joking mood and wanted to toy with this small king could not help but feel a trace of doubt in his heart when he received a message from his subordinates that the other party had turned around and left.

“He gave up just like that He gave up so easily”

The middle-aged man could not understand at all.

He thought, “Shouldnt the other party chase after us closely since they are stronger”

Before they came, they naturally had some understanding of the lord.

At the very least, they fully understood the strength of the other partys army.

An average Level 100 army was not many in the Evernight Continent.

To be able to raise the level of his subordinate to such an extent meant that the lord should be very capable.

To give up just like that was beyond his expectations.

He frowned slightly, considering the other partys intention for doing so.

Behind him, a young man with short gray hair, dressed in leather armor and carrying a battle bow on his back, said, “General, should we turn around and chase after him”

“No! Since hes ignoring us, then we should ignore him as well.

Well follow the original plan and destroy his other two cities.

Lets see how long he can endure that kind of humiliation !”

Hence, this mysterious army from nowhere rushed toward the nearest Emperor City.

Meanwhile, Li Xiang led his army as they sprinted.

Not long later, they arrived near a canyon.

“Lord, this place is less than 5km away from Emperor City!”

Li Xiang nodded and turned to look at the darkness in the distance.

He beckoned and said, “Everyone, enter the canyon and wait for orders!”

Soon, the entire army entered the canyon and waited quietly.

Alice and the others eyes flashed with curiosity, but they did not ask.


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