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Chapter 210 Skeleton Warriors

Standing on the city wall, one could occasionally see rays of various colors flashing in the dark night sky.

There was the holy light of Angels and the purple and red light of Demons.

They were all very eye-catching in the dark night.

However, the darkness of the Evernight continent seemed to be able to devour all light.

Those lights only appeared momentarily and would quickly be devoured by the darkness.

If one were not careful, one would not be able to notice any abnormalities.

However, he had already activated all five of his great halos right then.

[Low-rank EXP Halo]

[High-rank Reflect Damage Halo]

[High-rank Explosive Halo]

[High-rank Splatter Halo]

[High-Rank Sacred Flame Halo]

Other than the low-rank EXP Halo, which was Rank 100, the other four high-rank skills were all Rank 20 and could cover an area of 20 kilometers.

Li Xiang opened the panel and looked at the Soul Points that had reached more than 300 million, revealing a satisfied smile.

Then, he began to level up the four great halo skills.

He spent 100 million Soul Points to level up the four great halo skills to Rank 50.

All the effects were increased by 50%, and the range reached 50 kilometers.

After the four great halo skills were upgraded, the effects were immediate.

The Human Army, who originally had to carefully deal with a small number of mutated creatures, could immediately crush them now.

With half of the Reflect Damage, plus the Sacred Flames attached to the attack, and the support of the archers at the rear, killing common mutated creatures was no problem for the Human Army.

From time to time, a Human warriors body would flash with light, and he would immediately take out a bottle of potion and gulp it down.

After that, his body would immediately glow with the light of leveling up.

Li Xiang knew that was the Breakthrough potion Isabella had concocted specially for the Human race.

Although the Human race had high potential, their aptitude was at a huge disadvantage compared to those Mythical races.

To shorten that gap, they could only continue to consume resources and complete their self-evolution.

Fortunately, Isabella had concocted over a thousand Breakthrough potions in advance.

Otherwise, it would be unfair if those Human warriors could not continue to level up due to limitations of aptitude despite risking their lives to kill monsters.

“It seems that I have to collect more herbs.

There are also many treasures and materials related to potion concoction that I have to collect too!”

Li Xiang planned to establish a new department, which would be specially used to research herbs and concoct potions.

He had already thought of a name.

It would be calledSky Clinic.

That name might be a little ordinary, but it was similar to the Sky Workshop, so it would be convenient to refer to it in the future.

Half a day later, all the heroes returned one after another.

The Demon Army and the Human Army wandering outside also returned to the City of Dawn.

“Country Lord, here are the treasures dropped after we killed the bosses!”

Alice handed an interspatial ring to Li Xiang.

It seemed that there were quite a lot of items.

Li Xiang received it and took a few glances.

Then, he shifted some of the items he liked before saying, “Put the rest into the Trade Channel or the Auction House!”

The level and quality of those pieces of equipment were very low for Demons and Angels, so they did not care about them at all.

If those pieces of equipment could improve the strength of the Human race, they would have made the best use of them.


“How is the situation outside”

“Country Lord, there are no more bosses within 50 miles of the City of Dawn.

But further away, more bosses are coming this way.

The number of bosses cannot be determined, but I can already faintly feel a sense of danger!”

Mia was the first to speak this time.

Li Xiang nodded and asked the others, “Are you all responsible for the same direction”

“The same!”

“It seems that although these monsters have formed a huge tide, they are not a big threat to us yet!”

Li Xiang pondered for a moment and did not choose to lead the army out of the city to continue clearing.

He said, “After the arrival of Evernight, we will enter the real Myriad World Continent.

However, we have no idea what the Myriad World Continent is like, so we must use this opportunity to improve ourselves fully.”

On the Individual Points Ranking Board, Li Xiang still firmly occupied the first place, and he even had nearly ten times more points than the second.

His points almost caused countless people to despair and even feel incredulous.

“Take out all the lights in the city and light up everything that can be lit.

Increase the brightness of the castle and attract more Evernight Demons.”

Soon, the lights in the city doubled, making the entire city even brighter.

At the same time, the movement speed of the Evernight monsters increased again.

To them, extinguishing the lights was their greatest wish.

Suddenly, the limited area outside the city where the light could shine on began to show illusory and ferocious figures.

“Evil Spirits! They are Mutated Evil Spirits that have been corroded by the special aura of Evernight!”

Those Evil Spirits had all sorts of strange forms, and it was impossible to tell what kind of creatures they were before they were dead.

However, the evil aura they emitted could be clearly felt from afar.

Li Xiang waved his hand and had the archers behind the city wall get ready.

Then, he casually waved his hand.


The rain of arrows fell.

Those Evil Spirits were immune to most physical attacks, but if those attacks not only had the effect of Explosive and Splatter but also contained Sacred Flame damage, it was as if they had met their nemesis.

The monsters bodies were twisted, burned by the white flames, and finally turned into nothingness.

The effect of the Purgatory Divine Crossbows single volley almost wiped out all those Evil Spirits that had just appeared.

The situations in the other directions were similar to this one.

But soon after, a dense crowd of Skeleton Warriors stepped into the city.

Those Skeleton Warriors were all very tall and strong.

They held a shield in one hand and a sword in the other.

They were also wearing broken armor and looked very elite.

Behind them, there were Skeleton Archers holding battle bows.

In their empty eye sockets, there was only a light green soul fire burning.


Even Alice revealed a look of surprise.

Skeleton Warriors were almost the lowest ranked of all Transcendental soldiers.

Most of the time, they were used as cannon fodder.

But now, those Skeleton Warriors felt very extraordinary.

Li Xiang activated his Probing skill.

[Elite Skeleton Warrior]

Rank: 80

HP: 10,000

Attack: 800

Defense: 1,000

Those were the basic stats of those Skeleton Warriors.

They did not look particularly outstanding.

At Rank 80, whether it was HP or attack or defense, they were the lowest among those of the same level.

However, the difference between those Skeleton Warriors was that the attacks of the other Evernight mutated creatures were like a chaotic swarm of bees charging over, but they were not.

Their formation gap was not small, and they were relatively orderly.

One look and one could tell that they were not a mob.

Li Xiang suspected that someone was commanding those Skeleton Warriors.

However, as the darkness spread, he could not see what was happening behind the Skeleton Warriors.


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